What does Samsung need to do to really wow us?

What does Samsung need to do to really wow us?

So it's safe to say that the Galaxy Alpha has been generally received with the same knee-jerk cookie-cutter criticisms as the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 before it. The world's largest smartphone maker has been criticized for at best, trying to pass off something as minor as a metal trim as a real innovation in design and styling, and at worst, as simply selling out to iPhone envy.

  • Take a look at the findings from the first Galaxy Alpha review.
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''Oh wow! Look at the revolutionary new design...oh, wait.'' / © Samsung/ANDROIDPIT

While it seems unlikely that die-hard Android fans are likely to be wooed by the relatively minimal changes to be found in the Galaxy Alpha, we still respect Samsung for going out on at least a little bit of a limb in their design for the smaller-screened device, because let's be honest, for Samsung, it really is pretty adventurous. But if small screens, metal frames and flared edges aren't enough to peak your interest, we put it to you: just what does Samsung have to do to really capture your attention?

What would it take for you to be really surprised by Samsung?
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If we've missed whatever it would take to catch your eye, please add your suggestions to the comments below!

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  • uiui

  • I would like to see less bloatware more Ram, like 6 or 8 gigs. a real CPU WITH GÙTS. and a battery like 5000 mah or better.

    • More RAM isnt possible with current 32-bit CPUs. Maybe with the arrival of the Nvidia Tegra K1 Denver will we see more than 4 GBs of RAM. But to what end? If an app needs up to 4GBs of RAM, it's got to be a huge app. Throw in Android L with ART runtime. Then everyone will want 128GBs of internal storage due to Google's war against enternal SD cards. Suppose a brand like XiaoMi be the first to do so, will everyone flock to buy it? Or will you stick to LG, Moto, Samsung, Sony and HTC?

      • You make good points: everytime a new device appears everyone says they'll wait for the next one but are then equally disappointed when it appears. We always want more than we get, it's making peace with situation that we need to work on. It's extremely rare that a new device lives up to expectations, if one ever has!

  • I purchased my new Note2 on July 1st 2014. I know ìt is 2 years old but it's what I wanted. it's large, it has 2 gig of Ram and I updated Kitkat withòut a hitch. I love it. for the price of a new Note 3 or 4.... I think I might wait for the Note 5.

  • steve Aug 18, 2014 Link to comment

    I agree☺

  • Brian Aug 18, 2014 Link to comment

    Samsung needs to be patient and listen to its customers and not corporate management. To understand what people want you have to look at what you have and change whats being critisized just develope whats proven and what works! ......If costs are the problem try saving money by getting rid of unecessary management positions.

    • Samsung IS sticking to their tried and proven.. plastic, similar design.. so what do people want? curved screen? massive RAM? Mind blowing software (bloatware alert)? Switch to a bit of aluminum? And you get the criticised Alpha. It will never end

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