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Is the Samsung Galaxy A10 still worth buying in 2020?

Samsung Galaxy A10
© Samsung, Collage: nextpit

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In 2019, Samsung's Galaxy A10 entered the market as a low-cost smartphone for under $200. A year later, this smartphone can be found for even cheaper. In this article, we have examined whether purchasing a Samsung Galaxy A10 is still worth doing so today.


  1. Android: does the Galaxy A10 still receive updates?
  2. How much does the Samsung Galaxy A10 2020 cost?
  3. Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy A10: what do other Galaxy smartphones offer at a similar price?
  4. Conclusion:iIs it still worth buying a Galaxy A10?

Not only do Apple's smartphones make some users' hearts leap for joy. Samsung, too, has built up a veritable fan-base over the years. So it's time to put some of Samsung's most popular "old-timers" to the test and compared them against the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8: This time the Galaxy A10 will kick off the proceedings.

Galaxy A10: this is definitely a low-cost smartphone

Samsung has already introduced the different categories of the Galaxy series via letters in 2011. The "A" in the A range stands for the term "Alpha" and refers to smartphones with a good price-to-performance ratio (entry-level and mid-range smartphones), but it will not come close to the S range.

In view of the low entry price of sometimes not even $170, the Samsung Galaxy A10 already falls into the range of entry-level smartphones. The A-range as reflected in the specifications sheet also reflects this reality. This entry-level smartphone will not come with any high-end features, such as those offered by the new Galaxy S20. As to the meaning of those letters, here's a list of what they mean:

Samsung letters and their meaning

Letter Meaning
J for "Joy" The J-series is Samsung's entry-level devices 
A for "Alpha" The A-series markets the manufacturer's mid-range devices
S for "Super Smart" The S-series makes up the manufacturer's flagships
R for "Royal" The former R-series was once described as a flagship
W as in "Wonder." The former W-series used to be mid-range devices
M for "Magical" The former M-series was the entry-level range before
Y for Young. The former Y-series was intended to appeal to younger users

You can't expect a glass back on the Galaxy A10, nor a great display. But as I said: You fork out less than $200, so you basically get what you pay for. Instead of glass, there is plastic, and instead of AMOLED, there lies a 6.2-inch LCD panel. The SoC is an Exynos 7884 chipset that is good enough for regular Internet surfing, casual gaming, and watching YouTube videos. PUBG & other graphically-intensive titles will certainly stress the Galaxy A10 out even at lower resolutions, and it does not help that the Galaxy A10 has just 2GB of RAM in this day and age. This also applies to the internal memory of 32GB, although you can use a microSD memory card to augment it by another 512GB. 

When it comes to photography, the Samsung Galaxy A10 simply cannot keep up with the current competition. Yes, 13-megapixels isn't very much, given the current megapixel madness. But other competitors can also do far more in terms of flexibility. For example, Alcatel threw in an ultra-wide-angle camera to its 3L - and a bokeh sensor of somewhat dubious effectiveness.

What else is there to say? A major strength of the Galaxy A10 would be its high repair capability, which puts even Samsung's high-end devices to shame. Thus the inexpensive Galaxy A10 made it to third place with a rating of 4.1 at French tech site LaboFnac.

Android: Will the Galaxy A10 still receive updates?

In April/May 2020, the Galaxy A10 has been updated to Android 10 - and is now up-to-date with the latest Android features. At the market launch in March 2019, the low-cost smartphone from Samsung was already running on Android 9 and used the company's own One UI interface. Together with the jump to Android 10, this has been updated to OneUI 2.0. An Android 11 update has not been confirmed yet. As to whether this smartphone will remain up-to-date when Android 11 rolls out, that remains to be seen.

Samsung Galaxy A10
Even the inexpensive Galaxy A10 received the Android 10 update. / © NextPit

How much does the Samsung Galaxy A10 2020 still cost?

The manufacturer itself no longer manufactures the smartphone, and hence it has been taken off its retail list. However, those who still want to pick up a Samsung Galaxy A10 can keep their eyes peeled at the various online retailers. The prices here range anywhere from $140 to $170, inclusive of shipping costs.

Samsung Galaxy A10 refurbished: this is what distinguishes the refurbished smartphone

So-called refurbished or overhauled devices are often available from online retailers like Amazon at lower prices than outdated new products - and they are often worth a look. As the name suggests, these devices are normally used or returned products. In contrast to old devices, refurbished smartphones are checked, tested and defective parts are replaced before going on sale. Through this method, you would end up with a virtually new device for a lower price.

But as we mentioned in other articles, you will only be satisfied with your 'new' old smartphone if you order it from certified retailers. Through this method, you can be sure that you will not end up with any defective devices. One example would be Amazon's Renewed Guarantee, which alone provides a twelve-month warranty for such devices purchased.

We took a look at Amazon's range of Galaxy A10 offers. Interestingly, there are no available refurbished versions yet. Instead, we have cobbled together a small list of new products that you can currently find at the online dealer.

Alternatives to the Samsung Galaxy A10: What do other Galaxy smartphones offer at a similar price point?

Whether a smartphone is worthwhile or not often depends on its technical specifications. This is especially true when it comes to Samsung's entry-level mobile phones, these turn out relatively the same. The differences are smartphones like the Galaxy A40, which has a larger memory and an AMOLED display. For this smartphone, you will need to fork out more than $200.

androidpit samsung galaxy a40 hero bright
AMOLED instead of TFT display, but the Galaxy A40 also costs more than $200. / © NextPit

Instead of looking at the big picture, you should focus on individual aspects when comparing entry-level phones. For a little bit more, you can also pick up the A20e, which performs better in certain aspects.

Advantages of the A20e:

  • Offers unlocking via a fingerprint sensor
  • In addition to a larger memory, there is also a dual-camera on board
  • A charger for quick charging is available right out of the box

In these points, the Galaxy A10 is equal or better than the Galaxy A20e:

  • Unlocking via face recognition
  • Medium-sized 3,400 mAh battery
  • Supports fast charging
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Android 10 (as of June 2020)

Alternative to the Samsung Galaxy A10: the Galaxy A20e

The Samsung A20e offers a 13-MP main and a 5-MP ultra-wide-angle camera for a small additional charge. In comparison, the Galaxy A10 only comes with the 13-MP main camera, and the front-facing camera of the Galaxy A20e also boasts of a higher 8-megapixels resolution compared to 5-megapixels on the Galaxy A10. So, if you don't want to do without a dual-camera handset despite its low price, then it would be more prudent to turn to the A20e instead.

samsung galaxy a 20 e
With the Galaxy A20e, you can use a dual camera to take pictures. / © Samsung, Collage: AndroidPIT

In terms of memory, you will find that there are marginal differences. For instance, the A20e comes with 3GB of RAM, while the A10 has only 2GB of RAM. However, the A10 is ahead in terms of battery performance. Here, the inexpensive Samsung smartphone can parade off a 3,400 mAh battery, whereas the A20e will have to take a step back with its 3,000 mAh battery capacity. On the other hand, the A20e already comes with a 15-watt fast-charging cable. While this function itself is also supported by the A10, you would need to purchase the cable separately. The following is a detailed overview:

Samsung Galaxy A20e vs. Galaxy A10: Technical Data

Samsung Galaxy A20e vs. Samsung Galaxy A10 technical specifications

  Samsung Galaxy A20e Samsung Galaxy A10

You can buy a Galaxy A20e either directly from Samsung or via online retailers. If you choose the direct route via Samsung, the price for the smartphone is about $180 with 32GB of storage. Do bear in mind that you can only reserve the smartphone. If you want to purchase it immediately, online retailers like Amazon are a good place to check out. Here you pay even less (about €20) than at the Samsung store. We have looked around and found the following offers:

Conclusion: Is it still worth buying a Galaxy A10?

As an entry-level device for under $200, the Galaxy A10 is quite good, but there are certainly smartphones that offer more bang for your buck at a similar price point. Besides the possibility of quick charging, the Galaxy A10 offers a medium-sized battery and dual SIM capability. At a similar price point, however, you will also be able to pick up a Galaxy A20e from Samsung which, while it sacrifices battery performance, sports a dual camera for camera fans and can also be unlocked via a fingerprint sensor. Both devices support fast charging, but only the Galaxy A20e comes with a fast-charging cable right out of the box. With the Galaxy A10, that would be an additional cost to consider sinking in.

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  • 1
    jfreiman Jun 14, 2020 Link to comment

    No, No, No, NO! I enjoy Android, I upgrade to the newest Galaxy S models each year since Windows Phone disintegrated.
    However, since Samsung only offers 2 major OS updates for the Galaxy S, to one should purchase one after the new model years ships.
    With only one more OS update still coming from Samsung for the Galaxy S10 family (except the S10 light) the phone is as good as dead.
    Compound that woth the fact that Samsung ships the OS approx 6 months after Google releases it and that's another delay abd another nail in the coffin for the device.
    The S10 Light and S20s are the only Galaxy S series models which should be purchased in 2020.
    I would change my opinion if Samsung committed to 3 or more OS updates, but that isn't likely to happen as long as countries don't intervene and require manufactures to super there products longer - and thus dabbing needless devices going into landfill or being recycled.

  • marco sarli 39
    marco sarli
    • Admin
    Jun 12, 2020 Link to comment

    Is it still selling ? For the same price you can find some really interesting phones .


  • 49
    storm Jun 11, 2020 Link to comment

    OneUI is too bloated for this hardware.


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