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Dreame L10s Ultra review: The best vacuum robot in 2022?

NextPit Dreame L10s Ultra 10
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The Dreame L10s Ultra costs a whopping $1,299 but promises a spotless apartment in return. The vacuum robot with mopping function offers 5,300 Pa suction power and mops using two rotating wiping pads, even applying a cleaning agent for a more thorough sanitization exercise. NextPit has already reviewed the Dreame L10s Ultra for you, so read on to find out what we think about it!

Dreame L10s Ultra


  • Quick and easy setup
  • Excellent mopping performance
  • Decent suction power
  • Very good self-cleaning process
  • Top-notch navigation and mapping capability


  • Makes carpet edges slightly damp
  • App does not always show its position in real-time
Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra
Dreame L10s Ultra: All deals

The Dreame L10s Ultra in a nutshell

The Dreame L10s Ultra offers excellent mopping performance with its two rotating discs and is in a league of its own among other dedicated robotic vacuums in terms of suction performance. The software support and mapping are also very decent. The bottom line is this: The L10s Ultra does not have any real weaknesses and is the best vacuuming robot we have reviewed to date. However, this little cleaning assistant also comes with a hefty price tag.

That makes Dreame's Black Friday offers all the more exciting. This season, you can get a discount of around 23% on one of the best vacuum robots of 2022. Instead of the $1,299 MSRP, you currently only need to fork out $999 on Amazon.

Dreame L10s Ultra Wischpads
The Dreame L10s Ultra ensures sparkling clean floors. / © NextPit

Disclaimer: This review is part of a collaboration between NextPit and Dreame. This collaboration has no influence on the review result and the NextPit's editorial opinion.

Dreame L10s Ultra: Unpacking and setup

The Dreame L10s Ultra is ready to see action in just a few minutes, after having mapped out your apartment just as quickly thanks to the laser-guided system. You then have all the options in the app to clean your home according to schedule or as required. In the DreameHome app, you can even send the robot on patrol as a surveillance camera.

What I liked:

  • Quick and easy setup.
  • Good workmanship and solid design.
  • Support via the Xiaomi and DreameHome app.

What I disliked:

  • No camera function via the Xiaomi app.

The box of the Dreame L10s Ultra is huge and extremely heavy. In addition to the solidly manufactured robot vacuum, you will also be able to locate the docking station that holds any cleaning detergent, and a few tiny parts in the box. The setup is very simple: Set up and connect the docking station, insert the cleaning brush into the robot and push it into the docking station. Last but not least, you need to fill the tank with clean water and insert the small tank with the cleaning detergent. Voila! You're good to go after this.

Dreame L10s Ultra Station Wassertanks
Between the two tanks for clean (white) and dirty water (black) there is space for a cartridge to hold cleaning detergent of your choice. / © NextPit

From there, it would be time to perform some software setup. You have the choice of the DreameHome app or the Xiaomi app. In both cases, the setup worked within a few minutes: Connect to the Dreame L10s Ultra via Bluetooth, enter the Wi-Fi access data, and you are good to go. The apps offer almost the same range of functions for the robot vacuum, with only the camera monitoring function being available via the DreameHome app.

This is followed by the first mapping, which is lightning-fast thanks to laser-guided navigation. However, the robot vacuum missed out on a room in the first run. But that doesn't matter—the Dreame L10s Ultra completed the entire floor plan in the first cleaning run. As soon as it is finished, you can divide your space into individual rooms. You can then let the cleaning robot clean individual rooms if you so desire, or even perform double or triple cleaning of the kitchen after an evening of cooking. Of course, you can also set up no-go zones for the robot, perhaps to protect a particularly expensive carpet.

Dreame L10s Ultra Screenshots
The Dreame L10s Ultra does a good job of mapping. You can also use the vacuum robot with a mopping function on several levels-but then you have to carry it yourself. / © NextPit

Finally, there are the usual options in the app to set up schedules for automatic cleaning or to order the robot to a specific spot for spot cleaning. You can also use the robot as a surveillance camera, but this can only be done via the DreameHome app. You can either control it via a live camera image and virtual arrow keys or let it patrol your floor plan via waypoints.

Dreame L10s Ultra Screenshots
The Dreame L10s Ultra also serves as a moving surveillance camera. You can even send the robot vacuum cleaner on patrol - or simply to certain points in your home... / © NextPit

Suction and wiping performance

If you want your place to be spotless with a low-maintenance robot vacuum, then the Dreame L10s Ultra is the right choice for you. The vacuum robot with mopping function vacuums and mops at an above-average degree, requiring little maintenance courtesy of its integrated tanks that hold the cleaning detergent and dirty water, not to mention the dust bag itself in the docking station. 

What I liked:

  • Good suction performance for a suction-mopping robot.
  • Excellent mopping performance.
  • Mop pads are reliably cleaned and dried.

What I disliked:

  • You might end up with slightly damp carpet edges.

The Dreame L10s Ultra convinced us with its flawless suction and mopping performance in the review. The suction power is not only excellent on paper at 5,300 Pa, but the L10s Ultra also comes close to the suction power of pure robot vacuums in the NextPit benchmark. The robot only proved to be slightly wanting when it comes to larger particles. In our review, this was noticeable in the case of rice, which the L10s Ultra only picked up 94 percent of. In the practical review, we also noticed that some strands of long hair were left behind on a perfectly clean floor.

Dreame L10s Ultra Kameramodul
Thanks to laser-guided navigation and a camera module, the Dreame L10s Ultra doesn't miss a thing. / © NextPit

The L10s Ultra also does very well on carpeted floors. With the factory settings enabled, it automatically ramped up the suction power, which is clearly audible. In our sand benchmark, we found 90 percent of the scattered sand back in the tank after just one pass. For comparison's sake: The current front-runner, the Roborock Q7 Max+ also "only" managed a score of 93 percent here. By the way, the L10s Ultra retracts the mop brushes on carpets so that they do not get wet. However, you still have to live with slightly damp carpet edges since nothing's perfect.

  Test volume (g) Suction volume (g) Cleaning performance (%)
  • 10 g
  • 9,4 g
  • 94 %
  • 10 g
  • 9,9 g
  • 99 %
  • 10 g
  • 9,9 g
  • 99 %
  • Laminate: 10 g
  • Carpet: 10 g
  • Laminate: 9.8 g
  • Carpet: 9.0 g
  • Laminate: 98
  • Carpet: 90
Dreame L10s Ultra Screenshots
In the app, you have the option to adjust the suction power (left). You can also see the condition of the replaceable parts and consumables. / © NextPit

Finally, its mopping performance is excellent, especially with the included cleaning detergent. The Dreame L10s Ultra even removed dried traces of tomato sauce from the kitchen floor in the review with little effort. Once the robot has completed the cleaning process and returned to the dock, it will vigorously rinse the brushes and gently and barely audibly dries them through a blow-dry process. The process takes about two hours, after which all traces of ketchup and tomato are removed from the pads and they are completely dry.

Dreame L10s Ultra Wischpads
The docking station automatically cleans up the dust tank. It also reliably cleans and dries the mopping pads after each suction-mop process. / © NextPit

Finally, battery life also proved to be very solid. After 34m2 of simple mopping and vacuuming, respectively, there was still 77 percent battery power left on the clock. Note that the floor space of your apartment does not count here, only the free floor space. Sofas, wall cabinets that can't be moved, bathtubs, showers, and other stationary items must be deducted from the floor space.

Roughly extrapolated, the Dreame L10s Ultra should cover 150 to 200 m2 of living space in one pass. And if the battery capacity is not sufficient, the robot can be connected to the dock and continue its work after charging.

Conclusion: How good is the Dreame L10s Ultra?

The Dreame L10s Ultra is the best vacuum robot with mopping function that we have reviewed so far. The suction performance is very decent, and with two rotating mopping pads, this combination ensures a spotless floor. Whether you use the DreameHome or the Xiaomi Home app: The software pleases with numerous features included. If the L10s Ultra fits your budget, you should definitely shortlist it as part of your shopping experience.

Dreame L10s Ultra LiDAR-Navigation
Thanks to LiDAR navigation, the Dreame L10s Ultra did not get stuck once in the review. The robot also navigated its way out of tight corners reliably. / © NextPit

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    Heather 9 months ago Link to comment

    We bought the Dreame L10S Ultra and it was a complete lemon straight out of the box. What's worse, the company did not offer refund, repair or replacement despite complying with their extensive troubleshooting and providing video evidence of the faults.

    The device collected dust inside the robot and does not empty it into the bag. It then spits out dirt on the floor and leaves a wet dirty mess in the base station. It mopped tiled surfaces without vacuuming leaving damp fluff behind in our bathroom. It doesn't dry the mop pads on docking which remain wet and become smelly. The robot gets lost and confused and doesn't follow a logical cleaning route. The set up mapping took over an hour for a 150sqm living area.

    Buyers beware. Check out Dreame's reviews on Trust Pilot before purchasing. Wish we had!