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New Xiaomi Vacuum Robots Compared: X10 vs X10+, S10 vs S12+

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Xiaomi is continuously expanding its robot vacuum lineup. However, the Chinese manufacturer follows a very strange policy when it comes to its nomenclature. NextPit explains the differences between the X10+ and X10 or the S10+ and S12—and what you have to look out for when buying a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner. Because especially in the suction function, mapping, and wiping functions, there are clear differences that only become visible at a second glance.

Xiaomi vacuum robots with wiping function in comparison

  All-round top model Comfort vacuuming robot All-rounder without station Professional vacuum cleaner without station Entry-level model
  • 899,99 €
  • (~$970)
  • 499,99 €
  • (~$540)
  • 449.99 €
  • (~$485)
  • 299.99 €
  • (~$325)
  • 199,99 €
  • (~$215)
Picture Xiaomi X10+ Xiaomi X10 Xiaomi S10+ Xiaomi S12 Xiaomi E12
Suction power
  • 4.000 Pa
  • 4.000 Pa
  • 4.000 Pa
  • 4.000 Pa
  • 4.000 Pa
  • Two rotating mops
  • Wiping plate
  • Two rotating mops
  • Wiping plate
  • Wiping plate
Mapping / Navigation
  • LiDAR, 3D-ToF, RGB camera
  • LiDAR
  • LiDAR, 3D-ToF, RGB camera
  • LiDAR
  • Collision sensor
Suction station
  • Dust and wiping water
  • Dust
  • No
  • No
  • No
  • 35.0 × 35.0 × 9.7 cm
  • 35.3 × 35.0 × 9.9 cm
  • 35.0 × 35.0 × 9.7 cm
  • 35.0 × 35.0 × 9.5 cm
  • 32.5 × 32.5 × 8.0 cm

The top model from this table was already introduced by Xiaomi in 2022—all other models then followed on May 22, 2023. The full range is only available with the top model Xiaomi X10+, which, by the way, is almost identical in construction to the excellent Dreame L10s Ultra NextPit reviewed.

Note: Already a big Chinese conglomerate, Xiaomi owns hundreds of smaller sub-brands, including (at least) two specialized in robovacs: Dreame (or Dreametech) and Roborock, besides other general brands including Mijia and Viomi (besides others). Some of the offers in this article will link to the same product from the sub-brand.

Table of contents

Xiaomi X10+: Top model with full features

Dreame L10s Ultra
The grandiose Dreame L10s Ultra is virtually identical in construction to the Xiaomi X10+. / © NextPit

With the Xiaomi X10+, you don't have to make any compromises when it comes to features. The top model introduced in 2022 has strong suction power and also wipes very thoroughly with two rotating wiping pads. The station automatically vacuums dust from the tank integrated into the robot vacuum and refills clean water for mopping. And best of all, the mop pads are rinsed and even blow-dried in the station after the cleaning process. However, so much convenience has its price, of course.

Xiaomi X10: Robot vacuum cleaner with dust station

Xiaomi X10
If you look closely, you'll notice the difference: the X10 parks forward differently than the X10+, as the station does not clean the wiping plate. Here, only the dust is vacuumed. / © NextPit

If wiping is not that important to you, then the Xiaomi X10 might be the right model for you. Instead of two rotating wiping pads like the X10+, there is only one vibrating wiping plate here. In terms of suction capabilities, however, the X10 has the full package. In addition to the 4,000 Pa suction power, there is also a suction station that empties the tank integrated into the robot vacuum after each cleaning process.

Xiaomi S10+: Robot vacuum cleaner with double wiping pads

Xiaomi S10 Plus
The Xiaomi S10+ has an RGB camera installed at the front, as well as a 3D camera to accurately detect and avoid obstacles - just like the X10+. However, the X10 does without the 3D camera. / © NextPit

Admittedly, things now get a bit complicated in Xiaomi's robot vacuum portfolio, starting with the S10+. This model does completely without the suction station, and instead, only a small charging station is included in the box. In return, the Xiaomi S10+ again offers the two rotating mops from the X10+, and its 3D camera on the front. Thus, the S10+ offers strong cleaning qualities, but you will always have to refill the water and empty the dust tank.

Xiaomi S12: Robot vacuum cleaner with wiping plate

Xiaomi S12 vs S10+
The Xiaomi S12 (left) does without the advanced obstacle detection of the S10+ (right). / © NextPit

Unfortunately, Xiaomi's nomenclature does not become more understandable with the next model. Namely, the S12 without Plus does without the rotating wiping pads again and instead pulls a wipe behind itself again—i.e. like the X10 without Plus. You also have to do without the 3D camera that is used for precise obstacle detection in the S12. Nevertheless, all models up to this point rely on the LiDAR scanner on the top, which is also good for precise navigation and mapping in the dark. 

Xiaomi E12: Entry-level vacuuming robot

Xiaomi E12
Daft Punk called - they want their vacuum robot back. / © NextPit

The last model sounds like a light bulb socket, but it is an entry-level vacuum robot. Probably the most important compromise with the E12 compared to all other models: It forgoes LiDAR navigation and relies instead on an optical system. If you only want the vacuum to work during the day and you do not have any extremely sensitive furniture, this should not be a big issue.

Besides that, the Xiaomi E12 offers the same 4,000 Pa suction power as all other Xiaomi vacuum robots, relies on a wiping plate like the S12, and of course, also does without a suction station.

What do you think of Xiaomi/Dreametech's robot vacuum lineup? Do you need a mopping function? And can you handle the confusing nomenclature? I'm looking forward to your comments! And of course, we're eagerly awaiting robot vacuum test devices and will hopefully update this comparison with the test reports soon.

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