Which Android feature are you unable to live without?

Which Android feature are you unable to live without?

In my articles, I often mention my belief that Android is the best mobile OS available. In terms of features, there's far too many to count, to the point that it's difficult to be familiar with them all and how they work. There are some Android features which I just can't live without, and I suspect you have favorites too.

The best features on your Android smartphone can come from many different places. Some are native to Android, while others are from the manufacturer's interface, such as those from Samsung or LG, or they can be introduced via system updates. For example, I first encountered picture-in-picture mode on in mid-2014 on my Galaxy S4, but it took until 2017, with Oreo, for it to become part of Android.

There are also features which aren't built into Android itself which have found their success on the Android platform, such as Swype, the famous keyboard which lets you type with swiping gestures. There are many examples of the versatility of the OS, including support for launchers, NFC for mobile payments and sending files, screenshot tools with built-in editing capabilities and so much more.

We want to hear from you: Which Android feature is your favorite? You know, that one cool feature that you use every day which you could never give up.

Which feature can you not live without?
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  • Other - Android Beta Program support

  • The headphone jack, thank you Samsung for keeping the headphone jack

  • I would say SPen by a huge margin!

  • Google Play Store and Notifications

  • Access to the file system.

  • I think the main reason most of us are enjoying an Android smartphone is for a variety of reasons versus just one reason (perhaps this poll should be changedto a new one where we can choose from a variety?).

    I'm not going to dis Apple / iPhone, as there are plenty of reasons why someone would prefer one of their smartphones (iPhone - like AOL - I tried it once and hated it, so I've been using Android since 2012).

    -off topic -

    Kudos to cricket wireless for releasing 2 phones with 3gig RAM / 32gig ROM recently (LG Stylo 4, Motorola E Supra) 👍

    Dean L.Deactivated Account

  • Samsung as now removed there home buttons on the Premium phones,the S8 and S9 plus Note 8,but the navigation bar used by Samsung now,is just showing to consumers how bad Samsung are in the Software section,Samsung should make it so the phone user can change the button colours not just the position,because any light wallpaper or theme used on there phones ,you are unable to see the buttons on your screen,why? Samsung as never offered this option yet,shows they are not good as improve there Android software,so wish the home button was available on there premium phones

  • Interestingly, for a question that is really "what difference from Apple's iOS are you unable live without" my easy answer is "launcher" - but installing the same third-party launcher on each of half a dozen different OEM Androids over the years is a way of recreating some of Apple's (oppressive) standardization for myself.

  • S-pen. No question about it. This unique tool makes me so much more productive.

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack.

    KrystalDeactivated Account

  • storm Jul 1, 2018 Link to comment

    Unlocked bootloader

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Jul 1, 2018 Link to comment

    The problem with this survey is that it is not just one feature I like. It is more the total package than just one feature if I have to pick one I will vote the alternative launcher, because I always use Nova launcher

    • Same here. I tried to choose more than one, but couldn't, so I went with "alternative launcher." For me, though, it's Smart Launcher. If that didn't exist: I have a Galaxy S8, and find that, with Samsung's theming options, it's quite nice.

      Dean L.Deactivated Account

    • I would have to agree that it's more than one thing and more along the lines of the whole package. It's the ability to use a different launcher, using NFC to transfer info from one device to another, grouped notifications, multi window, icon packs, and the list goes on. There just doesn't appear to be just one single answer, but more it's the entire customization that can be done on Android which can't be done on iOS.

      Deactivated Account

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