My New Phone

My New Phone

I held my new phone today, it was for barely 2 minutes but it felt right. Is this the phone I want or is it the phone I desire, only to be let down. May be a little back story to start with.                                                                                   .

18 months ago I upgraded on T-mobile to a G1. The first android phone with its chunky slide out keyboard and single touch screen. I loved it for the first few days. I downloaded what I could from the market, all of which were free. Google had not introduced paid for apps at that point. Everything was great in the world for that first day.

The second day started well. I turned on my phone excitedly. All my downloaded apps where there waiting for me to play with. As I made my daily commute to work I surfed the web with joy. It’s only when I got to work I noticed an issue. The battery was at critical. Was this correct? Had I used the entire battery in one day?

I thought I might had not turned it off over night. I like to make sure no one can call me at stupid o’clock,. So I charged it up over night ready for the next day. All was well until about 4pm. The darn thing was flat again. I felt disappointed by it. I felt let down. This great phone was eating battery like Homer eats doughnuts.

Over the next week I played with all the settings I could. The best I ever got with “normal” use was one day. At this point I was depressed. A phone I have converted so much was such a let down on one part. It was then I decided I had to part company with it. Do I regret letting it go? I thought I would but oddly I don’t. I experience the first Android handset and liked what I saw; it’s just the hardware that let it down.

So here I am faced with the same choice. My upgrade is due and the desire is calling me. I have searched on line at reviews and apps and software updates and so much other stuff to do with this phone. I know I want it. My heart wants it dearly, yet my brain is saying no. Can it live up to the hype as the best smart phone out there? I hope to find out next week.

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  • Sorin Oct 14, 2018 Link to comment

    I'm glad I got a new phone. Obviously the new phone model is a more evolved one, and I expect more performance.

  • steve Sep 26, 2016 Link to comment

    Is much better than your old phone.