Samsung Galaxy S20: Should you buy it now? Check out the price drops

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Ready to celebrate two years on the market, the Galaxy S20 line of phones can still be found in major stores in the US, online or physical, but is it worth buying the veteran top of the line from Samsung? That's what we answer in this article.

The Galaxy S20 family was announced in the first quarter of 2020, and has already been replaced by the Galaxy S21 line, so it's worth checking the pricing radar of the 2021 line if you're interested in the Galaxy S20. Also check out our list of the best Samsung phones.

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Galaxy S20 FE: is it worth buying now?

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is the youngest of the S20 line, launched in October 2020, and a year after its launch has not yet received a successor. The model arrived in the US with a suggested price of $699.00, and the value has not dropped, since it is competing in terms of price with the intermediate devices of the Galaxy A line, for example.

Even though it was sold cheaper months ago - around $549 -, the current market situation with components shortage and dollar high make the S20 FE a popular alternative with most major retailers, like BestBuy that sells it close to MSRP. Yet we still managed to find it in a smaller retailer for $519.98 but keep in mind that this is the non 5G model. For the 5G model, you will have to pay a bit extra, at $699.99 at Amazon.

In a nutshell:

  • Launch price: $699.00
  • Best current price: $624.00
  • Lowest price so far: $549.00
  • NextPit tip: it's still a good deal!

Samsung Exynos 990 Snapdragon
When buying the S20 FE, prefer the model with Snapdragon chip (SM-G780G) and avoid the Exynos option (SM-G780F) / © NextPit

Galaxy S20: Unfortunately Unavailable

The original Galaxy S20 lineup models were announced in February 2020 and launched in March. Since then, the family has been replaced by the Galaxy S21 line, which has advanced in terms of processor but worsened in other aspects.

Availability of the model in November 2021 is nonexistent with only some renewed listings popping up here and there, suggesting that the former top of the line is running out of stock. Even its successor, the Galaxy S21 can sometimes be found at better prices than the renewed versions, not to mention the Galaxy S20 FE model mentioned above, with a superior battery life, but some differences in terms of screen and camera.

In a nutshell:

  • Launch price: $999.99
  • Current best price: Out of Stock
  • NextPit tip: Check out the S20 FE or the S21!

AndroidPIT samsung s20 front 2
Galaxy S20 stocks appear to be nearing an end / © NextPit

Galaxy S20+: Unfortunately Unavailable

Samsung has launched the Galaxy S20+ with a suggested retail price of $1,199.99. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is out of stock and can only be found in expensive, renewed versions, and thus we cannot recommend it.

And just like the regular model, the Galaxy S20+ still has the shadow of the Galaxy S20 FE, which offers superior performance and battery time, but costs up to 40% less.

In a nutshell:

  • Launch price: $1,199.99
  • Best current price: Out of Stock
  • NextPit tip: Check out the S21 Ultra!

Galaxy S20 Ultra: Unfortunately Unavailable

The 2020 top-of-the-line model, meanwhile, which drew attention for its 108-megapixel camera (a resolution that debuted months earlier with Xiaomi) and "Space Zoom", also stood out for its high suggested price at launch, of $1,399.99 - for the model with 12 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage.

Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is currently unavailable at all major retailers except expensive renewed models. The price is almost the same asked in its successor, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which offers the advantage of a more powerful processor and a year more of system updates.

In a nutshell:

  • Launch price: $1,399.99
  • Current best price: Out of Stock
  • NextPit tip: Check out the S20 FE or the S21!

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy s20 ultra review 14
Galaxy S20 Ultra's highlight, camera still leaves a lot of flagship devices behind / © NextPit

Upcoming trade-in dates

The upcoming trade dates could be a good opportunity to switch devices in 2021:
Date Date
Black Friday November 27, 2021
Cyber Monday November 30, 2021

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