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OnePlus 7 Pro vs OPPO Reno 10x Zoom: details make the difference

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We're about to reach mid-2019, which means that we have a large number of smartphones to compare. Although we have already compared expensive flagship devices, the time has come to deal with cheaper flagships, in particular, the OnePlus 7 Pro and the OPPO Reno 10x Zoom. Both are sold at competitive prices and are supported by the current top processor, the Snapdragon 855.

The right price for a flagship?

Let's start immediately with the main argument for which this comparison is born: the price. OPPO Reno 10x Zoom is currently only available in the UK. The 8GB of RAM version with 256GB of storage, expandable via microSD cards, starts at a recommended price of £699. It will arrive in most of Europe on June 14, 2019, for €799. The colors available are Jet Black and Ocean Green.

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The OnePlus 7 Pro is also already available for purchase at the starting price of £649 for the 6GB version of RAM with 128GB of internal storage. For the 8/256GB you will have to pay £699, while for the 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage you will have to spend £799. The colors available vary depending on the memory you choose, but Mirror Gray, Nebula Blue and Almond are available.

If you only look at the price-to-memory ratio, more precisely the 8/256GB versions, the price of these two smartphones is exactly the same. But let's go ahead and see how these two devices compare on performance.

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Both manufacturers have done a great job in terms of design and build quality. / © NextPit

Two very similar smartphones in some respects

The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom and The OnePlus 7 Pro are much more similar than you might think. Both are equipped with AMOLED screens enclosed in very small frames and protected by Gorilla Glass 6. Both offer a high screen-to-body ratio at about 92% for both. Both also feature motorized front cameras that appear from the top phone and an ultra-fast fingerprint sensor integrated into the display.

Both also show a vertically arranged triple rear camera that differs in telephoto terms: the OnePlus 7 Pro can achieve a 3x optical zoom, while the OPPO Reno up to 10x Zoom, thanks to its periscope system, can achieve a 5x optical zoom and a 10x hybrid without loss of quality. As for the front camera, the OnePlus 7 Pro is equipped with a very classic pop-up module, already seen on other devices, while OPPO amazes with its motorized system in the shape of a shark fin.

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The real differences are the details


As I mentioned before, both are equipped with AMOLED panels, but the OnePlus 7 Pro panel offers an advantage thanks to its QHD+ resolution and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, while the one on board the Reno 10x Zoom stops at an FHD+ resolution and a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz. In everyday use, OnePlus smartphones are able to offer extremely fluid interaction with apps and the user interface in a truly amazing way.

androidpit oppo reno10x vs oneplus 7 pro 8
The OnePlus 7 Pro display wins thanks to its higher resolution and 90 Hz refresh rate. / © NextPit


From a processing power point of view, both the Reno 10x Zoom and the OnePlus 7 Pro are currently the cheapest smartphones to mount Qualcomm's latest processor, the Snapdragon 855, an octa-core running at a frequency of 2.8 GHz and based on a 7nm process, accompanied by an Adreno 640 GPU. In terms of brute force, you're likely to get the same performance on both phones, but sometimes it also depends on how optimized the software is. Another similarity between the two devices is the battery. While the OnePlus7 Pro houses a 4,000 mAh cell, the Reno 10x Zoom has a 4,065 mAh. Both are capable of supporting proprietary fast charging technology, Warp Charge on the OnePlis and VOOC 3.0 on the Reno.

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The front cameras are hidden inside their respective pop-up mechanisms. / © NextPit


When it comes to software, you can see the huge gap between the two companies. On the one hand, the Reno 10x Zoom runs its ColorOS 6 on an Android 9 Pie base, while the OnePlus 7 Pro comes with the exceptional OxygenOS, also based on the latest version of Android currently available.

androidpit oppo reno10x vs oneplus 7 pro 2
The OnePlus 7 Pro and OPPO Reno 10x Zoom both exceed 200g in weight. / © NextPit

OPPO's custom software, like other Chinese manufacturers, has a very oriental feel and you can see it from the number of customizations of the interface, which makes it feel quite far from the stock version of Android. On the contrary, OnePlus offers much cleaner and lighter software, comparable to pure Android but with a whole host of additional functions, which are particularly useful to users.


When it comes to photography, both flagships share Sony's now famous 48 MP sensor, which we've discussed too much, but OnePlus has opted for a slightly wider opening (f/1.6 versus f/1.7 on the Reno 10x Zoom). Otherwise, the triple camera configuration is similar, since both companies can offer ultra-wide-angle lenses and a telephoto lens. However, from this last point of view, OPPO has an ace up its sleeve.

androidpit oppo reno10x vs oneplus 7 pro 7
Both share the same Sony 48MP main sensor. / © NextPit

In addition to the 8MP ultra-wide-angle sensor, the Reno 10x Zoom boasts a 13MP periscope telephoto lens capable of 5x optical zoom, up to 10x hybrid zoom and up to 60x digital zoom. The OnePlus 7 Pro, on the other hand, offers an 8MP telephoto lens that can achieve a 3x zoom, although it has been shown that the maximum achievable is only 2.2x.

From the point of view of the front camera, however, both OPPO and OnePlus have decided to use motorized modules that automatically pop-up from the top of the smartphones. The OnePlus is a classic pop-up module used by several manufacturers, while OPPO's is quite original due to its shark fin design.

androidpit oppo reno10x vs oneplus 7 pro 10
The resistance of the respective mechanisms is certified for 200,000 cycles. / © NextPit

OPPO Reno 10x Zoom vs. OnePlus 7 Pro technical specifications

  OPPO Reno 10x Zoom OnePlus 7 Pro

A very close call

In conclusion, if we were to rely solely on technical specifications, we would say that Reno 10x Zoom is quite similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro in many respects. Both feature an SoC Snapdragon 855, plenty of RAM and internal storage, huge AMOLED displays, a triple camera controlled by the same 48MP main sensor and Android 9 Pie on board. The biggest difference between the two is certainly on the software side, where OnePlus certainly wins, but on the versatility aspect of the camera, it is OPPO that comes out the winner.

androidpit oppo reno10x vs oneplus 7 pro 1
This time, the OnePlus and the OPPO have taken quite different paths. / © NextPit

Until recently, we used to wait for the release of the OPPO smartphones to discover all of the features of the next smartphone from OnePlus, but this time the music is very different. The two Chinese producers, although both part of the BBK group, have unquestionably taken different paths.

Let us know which of the two smartphones is your favorite and why in the comments below.

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  • nongo123 4
    nongo123 Jun 16, 2019 Link to comment

    OPPO Reno takes this one. On day to day usage the screen difference is negligible!

  • Rusty H. 33
    Rusty H. Jun 13, 2019 Link to comment

    "The OPPO Reno 10x Zoom and The OnePlus 7 Pro are much more similar than you might think."
    Well, considering they both look alike, act alike and are made on the SAME assembly line, the OnePlus is typically the "Chevy/GM" version, and the Oppo version is typically the "Cadillac" version. One is cheap (comparatively speaking) and the other is expensive.

  • 49
    storm Jun 13, 2019 Link to comment

    No, the OnePlus does not have a 3x zoom. They lied.

    Rusty H.

    • Bastian Siewers 66
      Bastian Siewers Jun 13, 2019 Link to comment

      Hi, we mention that fact later on in the camera part :)

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