Cleanliness matters: 5 robot vacuum tips for shiny floors

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You have bought a robot vacuum cleaner and are not completely satisfied with the results? Fret not, we'll show you five tips that you can use to improve the overall cleanliness at no further cost. In addition to these tips, we also share a real-life hack that requires a bit of tinkering.

Robot vacuums are getting better and better in terms of functionality and at the same time, costs have come down. While premium models like the Roborock Q7 Max+ usually leave clean floors thanks to their high suction power and sophisticated mopping technology, inexpensive models tend to leave hair and crumbs behind. Even with a longer lifespan, you have to make do with a loss of quality in your robot vacuum.

That's why we at NextPit have collected five tips to improve the cleaning results of your robot vacuum cleaner. So before you begin looking for a new model in our list of the best robot vacuums, you should try the following tips out.

Clean up and remove cables—it is a no-brainer!

Let's begin with a rather obvious tip: even though robot vacuums can clean your floors from dust and dirt, they can't move your used socks or even chairs. Therefore, you should do a thorough walkthrough of your apartment before commencing the cleaning process and see where the robot might get stuck.

Der Roborock Q7 Max während des Reinigungsvorgangs.
You should remove cables and objects before cleaning. / © NextPit

If you sometimes forget to do this: set an alarm before the scheduled cleaning process or use the automated functions in iOS and Android, with which you can have a reminder sent to you a few minutes before the robot vacuum gets to work.

Ensure there is adequate lighting

On the Internet, I discovered another tip that seems curious at first glance: many robot vacuum cleaners rely on optical sensors or cameras to get its cleaning done. For example, the Yeedi 2 Hybrid, which we reviewed last year and costs less than $350. With better lighting conditions, the sensors and cameras can work better and the probability of your robot getting lost or missing out spots decreases.

Again, here is a hat tip for smart home professionals: You can also automate this. You can set smart lights like the Philips Hue range to activate right before the cleaning process.

Don't just clean the dust bin

As a robot vacuum user, you probably clean the dust bin regularly. If not, you should definitely do so for models without a suction station like the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra! In addition to the dust container, you should also clean the housing of the robot vacuum cleaner itself. This is because there are additional sensors that the robot uses to orient itself in your home.

Yeedi Vac 2
Cleaning brushes or wipes should also be cleaned. / © NextPit

For instance, the drop sensors at the bottom should prevent your vacuum robot from falling down the stairs. You should also regularly clean the sensors located at the top from dust. There is also the need to remove fine dust particles using cleaning brushes, which are usually included with robotic vacuum cleaners. Of course, the cleaning brush or wiper should also be spotless and rinsed after some time.

Familiarize yourself with the app and define cleaning zones

You certainly know that your robot vacuum comes with an app for setup and control. But you will certainly find functions here that you did not know existed until now. Most Roborock models, for instance, offer you the possibility to set cleaning zones, in which the robot vacuum increases the suction power or stops cleaning with the wiper.

So if there is a certain spot in the apartment that just won't get clean, you can enable it to receive additional cleaning attention in the future. Take a look at our reviews of robot vacuums or browse through the app itself to see if there are any functions you were not aware of yet.

Refit the cleaning cloth yourself

A clever tip from the Internet that should work with many robot vacuums: for a small amount of money, you can simply retrofit a cleaning cloth to models that do not have a wiping function. All you need is a suitable microfiber cloth and help from some velcro. The latter is readily available in hardware stores and on the web with adhesive strips, and this is exactly what you need.

Now stick the "soft" side of the velcro to your robot vacuum to avoid scratch marks or snagging on carpets when it cleans without a cleaning cloth. The scratchy side is then glued or sewn to the cleaning cloth, which you may have to cut to size depending on the model. Make sure that no sensors are covered in order to enjoy optimal performance.

Were you already aware of our tips and were you able to improve the cleaning power of your vacuum cleaner? What are your tips for better cleaning? Let us know in the comments!

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