Galaxy S22 series speaker bug: Beware of pressure and temperature changes

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More and more complaints about speaker problems in Samsung's Galaxy S22 series are surfacing on the web. The phone's speakers are said to have suddenly started creaking and shrieking. While time cured the problem for some users, there is apparently a fairly simple solution.

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  • Users of the S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra report issues with the speakers on the web.
  • Problems mainly occur after flights or after strong temperature fluctuations.
  • According to Caschy's blog, the solution is to remove the SD card.

If you use a device from Samsung's Galaxy S22 series, you might have to be prepared for creaking speakers on your next flight. This is because reports are surfacing on the web that Samsung's latest flagship does not handle pressure well. Besides the disappointment that it will thus never be able to take up a manager position (little joke), the issue makes for some truly deafening noise:

Volume warning for the following video.

Apart from flights, temperature differences are also said to cause problems. As Caschy's blog reports, a longer use in cold weather with a subsequent change to a heated room is also problematic. While Samsung has not officially confirmed the phenomenon yet, there is apparently already a simple solution.

The bug is probably very easy to fix

According to a reader from Caschy's blog, removing the SIM card tray is enough to fix the speaker problems. This opens the phone, which is actually sealed with water protection, and thus ensures pressure compensation. Afterwards, the speakers should sound as usual again.

If this doesn't solve the problems, your new smartphone will have to become a warranty case. Since the phone has not been on the market for long, this should work in most cases. In this case, it is best to contact Samsung's customer service directly and describe the problem. Alternatively, you can also visit the technology store where you purchased the phone.

Have you already noticed a temporary deterioration of the S22 speakers? If so, how long did the problems last? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Luis Toro Sanoguet 1 week ago Link to comment

    Been having this issue since month 1, what usually helps is just leaving a song playing and the phone fixes itself magically??? Very strange issue. When I took it to TMobile, they said they couldn't help me due to not being able to show any problem.

    Earlier today, I clicked on the scren slightly too hard and that's how I ended up finding out it was a pressure issue! Very strange nonetheless, gotta see how they can fix that.

  • John 2 weeks ago Link to comment

    This happened to me for about 4 days the week if April 25th. Drove to a project 500 miles away. Once I arrived, speakers were crackling to point I could only make calls via Bluetooth in my truck.
    Googled fixes and tried everything, nothing helped. Then.....
    Web chat with AT&T, they said they would push an update to my phone in "a couple of hours". Still waiting on that update.
    Chatted with AT&T again the next day and they said to try Samsung.
    Chatted with Samsung techsupport, they told me to take to Best Buy so Geeks could fix or give me "options for repair". Can't get into them in a timely fashion so I decided to wait until I was back home.
    Then on the 29th my speakers magically went back to working flawlessly. WTH???
    No problems with them in last 5 days but I strongly suspect they're not fixed.

  • Conrad Seghers 3 weeks ago Link to comment

    S22 is horrible. My first 2 same issues. Going to pick up my 3rd one with the warranty this week. Waste of time for me and money for them. Huge huge problem with this phone. Also horrible no SD card and photos hard to find now.

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