Buka - In Search of The Happy Place

Buka - In Search of The Happy Place

With nimble fingers you can help Buka on his pursuit of happiness and tranquility by destroying the bad guys or keeping them at bay. Gain Buka’ s trust and love with this fun little Android game.

Find out more about little blue Buka in today's test.


Reviewed version Latest version
2.22 3.1.2

Features & Use

Buka is a peaceful blue planet in search of The Happy Place who desperately needs your help. Comets and asteroids (called Baddies in Buka’s world) threaten to destroy Buka at any moment. Your aim is to protect Buka from all the surrounding baddies. You can do so by avoiding them, diverting planets from the course, or destroying them completely in order to bring Buka one step closer to happiness.

During every attack of the baddies, you have three defense possibilities. You can either avoid them using drag & drop to move Buka around the screen. With a short tap on the screen next to a small baddie, you can change its trajectory to avoid hitting Buka.

The last and most effective method is just to destroy incoming asteroids and comets. You can do so by long-tapping a baddie. Letting go detonates an explosion that sends the splits the baddie into multiple little pieces.

Seem easy enough to you now? Well, you’ve got another things coming because this game is anything but simple. The thing is that every time a baddie splits up into little pieces, these pieces can fly in the direction of Buka. So you have to be careful not to harm Buka with an explosion.

The comets also differ in color and function. There are red, purple and yellow comets. The red ones are especially sneaky and fast. You’ll need some good reaction skills to be able to deal with them. The mix of different comets and asteroids is exactly what makes this game so fun to play. Be prepared for sudden meteor showers and destructive moons on Buka’s journey to happiness.
If you lose your concentration and let Buka get hit, he’ll suffer irreparable damage and you’ll have to restart the entire level.

Yammi Yammie: these green pieces are Buka’s favorite good. Eat as many as you can for additional bonus points. The green pellets come in the wake of a comet’s explosion. Now isn’t that just Yammie Yammie!

On its long way to happiness, Buka will complement you on your help. With little cute sayings such as Me Like You and Be so nice to me, pleaso Buka tries to warm your heart.

Screen & Controls

Buka is very intuitive to play. It took about 20 seconds to figure out how to play the game. That’s pretty impressive for an Android game. The super easy controls are what make this game so fun: short tap for a blue defense shield and long top to detonate an explosion wave.
The game’s handling also made a really good impression on me. Pressing the menu button directs you to….the main menu ☺ Simpler is better! If you accidentally close the game, Buka saves your current position automatically and let’s start where you left off next time.

The graphics are also really great. I really enjoyed the different effects. Obviously, a lot of time and effort was dedicated to making this game look awesome.

Speed & Stability

Buka's game speed could be a bit better. The game tends to stall when the screen gets crowded with graphic effects. It runs smoothly most of the time, however, which means that it still deserves 4 stars.

No crashes experienced during the test.


Price/Performance Ratio

Buka can be downloaded from the Android Market for £1.50 or about $2.37.

You can try out Buka Lite to test the game out.


Buka - In Search of The Happy Place Buka - In Search of The Happy Place Buka - In Search of The Happy Place Buka - In Search of The Happy Place Buka - In Search of The Happy Place

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