Vacation should always mean relaxation. And what better way to relax than to be playing a fun little game to kill the time. The only thing is that I don’t have a vacation at the moment. That’s why I’m all stressed out. Now here’s a little game for all of you that I found to be genuinely fun. For those of you currently on vacation or simply looking for a new and exciting game, I’ve stumbled upon something really fun. Avoiding! is a really neat game that is extremely entertaining.
Find out why Avoiding should become a part of your daily Android routine in our test.


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2.6.1 1.6

Features & Use

I am happy to present to you Avoiding – a game I had a whole lot of fun with. This game just doesn’t get old and I play it every time I need a little relaxation.

Avoiding! is a game of skill, patience and precision in which you eat up blue squares with the help of a toothed smiley face. These squares appear at random places around the screen and can be collected by the Avoider smiley. The faster you reach a blue square, the more points you receive. Every square starts off with a maximum of 5 points. With every second gone by, you get a point less. A small red devil appears in the place of each swallowed square. The game is immediately over if you happen to touch one of these red creatures with your smiley.

Another big problem: the longer you wait to get to a square, the larger your smile becomes. This makes avoiding the red devils a lot more challenging.

Obviously, the more squares you collect the more red devils are going to crowd the screen. In order to alleviate this problem, a green helper appears every 15 squares. When you swallow a green helper, all the devils on the screen immediately turn into tame creatures that can also be eaten. Don’t forget to watch the clock because you only have 3.5 seconds time to accomplish this task.

Another important issue: collecting squares fills up a “slowmo” bar at the bottom of your screen. This slow motion feature can be activated by double clicking the screen. This gives you time to avoid the devils and quickly collect a lot of squares.

One last feature: the bomb! If you collect one during the game, you can use it later to destroy all devils with one explosion! I haven’t, however, mastered this feature and haven’t been able to make good use of it so far.

Bottom Line:
The game really has got something special about it! It makes for a ton of fun and is an entertaining way to pass the time. It’s an extremely challenging game, but that only pushes you to try it again and again. The game concept is really fun and clever. With a clear conscious, I give this game four stars!

Screen & Controls

As with most Android games, the graphics are alright, but nothing to write home about. Fortunately, this isn't such a big a deal with this type of game. The dialog boxes, however, are pretty ugly-looking.

There are three levels:

  • Quick: collect 50 squares
  • Normal: collect 100 square
  • Endless: guess what... ;)

You can also submit your score online in order to compare your results with others. A quick glance at the high score rankings makes me cringe. I’ve still got a very long way to go before I make it onto that list.

I was a little bit annoyed at the fact that I was prompted to click on an ad at the end of each game. Personally, I would rather pay a couple of bucks than have to go through these pop-up messages.

Speed & Stability

Avoiding ran smoothly and without any problems on my HTC Desire. 

Price/Performance Ratio

 Avoiding is available for free from the Android Market.


Avoiding! Avoiding! Avoiding! Avoiding!

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