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Litter-Robot 3 Connect review: the gadget I've been waiting for

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After seeing self-cleaning vacuum cleaner robots coming to the market, I certainly didn't expect cat litter to integrate such technology. But I was wrong. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is the self-cleaning litter tray that will free you (almost) forever from this chore. But it comes at a price...

It won't be cheap, but...

With a price set at $499, this device is by no means within everyone's reach for cat litter. However, there is also the other side of the coin to consider: although the cost is particularly high, an automated litter tray will turn the annoying task of digging in the sand into a much simpler one: throwing away a trash bag.

In the lower part of the Litter-Robot litter tray there is a drawer where you can insert a bag in which the feces of your four-legged friend will automatically end up, well sieved by the automatic rotation system that is automatically activated as soon as the cat comes out of the litter tray thanks to the sensors inside.

androidpit litter robot connect 4
This is the perfect litter box for smart home fanatics. / © NextPit

... it is ideal for smart home fanatics!

Having this type of accessory in my apartment is a pleasure: those who know me know well how much I am particularly fanatical about automation. In addition, the Litter-Robot 3 Connect has proved to be a big plus because it is able to "communicate" with other smart home devices through the integration with IFTTT, thanks to which it is possible to manage any kind of automation.

For example, it is possible to switch on the lights as soon as the cat enters the litter tray and, conversely, switch them off when it is done its business. Or you can have it communicate with your iRobot vacuum cleaner so that it can go and clean around the litter tray, perhaps only at specific times so as not to disturb you at night. This latter solution is particularly useful because cats have the bad habit of "throwing" out the sand when they leave the litter tray.

litter robot ifttt
These are just a few of the integrations that can be used. / © IFTTT

Two fundamental aspects to be taken into consideration

After talking about some of the advantages of this luxurious accessory, it is also worth mentioning the disadvantages. Mainly, what has left me most puzzled are its dimensions.  I certainly didn't expect something as small as a normal litter box, but when I saw the photos I have to admit I didn't imagine it could be so big!

Litter Robot 2
It took a while for my cat to get used to it, but the result was great! / © Litter-Robot

Trust me when I tell you that no photo can really convey the space it occupies in any corner of the house. Moreover, since it is an automated device and, of course, able to connect to the Wi-Fi, it requires a constant power supply. Therefore, you will have to decide where to place it because it will have to be close to a power outlet.

androidpit litter robot connect 11
Bigger than I thought! / © NextPit

How does Litter-Robot 3 Connect work?

The Litter-Robot 3 consists of a sphere at the top of the container, which accounts for practically 90% of its operation. This has been coated with rubber, thanks to which it will be possible to insert the ideal amount of sand.

androidpit litter robot connect 8
You just have to worry about inserting the litter inside the sphere. / © NextPit

The magic happens when the cat enters it: the sensors capture the presence of the animal putting the litter box in a stand-by situation. This way (in theory) the sphere will not move when the cat is inside it, but only once it has gone out. After identifying a deposit, the Litter-Robot 3 starts a 7-minute countdown before starting the cleaning cycle, and you can also change the waiting time using the dedicated app.

During cleaning, the ball begins to rotate first in one direction and then in the other, passing the waste through the container below. Acting like a sieve, this system separates the faeces from the litter tray, leaving it always clean and removing unpleasant odors.

androidpit litter robot connect 5
The automatic rotation allows the litter to sift through the stool automatically. / © NextPit

Buttons and functions

The Litter-Robot 3 Connect has a total of four physical buttons on the front , along with three LEDs of different colors that will help you to understand the state of your bedding. Let's go in order:

  • Power on/off button
  • Cycle button: manually starts the cleaning process
  • Empty button: completely empties the bedding to change the sand
  • Reset button: cancels any operation in progress
  • Timing (red light): lights up during the countdown before the cleaning process starts
  • Cycling (yellow light): lights up during the cleaning process
  • Ready (blue light): always on to indicate that the litter tray is in operation; it switches off only during the cleaning cycle
androidpit litter robot connect 2
Although fully automatic, every now and then it takes a manual touch. / © NextPit

Is it worth buying Litter-Robot 3 Connect?

Well, if you can afford to spend almost 500 dollars and, above all, if you own more than one cat, I'd say so. A smart, fully automated litter tray will relieve you of a lot of stress, and that's enough to compensate for the expense.

androidpit litter robot connect 1
The Litter-Robot is the extra gadget I was waiting for inside my smart home! / © NextPit

Also, having this kind of device will allow you to leave home for longer periods, such as an entire weekend, for example, without having to think too much about cleaning the bedding.

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