Scientific Calculator

Scientific Calculator

Despite the fact that mathematics made Android phones possible in the first place, HTC’s built-in calculator is anything but advanced. Fortunately, there are apps like Scientific Calculator that replace your boring standard calculator with one that is more professional.

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Features & Use

Scientific Calculator is exactly what it advertises to be: an advanced mathematics calculator. In reality it’s a more like a standard calculator with some important additional functions:

  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
  • Exponents and Square Roots
  • Trigonometric functions: Sin, Cosign and Tangent with their complementary functions
  • Natural logarithm, log to base 2 and log to base 10
  • Exponential function of e

In addition, the app includes e and Pi as individual keys for quick reference. The screen can fit up to 12 numbers plus five decimal places. By long-tapping the entry field, you can view or delete the history of all your previous calculations.

Pressing the menu button gives you access to Settings, information about the developer, a share feature and a graphic editor. I wasn’t to happy with the Graphic Editor because it:

  1. Made you enter in the maximum and minimum for f(x) and x 
  2. Lacked coordinate system scale



Screen & Controls

The controls are really efficient. All the functions are listed in a scrollable window. The most important ones are located at the top of the screen. The functions are located at the bottom and the number pad is located on top. You can switch between these two screens by pressing the double arrow button underneath the entry field.
The background color is black and the individual buttons are colored according to their function. The design isn’t very creative, but it fulfills its purpose wonderfully.

Bottom Line:
Scientific Calculator is a perfect tool for everyday use. The most important features are all there and are easy to use. I would, however, recommend using more advanced calculators for serious school or college work.

Speed & Stability

During the test there weren’t any crashes or problems with speed. Scientific Calculator opens instantly and everything is lightning fast.

Price/Performance Ratio

Scientific Calculator is available for free without any ads on the Android Market.


Scientific Calculator Scientific Calculator Scientific Calculator Scientific Calculator

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  • Nico Nov 10, 2010 Link to comment


    realcalc is a good app too.