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Philips Hue Perifo & Go hands-on: smart light for indoor and outdoor use

NextPit Philips Hue 2022 L
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Signify has once again conjured up new Philips Hue products out of the hat, meaningfully expanding its portfolio of smart lights. With Philips Hue Perifo, for example, a new track system was introduced that allows you countless design options. NextPit presents you here an overview of everything that was newly presented in June.

Signify invited us to the launch of new Philips Hue products yesterday, and we could get a hands-on the new devices. The most exciting release was the "Perifo" christened rail system, but also a portable table lamp and a very nice light scenario for an artificial sunrise. Let's go through the novelties one by one:

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Präsentation der neuen Philips-Hue-Produkte
Not only because of the perfect lighting, the presentation took place in a very pleasant ambience / © NextPit

Philips Hue Perifo: New track system enables versatile lighting design

Smart lighting also includes being able to illuminate your home according to your own wishes. This should work perfectly with the Philips Hue Perifo track system. From the end of summer, you can buy sets consisting of pendant lights, light bars, gradient light tubes or spots, for example. The sets already get first rails, but you can expand the system both on the wall and on the ceiling as needed.

Philips Hue Pendelleuchten im neuen Perifo-Schienensystem
You even have a free hand with the cable length of the pendant lights / © NextPit

In addition to the rails, there are also angle pieces, so you can also install across corners and design your system in an L- or U-shape, for example. By the way, the Perifo track system is available for mounting on a ceiling or wall outlet or for flexible use on any socket with an included power supply.

Verschiedene Elemente der Philips-Hue-Perifo-Reihe auf einem Tisch
You have a completely free choice of installation for both the luminaires and the rails / © NextPit

So you get a really versatile lighting system, where you can let off steam as your own lighting designer in your own four walls. The installation is very easy, because you simply push the different lights into the rails with a little pressure. We have tried it and even I with my two left hands can not go wrong with it. The Perifo system is available from the end of summer, optionally in black and white. All prices are listed at the end of the article.

Philips Hue Go: Mobile table lamp for indoors and outdoors

Philips Hue Go Tischleuchte auf einem Tischchen
The portable table lamp can also be controlled via the app / © NextPit

I almost liked the portable table lamp, which was christened Philips Hue Go, even better. This lamp is also available in both black and white. It is quite bulky thanks to metal and thus also suitable for outdoor use—a gust of wind does not knock this lamp down so quickly in any case. In addition, the lamp is IP54-certified and thus also survives a rain shower thanks to splash water protection.

Practical with this lamp: You can simply grab it and set it up at the desired location without having to worry about annoying cables. Depending on the light setting, it shines for up to 48 hours before it has to be returned to the charging station. If you opt for party lighting that flickers to the beat of the music, it will last at least six hours before it needs to be charged. You can either control the Go light via the app, or use the switch on top to cycle through preset or user-defined light scenes.

Zwei Tischleuchten in Schwarz und Weiß
The Philips Hue Go portable table lamp comes in black and white. / © NextPit

A flashing signal tells you that the battery is slowly running out. Here I would have found a precise battery indicator better. But maybe we'll see that in the future, at least in the app. As soon as you place the lamp on the base, it is automatically charged, which takes between three and four hours.

Philips Hue Gradient Signe Oak: New floor and table lamp in wood look.

Fernseher von Philips Hue Graident Leuchten eingerahmt
The new Gradient lights also support the new sunrise light scene / © NextPit.

Signify has introduced a very exciting Philips Hue range with its Gradient lights, which has now been expanded with the "Philips Hue Gradient Signe Oak" lights. The base presents itself in a wooden design and is thus predestined as an eye-catcher in the room. As with the other Gradient lights, you can use many light scenarios via app to always provide the perfect ambiance. This also includes an artificial sunrise, which we'll get to below.

Philips Hue Tap Dial: Smart, versatile light switch

I quite liked this gadget as well, since it works so straightforwardly. The Philips Hue Tap Dial is a light switch that allows you to turn on or dim your lights not only when it is mounted on the wall. You can also attach it to the refrigerator, for example, thanks to a magnet, or simply place it on the table for easy operation.

Signify Tap Dial Schalter in der Hand gehalten
On the switch you will find four buttons and a rotating ring for dimming. / © NextPit

In addition to four buttons, the switch also has a rotating ring, whereby the buttons can be assigned individually. For example, you can use the switch to control different rooms or parts of a room, or select any light scenes for individual buttons. You can use the ring to dim the brightness continuously.

New automation: Wake up naturally

Not a new light, but a new light scene is hidden behind "Naturally Wake Up". This new automation is supposed to help you start the day chilled out by simulating an artificial sunrise. It has been optimized for all gradient lights and the wake-up time can be set between 5 and 60 minutes. You'll start with a subtle shade of blue, which eventually turns into a soft orange. 

Prices and availability

Finally, we'll quickly rattle off the respective prices and availability. We don't want to leave the Xamento lights unmentioned. You may already be familiar with the smart bathroom lighting, but Signify is now adding a black variant to the recessed spotlights and ceiling lights that were originally only offered in white. The new prices for the Xamento products as well as all other recommended retail prices can be found here:

Prices and availabilities

Philips Hue Perifo Release MSRP    
Track system in black or white End of Summer 2022 in EU EUR 49,99 - 89,99    
Connectors black or white End of Summer 2022 in EU EUR 19,99 - 29,99    
Power supply for wall or ceiling End of Summer 2022 in EU EUR 99.99    
Luminaires End of Summer 2022 in EU EUR 119,99 - 299,99    
Philips Hue Go Release MSRP    
Portable table lamp End of Summer 2022 in EU and NAM USD 159.99 | EUR 149.99    
Philips Hue Gradient Release MSRP    
Signe Oak table lamp Available June 21 in EU EUR 239.99    
Signe Oak Floor Lamp Available June 21 in EU and NAM USD 349.99 | EUR 349.99    
Philips Hue Xamento Release MSRP    
Recessed spotlight in black Available June 21 in EU EUR 79.99 / CHF 109.00 (single pack), EUR 219.99    
Ceiling light in black Available June 21 in EU EUR 219,99    
Philips Hue Tap Release MSRP    
Dial switch in black or white Available June 21 in EU and NAM USD 49.99 | EUR 49.99    

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