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Top 5 Android and iOS Apps of The Week: Pirates, a Space Shooter, and More!

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We continue to scour apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store so that we can come up with five recommendations you might like. This week, we have a trio of games for you to play, a title that helps you minimize food waste while churning out decent chow, and a music app that keeps you in a time capsule by playing tunes within selected decades.

We make sure we review all apps listed in this article so that you need not worry about quality issues. Perhaps what we listed is not what you were looking for, which is why we also have our free apps of the week story that is published twice a week. It is there that you can find temporarily available apps for free!

Phoenix 2 (Android & iOS)

Ever wondered what a shoot ‘em up in a space setting looks like? Phoenix 2 proves that old is gold, having first debuted on iOS nearly eight years ago, having made its way to the Android platform today. I’m stoked to see that there was no performance hit in terms of this port, but then again, processing power has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years as well. 

Screenshot of the Phoenix 2 app UI
Shoot down enemy ships and save the world. How hard can it get? / © nextpit

I like the crisp graphics, and even a mid-range handset is more than capable of handling all the game throws at it. What is interesting is how the entire household (or your group of friends) does not need to run on the same mobile OS, seeing how multiplayer crossplay works seamlessly. In other words, iOS and Android users can play with one another without any issue!

Price: Free / Advertising: Yes / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No

The fact that there are over 100 ships to collect provides this game with plenty of replayability value. The missions also vary from one to another, adding more depth to what is normally a brainless time-waster. Time to see whether your reflexes can hold up!

Sweet Farm: Cake Baking Tycoon (Android)

A life simulator on a mobile device? That’s certainly a time-waster or time-killer, assuming it is interesting enough to capture your attention. Sweet Farm is engaging enough to keep me returning for more by forgetting about real life and indulging in a digital life.

You will find a little bit of Harvest Moon mixed with Stardew Valley here, although the setting is in a sweets factory. Are there hints of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory here? You bet, but there are enough elements in the game to prevent it from being labelled a cheap knock-off.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: Yes / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No
Screenshot of the Sweet Farm: Cake Baking Tycoon app UI
It is time to save your grandpa by making sure this sweet factory is up and running! / © nextpit

You basically need to help your grandpa by rebuilding a sweets factory, where there are tons of stuff to learn including the art of baking cakes, making pies, and churning out all kinds of sweet, savory stuff! There are little helpers all around the factory to assist you in your task.

There are in-app purchases to help you along if you do not have the time to spare, but you can still make decent progress without having to fork out a single penny. 

Sea of Conquest (Android & iOS)

Arrrr! Shiver me timbers, here is a game that looks fast-paced, but actually isn’t. Or is it? It really depends on how much you are willing to part with your money.

For instance, Sea of Conquest allows you to spend some in-game currency (not necessarily money, it might be materials like wood) to perform and upgrade, where you then wait for a couple of days in real-time before the upgrade is completed. Or, you can just pay a small fee. Hey, it is a free country.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: Yes / Account required: No
Screenshot of the Sea of Conquest app UI
It can be pretty slow-going if you are one who will not willingly part with your money for in-game purchases. / © nextpit

Still, while the gameplay mechanics are interesting enough for those who want to sail the seven seas and build a base, navigating difficult characters and using your wits to come out smelling like roses, it would have been nicer to be a paid title without any waiting times and in-app purchases. I do not have the kind of patience to endure such long waiting times, although others might be willing to wait and occupy themselves with other games instead. 

Kitchenese (Android)

Ever had a bunch of leftovers in your fridge, not knowing what to do with it? Kitchenese is here to help! It is quite rough around the edges as an individually-developed app, but remember, the whole point of this app is whether it fulfills its function well or not. I must say, it has been handy to have on my phone, making sure that I maximize all the produce in my fridge to come up with decent-tasting stuff.

In other words, Kitchenese helps you match whatever you have in your fridge or pantry to think of a recipe that will minimize wastage and keep you well-fed. It merges recipe searching and food inventory tracking, making sure that you can best make use of your meat, vegetables, fruits, and other staple pantry ingredients.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: None / Account required: Optional
Screenshot of the Kitchenese app UI
Make the most of your pantry and fridge ingredients with this app. / © nextpit

I like how there are different household profiles available, letting everyone have a go without messing things up. After all, separate user accounts will be able to reduce confusion while retaining the same recipe and inventory database. The fact that a recipe creation tool is present is another plus point, allowing you to keep your great-tasting recipes to yourself, or to be benevolent and share it with others.

Rewind: Music Time Travel

Who says time travel is impossible? If you happen to listen to music streaming apps like TIDAL and Spotify, you will know that the massive music catalog can be overwhelming at times. Well, most of us rarely ‘progress’ beyond certain eras of music (as opposed to genres), which is where Remind: Music Time Travel comes in handy. 

What does this app do? You can select any year between 1959 and 2010, exploring music based on those decades. It is similar to launching TIDAL, Spotify, or other streaming music apps on your phone and listening to a particular playlist based on the year/decade. The limited time range in this app narrows the music you listen to, making it a unique method of discovering music from a different era with a pinch of nostalgia.

  • Price: Free / Advertising: None / In-app purchases: None / Account required: Optional
Screenshot of the Rewind app UI
Are you curious about what the music of yesteryears sounds like? Find out with this app! / © nextpit

There is also AI implementation in this app to enhance your overall listening experience. This is worth checking out if you're a millennial who is curious to know what your parents and grandparents used to listen to.

Did you come across any interesting app this week that you would like to recommend? We look forward to your feedback in the comments and hope you enjoy your weekend!

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