Why the Huawei Mate 30 Pro will be a turning point for smartphones

Why the Huawei Mate 30 Pro will be a turning point for smartphones

The Mate 30 Pro will be enormously important for Huawei, but perhaps also for the whole smartphone market. The smartphone may well mark a turning point for the industry.

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The Huawei Mate 30 Pro? Just a smartphone, who cares? And anyway, without Google apps and services the Chinese company will soon run out of steam anyway, nobody buys that here. You hear and read such things more often at the moment when it comes to the upcoming smartphone from the world's second-largest manufacturer behind Samsung - ahead of Apple. But maybe that's a pretty closed-minded way of thinking about this. In fact, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and its sister models could change the market quite a bit overall.

Problems with the U.S. are forcing Huawei to deliver the Mate 30 Pro without pre-installed Google services, and that's a bitter pill to take. The majority of customers will be uncertain and wonder whether Baidu Maps or WeChat are really the alternatives to Google Maps and Gmail. No, they shouldn't be, at least not directly.

Huawei has to step out of its comfort zone

The Trump administration's embargo forces Huawei, but also its customers indirectly, to step outside of their comfort zone. That hurts, because Huawei has gotten very comfortable with Google in Europe. The Google platform and the numerous other business relationships with established U.S. companies have allowed the company under the leadership of Richard Yu to rise from an unknown no-name manufacturer to one of the top brands in just a few years. Now, whether Trump is going to give in or not, creative approaches for another direction are in demand.

huawei ceo richard yu
These are exciting times for Huawei and Richard Yu / © Huawei

I wrote a few weeks ago that Harmony OS and some other developments could mark the end of Android as we know it today, and that even for Google it wouldn't be the end of the world. The Mate 30 Pro and the other smartphones from this series will be a further step in the emancipation of Google, which will not only affect Huawei, but also the other manufacturers of Android smartphones.

The fact that Huawei builds the best hardware on the market is a proven fact. The camera is among the best you can buy, the Kirin chips have the most advanced technology. At Huawei, 5G is way ahead of the competition, workmanship and design are also first class. The company has the resources, both financially and in terms of talent, and the staying power to create something new in software as well, even if the road is rocky and there is by no means a certain success at the end - Windows Phone, Blackberry OS and many others are waving to you from the digital nirvana.

The first steps towards emancipation

But whether Harmony OS can or would even come close to outstripping Android from 2020 is not the point I want to make. Huawei is forced by the current developments to reduce its dependence on Google and other U.S. companies, which dominate the smartphone market with overwhelming power, if it wants to continue competing - and that is guaranteed. So with the Mate 30 and the upcoming Huawei smartphones, we will see both bigger and smaller steps away from Google and into a future with less U.S. influence.

Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Sony, and Co. will watch this development very closely, not only because of the competition from Huawei, but out of self-interest. Who knows which target the spell will hit next time? It's a bit like the YouTubers and Influencers who base their business solely on platforms whose rules are completely out of their control. If the rules of the game are changed or access is blocked, your world quickly starts to fall apart. If there is the possibility of putting one's own business model on more than one leg, many manufacturers will think very hard about it. This is the big chance Huawei has for the future.

Huawei won't get there yet with the Mate 30, of course. The smartphone will have a hard time convincing customers to buy great hardware without the software. But the first step is always the most difficult, and it is quite possible that the chosen direction will lead to success in the end.

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  • storm Sep 19, 2019 Link to comment

    Huawei is certainly on the cusp of a reinvention because of outside forces. I think the pipeline of this particular phone is too mired in the ideas of the mainstream market to be the sea change the article discusses. Personally I'm not as enamored of Huawei as the writers. I find them sloppy copycats rather than innovators, but my product experiences aren't as current. I certainly don't think they have the software chops to be a meaningful OS outside of China. Yet.

  • marco sarli
    • Admin
    Sep 19, 2019 Link to comment

    A challenge to the Google monopoly finally. If Huawei is able to build a store with a sufficient number of apps it could finally do what not even Microsoft was able to do.An easy way to port apps from one OS to the other is what is needed.

    Deactivated Account

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Sep 19, 2019 Link to comment

    The turning point for smart phones has all been for the worse since the loss of the removable battery and headphone jack. Manufactures have long since stopped caring what we want and give us gimmicks instead. I just wish I could get a todays spec Note 4 with out all the bloatware. The Note 4 is still the best phone ever made in my opinion, for over all life, durability, and function.

  • Ghifari AL Mukhtar Sep 19, 2019 Link to comment

    I don't give a shit, Huawei is the only mode of mobile for me. I have gotten the Mate20 pro a Note Book a phone for both my wife and daughter, all Huawei. I am not interested in bullies and, US and South Korean products any more. My current temptation is the ASUS note book, but guess what the price is a lill bit on the hi, so I'll wait till Huawei matches it's specs.. I plan to give my daughter my Mate 20 pro and get the 30. As for Google they could take a walk with their Israeli Droids too- I'd rather privacy any way

  • David Martrano Sep 19, 2019 Link to comment

    It will sell very well in China, in the West, meh! Without Google Apps?

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