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Torras Cases Review: Stand-Equipped Phone Covers for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max

nextpit Torras Case iPhone 15 Test
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Torras provides robust, high-quality phone cases for the iPhone 15 Pro (review) and iPhone 15 Pro Max (review). These cases feature camera protection and are compatible with MagSafe. In our review, nextpit shares insights on what you can expect from these stand-up cases and highlights what makes the Torras cases for the iPhone stand out.

Torras Pstand: Offers all-round protection

Torras Pstand from the front
The Torras Pstand case is a real eye-catcher. There is a fold-out stand at the bottom of the back that you can use to set up your iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max horizontally and vertically. / © nextpit


  • Offers all-round protection.
  • Thin and light design.
  • Compatible with MagSafe.
  • It can be positioned vertically and horizontally.


  • -

The Torras Pstand is super thin and lightweight. The phone case is available in five colors. The case fits well in the hand and is also non-slip. On the front, the cover extends 1 mm over the display. You can therefore place your smartphone on the front without scratching your display.

Torras has built a stand into the iPhone 15 case that allows you to place the smartphone horizontally or vertically. When set up, the case makes a super stable impression. In the test, regardless of how we placed the smartphone, we never had any concerns about the iPhone falling onto the table while we were watching content on YouTube among other things.

The sides of the Torras case offer all-round protection. All buttons are covered, but the cell phone protection is not padded at any point. The situation is similar on the back. Torras has included a raised metal lip to protect the camera. The cover is 0.8 mm above the camera. So it's the same as on the front: no fear of scratches.

One last word about scratches: we used Ritz pens to check the hardness of the case. This is a quick and simple test because the 5th degree of hardness was already the end of the line. In other words: from the 5th degree of hardness, we were able to noticeably and visibly scratch the case.

The Pstand case makes a high-quality impression. On the back, in addition to the fold-out stand, you also have the markers for wireless charging. Thanks to the case, you can also attach your smartphone magnetically in the car (provided you have the right MagSafe car holder) and use it as a navigation device.

The Torras Pstand is only available for the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max and costs $35.99 according to the recommended retail price. Of course, this is not the cheapest case—but it is an all-round case that can be set up and is worth every dollar in our opinion. Or, to sum it up in the words of Torras: simple, yet unique.

Torras Lstand: Secure and firm stand

Torras Lstand bird's eye view
With the Lstand, Torras installs the stand around the camera. / © nextpit


  • Robust, high-quality design.
  • Secure and firm stand.
  • MagSafe compatible.


  • The support leg lacks a smooth finish.
  • Angular corners may reduce comfort when holding.

The Torras Lstand is a transparent case for your iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. There is not much choice in terms of color—the case is available in white and gray. Unlike the Pstand, the edges of the Lstand are not rounded, which makes the case feel less comfortable in the hand. However, it is a matter of taste whether you prefer rounded or square edges.

In addition, the Lstand does not leave a non-slip impression. Whether in the hand or on the table, the cover can be pushed away easily without much external force. On the front, the case pulls slightly over the display to prevent scratches when you place your smartphone on the display. Your iPhone 15 is fully protected on the sides.

The fold-out aluminum stand is located around the camera on the back. When the stand is not folded out, a 2 mm thick lip protects the camera. When unfolded, a 0.5 mm thick camera lip remains to prevent scratches.

The unfolding feels anything but smooth. On the contrary, during the test we were surprised by how much force is needed to extend the stand. Once unfolded, however, the case gives an even more stable impression. Throughout the test, we were never concerned that our iPhone 15 model would lose its balance.

Magsafe support is also provided for the Lstand: You can charge your iPhone 15 wirelessly or use it conveniently as a navigation device on a road trip.

The rigid case leaves an average impression in terms of scratch resistance. We visibly and audibly scratched the case at the 3rd hardness level. With the resulting 2nd degree of hardness, the Lstand case is significantly more susceptible to scratches than the Pstand.

The Lstand will cost you $35.99 according to the recommended retail price. If you are looking for a transparent case so that the long process of choosing the color of your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max was not in vain, the robust Lstand case is still worth considering.

Torras Ostand-R: 360-degree rotatable stand

Torras Ostand case back cover in detail
Torras uses a ring-shaped stand for the Ostand R. However, you have to be careful because precision is particularly important when setting up this case. / © nextpit


  • Interchangeable buttons.
  • 360-degree rotatable stand.
  • Compatible with MagSafe accessories.
  • Available in four colors.


  • Rotating stand requires very precise positioning.

The Ostand-R case is a lightweight and thin all-round protection for your iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max. There is a colorful selection of colors—you can choose between a blue, black, gray and white color variant.

On the front, the case protrudes visibly over the display of your iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max. The case makes a non-slip impression when held firmly. The only thing that gives us a strange feeling is that you can feel the fold-out ring with your index finger when you hold the phone in your hand.

This brings us to the next point: the fold-out and rotatable stand in the middle of the back of the case. The stand can be folded out 120 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. The idea is fantastic, but we noticed in the test that you have to position the stand very precisely so that the smartphone doesn't fall onto the front.

However, the magnetic ring also offers you numerous advantages. You can magnetically attach your iPhone 15 model to the fridge as a timer so that you don't overcook your pasta, and you can also attach MagSafe-compatible accessories to the back.

Speaking of customization: To make your Torras cover even more unique, you have spare buttons in orange and dark green in the scope of delivery. The "installation" is simple: you push out the inserted button and place the color button of your choice on the case.

In terms of scratch resistance, the cover is impressive. In our test with Ritz pens, the Ostand-R case only left recognizable marks on the 4th degree of hardness. This means that the Torras case has the 3rd degree of hardness.

But that's not all because the scope of delivery even includes additional protection for your camera. You won't have any problems attaching it either—detailed instructions are provided in case of any complications.

Final verdict

The Torras cases for the iPhone 15 Pro/Pro Max all impress with their high-quality and robust design. The Pstand is the case that made the best impression in our test. The case has a high-quality finish and a really stylish design.

With the Pstand, Torras manages to integrate the fold-out stand elegantly but unobtrusively into the overall appearance of the case. The protective cover also impresses with its particularly high scratch resistance. You pay $35.99 for this complete package of protection.

The Torras Lstand has a fold-out stand around the camera. At first glance, it takes some getting used to, but this smartphone case makes a stable impression. What's more, you don't have to worry about the crystal-clear design, as Torras promises that sweat and other influences will not cause yellowing. If you don't mind the angular edges, we can also recommend this iPhone case. You will have to pay $35.99 for the Torras Lstand.

This review is rounded off with the Torras Ostand-R. The Ostand-R case leaves us with mixed feelings. Torras' idea is all well and good, but you have to adjust the fold-out ring very precisely so that your iPhone doesn't fall over.

Otherwise, the case has a great finish and scores highly in terms of customization—you can replace the outer buttons with orange or green buttons as you wish. With a recommended retail price of $49.99, the Ostand-R case is the cheapest case in this test report, but not necessarily our first choice that we can recommend to you.

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