LG G Watch R2: release date, news, specs and rumors

LG G Watch R2: release date, news, specs and rumors

Could 2015 finally be the year of wearables? It seems that last year, the first generation of smartwatches left users and reviewers expecting more and we all hoped that the second generation models would be more promising and less glitchy. It looks like LG has already stepped up its game: the company is rumored to be working on the LG G Watch R2, which could be the first smartwatch with 4G/LTE support.

AndroidPIT LG G Watch R 11
The LG G Watch R2 will be shown off in 2015 as the first 4G enabled smartwatch.  / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G Watch R2 release date

According the rumors, LG will be showing off the G Watch R2 during one of the biggest consumer electronics conferences, the Mobile World Congress 2015 that takes place annually in Barcelona, Spain. That being said, the company might even surprise us and show off the device as early as January 2015 during the CES 2015  in Vegas, however the MWC seems more likely. LG will likely unveil the watch during a press release during one of these conventions and availability will commence in the month to follow. 

LG G Watch R2 price

The first generation model, the G Watch R originally went for 299 USD and 225 GBP. It’s likely that the second model might go for these price as well, however the inclusion of LTE support might bump up the price.

LG G Watch R fr 8
The G Watch R2 with 4G support could work as a standalone device without the need of a smartphone for mostly all of its functions. / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G Watch R2 specs

Nothing is known as of yet regarding the technical specifications for the G Watch R2. The only information that has been rumored so far is that the smartwatch would support 4G/LTE networks. The first model worked mainly when in combination with a smartphone thanks to a Bluetooth connection, however if the LTE rumors are true, the G Watch R2 could be a standalone device, and a competitor to reckon with for the Tizen-powered Samsung Gear S which already supports 2G and 3G networks.

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The G Watch R2 will also presumably come with the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop update for Android Wear operating system.

We’ll fill you in on more information as we hear it about the G Watch R2. In the meantime, would you be keen on having a standalone Android smartwatch rather than one has most of its functionality when combined with smartwatch?

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  • I never really understood why anyone would want a standalone version of a smartwatch with its own cellular radio. Most people that would be buying a smart watch would likely already have a smartphone. Plus, then you have to buy it its own data plan. Also, that cellular radio will drain the watch's battery faster than Bluetooth would

  • It will be another year or two maybe longer before they come out with a 100% stand alone smart watch because there's just some thing's you have to connect with a smartphone to do.

    I have the Samsung Gear S and it does a really good job at separating from my phone but there's going to be a couple of thing's at least for the time being and possibly always that connecting to you're smartphone is going to be necessary but it won't have to be connected constantly for everything.

    If I forget my phone my Gear S does an excellent job and since I can connect my Bluetooth headset to it I'm not having to talk to my wrist if I make or receive a phone call

    I really like the looks of the LG R2 watch the fact that it's possibly 4G is great hopefully they have improved more over what Samsung did with the Gear S.

    And even though I'm not a fan of Apple the new Apple watch is also a really nice watch but I don't think it has any stand alone capabilities.

  • I think you mean combined with a smart phone.. Yes a stand alone smart watch would be one to look for. Can't always carry my phone with me at my job so that is what I'm waiting for.

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