Usually, I tend to be more of a fan of simple, uncomplicated leisure games. Everlands is the exact opposite of all of the above, but I enjoyed it tremendously nonetheless. If you're into games involving strategy and critical thinking, make sure to read through this test!!



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Features & Use

The plot of Everlands is pretty short and simple. Evil is yet again endangering a peaceful color-happy country inhabited by cute little animals. Some of these animals have already gone over to the dark side and your mission is to keep them out.

Every animal in the Everlands has its own character and special powers. These special powers need to be used wisely in order to vanquish evil. You can move your animals in the form of small hexagon icons around on a playing field composed of hexagons as well. Animals infested by evil are shown in lilac whereas the healthy ones are shown in green.
Every animal has attack edges marked with yellow triangles located on certain sides of its hexagon. Along these edges you can fight your enemies. Obviously, your enemies can attack you as well using these same edges. If you place one of your animals alongside an enemy, the opponent makes the first move. The key thing is to know all of your animal’s special powers.

Every animal has two factors (displayed with small numbers on an icon): one displays your animal's health factor and the other your attack strength. Here's an example: if you'd like to beat an enemy that has 4 points, your animal needs to have attack strength of 4. That way you can make evil animals green again.

As already mentioned, it's not just about attacking sides and balancing out attack and health levels. The special powers of each animal play a huge role in this game. Bears, for example, that get injured receive an extra attack point out of rage. Eagles, on the other hand, have very low attack strength, but a lot of attack edges. The leopard is a very fast animal and that's why he always attacks first no matter what. The game is over once the entire hexagon playing field is filled. You win the game by saving more than 50% of all animals.

Everlands has over 20 levels that are connected with a single plot. You also have the option of playing in duels versus your friends.

There's a great little tutorial available to help explain the game to you.


Screen & Controls

 In the main menu of Everlands you have the following options:

  • Start (Story, Tutorial, Duel)
  • Options (Music and Sound)
  • Help
  • About

During the game all the animals you can send into battle are listed at the bottom of the screen. You can click on an animal to select it and then place it on the playing board.
Additional information is displayed when you double-click on the same animal. You can also press the pause button to take a break from the game at any time. Pressing the menu buttons redirects to the following options:

  • Resume
  • Restart
  • Options
  • Quit

I recommend that you play through the tutorial before trying out the game in full. The tutorial is really well-done.

Bottom Line:

Everlands is a game that requires a lot of strategy and logical thinking. The graphics and sound are really original. If you like smart games definitely check out Everlands or its free lite-version.

Speed & Stability

Everlands runs smoothly without any problems. 

Price/Performance Ratio

 Everlands can be downloaded for UK£1.50 from the Android Market. 


Everlands Everlands Everlands Everlands

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