CamScanner -Phone to Scanner

CamScanner -Phone to Scanner

In films such as Enemy of the State technicians are always coming up with 3D models based on photos which allow them to see an image from the front, even if it was taken from the side. CamScanner -Phone to Scanner does exactly the same thing (expect that it was designed for Tom, Dick, and Harry’s and not secret agents) so that it’s easier for you to read texts that you’ve photographed. If you’re a wannabe spy—never fear: you can use this app for spy-related things, too.


Reviewed version Latest version
1.1.2 Varies with device

Features & Use

Test details: unmodified HTC Hero with 2.1

CamScanner -Phone to Scanner allows you to manipulated already existing images so that texts are rendered easier to read. It works like this:

• An image is selected or taken. If the picture isn’t good enough you can take a new one.
• The text part of the image is located via four points; the user can rework the outcome if so desired. You can skip this step if it’s irrelevant for what you need.
• The image is rotated and cut into shape so that in the end what remains is a square picture of the part of the original image that was selected.
• Lastly, the image’s contrast is enhanced.

Provided the original image quality is good the app works astoundingly well, even when you’re working with pictures on which the text is at 30 degrees.
In the case of unrealistic or overdesigned texts segments a message will appear letting you know that the app is unable to crop the image.

The app’s design is simple and after a brief getting-to-know-you period it’s relatively easy to use. Images within the same document can be moved as well as deleted. What’s still missing is an option that allows you to set up your own folders. Instead of folders the app has “signs” which can be attached to documents, but that’s a poor substitute IMHO.

The viewer works well thanks to its minimal design. The zoom function is totally sufficient, even if it there isn’t a pinch-to-zoom option, only two buttons.
Documents can be sent via mail or uploaded. They are also saved to the SD card as PDFs.

The documents can be uploaded to the following places:

• Google Docs
• Dropbox

You can select the size of PDF pages under Settings and you can switch around between various standard sizes. I’m not all together sure what exactly this means, though. You can also set the direction in which pages should be turned, choosing between automatically according to image size, always longitudinal, or always horizontal. Again, I’m not exactly sure what the point is.

Things begin to fall into place thanks to the “Set corrective mode for images” settings. This probably refers to when an image will be corrected, and is divided into three further categories: “do not correct”, “correct poor quality”, and “correct high quality”.

The menu button lets you access the following information:

• Other available apps by the same developer
• Purchasing information
• An overview of the documents currently being uploaded
• An English language guiede
• Information about the current version

Here’s an example of an original image and the corrected outcome taken under perfect conditions (smooth surface, no reflecting, etc.) and using a professional camera.

Here’s an original image and the outcome taken under poor conditions (bad lighting, uneven surface, etc.) and using my phone’s camera.

Bottom line:
Even if the last picture might lead you to believe differently, the outcomes are generally very good. If you’re into capturing logos, briefs texts or panels check out CamScanner -Phone to Scanner, even if this app doesn’t provide every singly useful function you might be looking for.

Screen & Controls

There’s really nothing to complain about as far as controls go. A margin at the bottom of the screen displays all of the most relevant functions:

• Create a new document based on an already existing image
• Create a new document based on a new image
• Search documents
• Manage documents

Controls and settings are set up in a similar in the app’s other categories.

Bottom line:
The app’s German version is pretty abysmal which is why we’re only awarding CamScanner -Phone to Scanner three stars, and that despite it’s nice minimal design and easy controls.


Speed & Stability

CamScanner -Phone to Scanner’s speed is good overall. The app does run a bit slower when it’s cropping an image.

Price/Performance Ratio

CamScanner -Phone to Scanner costs $4.99 and can be purchased from the Market or a special license system. The document / page amount in the test version is limited.


CamScanner -Phone to Scanner CamScanner -Phone to Scanner CamScanner -Phone to Scanner CamScanner -Phone to Scanner

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  • Sorin Dec 20, 2017 Link to comment

    Perfect app to scan documents. Directly to phone and sharing into internet.