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Philips Hue: Ambient lighting now also for gamers

Philips Hue Play gradient Lightstrip for PC lifestyle 2
© Philips Hue

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Signify has a few new products to announce at IFA 2022 that concern Philips' Hue brand. Gamers will probably be very happy about the Gradient Lightstrips. In addition, there are more lights, partnerships and a new automation to marvel at. NextPit introduces you to the new products!


  • Signify presents the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrips for the PC.
  • There are three new "Philips Hue Lightguide" lights to add ambiance to your living room.
  • There are new partnerships with Samsung SmartThings and Corsair.
  • A new smart automation for the Hue app called "Mimic Presence" adds security to the home.

Signify also made its way to Berlin for IFA, where it unveiled a few new products that should cement the exquisite reputation of Philips Hue products. Having last unveiled Philips Hue Perifo & Go, the company once again presented very atmospheric lighting at IFA. It's all about more atmosphere, better ambience while gaming and last but not least, safety. Let's go!

Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrips for PC

We don't have to tell any of you here that Hue products enhance your TV experience with its ambient lighting. Now, however, the lighting pros are finally presenting their Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrips for PC.

Gaming-Schreibtisch mit Ambient-Beleuchtung
You can't get much more atmospheric than that for gaming, right? / © Philips Hue

With the Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip for the PC, Signify wants to take the gaming experience to a new level. Those familiar with Philips Hue's gradient solutions already know that the strip manages seamless color gradients. For this, multiple light colors are displayed at the same time.

Thanks to the free "Philips Hue Sync Desktop" app, the light strip naturally follows the colors displayed on the screen. You can attach the part to the back of the monitor using the included brackets. It doesn't matter if the monitor is straight or curved. The light is projected at a 45-degree angle, creating a nice halo effect when the monitor is placed in front of a wall.

Currently, the Lightstrip is offered in three different sizes: One Play Gradient Lightstrip each for single monitors in sizes from 24 to 27 and 32 to 34-inches. In addition, there is a light strip with three parts for a setup consisting of three 24 to 27-inch monitors. You don't necessarily need the Hue Bridge to run the Lightstrips, but there are kits that include the Bridge. Here are the prices, the strips will be available from September 13:

Philips Hue Play Gradient Lightstrip for PC.

  • 24/27-inch $169.99
  • 32/34-inch $189.99
  • 3 screen 24/27-inch $279.99

Philips Hue Lightguide

If you're not into gaming, but you're also into atmospheric lighting, you should take a look at the lamps in the "Philips Hue Lightguide" series. With the Lightguide lamps, it's not about illuminating the room in the brightest light imaginable. Instead, the lamps, which come in Globe, Ellipse and Triangular shapes, are intended to set accents and serve as eye-catchers.

alle drei Lightguide-Lampen, die in einem Zimmer von der Decke hängen
With their distinctive look, the lamps serve as eye-catchers / © Philips Hue.

The luminous rod inside gently distributes the light in the room and the reflective surface of the lamps enhances the effect. The holder of the lamps consists of a metal socket and a cord covered with fabric, but is only available separately in both black and white. You'll get the lamps in the fourth quarter, and they're available both as floor lamps and with ceiling mounts.

Also new is the "Philips Hue White Ambiance Filament" candle, for which Philips Hue is going for a vintage look. The E14 bulb reproduces myriad shades of white, from warm to cool white, and can be dimmed to any level. Unlike the Lightguides, the candle will be available for purchase as early as September 13. Here are the prices:

  • Philips Hue Lightguide bulbs > $74.99 - $89.99
  • Philips Hue Lightguide ceiling mount (socket + cable) in black or white > $49.99 (white only available for the Hue Shop)
  • Philips Hue White Ambiance Filament Candle > $44.99, 2-pack $64.99

New automation "Mimic Presence" to deter burglars

Philips was also able to announce news for its app in the form of a new automation. "Mimic Presence" does what the name promises: it simulates your presence when you're out of the house. This means that your Philips Hue lights are automatically switched as you usually use them when you are at home. You decide which lights should be automated and whether you want them to glow all day or only in the dark in the evening. The automation is said to be available immediately.

Philips Hue announces partnerships with Samsung SmartThings and Corsair

To round things out, Philips Hue was also able to rope in two interesting partnerships. Once one has itself, Corsair as partners ashore pulled. Users of the "CORSAIR iCUE" software can now synchronize the personalized scenes of their "Philips Hue" products with the RGB gaming peripherals from Corsair. The option is available now.

What I find even more exciting is the partnership with Samsung, or rather SmartThings: if you own a Galaxy smartphone or a Galaxy tablet, you can pair them with Philips Hue products via the SmartThings app. Thanks to SmartThings Music Sync, your music is then supported with color-coordinated lighting. Keep in mind that Samsung has only announced the Music Sync feature for the fourth quarter.

Do you already use Philips Hue lamps in your smart home or are you curious about the new products? Write it in the comments.

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