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Buying guide: Which MagSafe accessory do I choose in 2022?

MagSafe Accesories
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MagSafe technology launched alongside the iPhone 12, making it easier to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, or AirPods with magnetic wireless chargers. MagSafe cases with an additional battery, car mounts and card holders are part of the ecosystem of products that integrate MagSafe technology. In this buying guide, we will recommend the best MagSafe accessories for your iPhone and other Apple products.

The best MagSafe accessories you can buy in 2022

  Editor's Choice Most affordable Best value Best gaming accessory Best charging station
Product MagSafe charger from Apple Magnetic case
from CloudValley
Anker 622 battery OtterBox MagSafe Xbox controller holder Hatalkin MagSafe charger
Image Chargeur MagSafe d'Apple Coque MagSafe pour iPhone de CloudValley Batterie MagSafe Anker 622 Le support MagSafe pour manette Xbox d'OtterBox Hatalkin MagSafe accessory
Charging power 15 W - 7.5 W - 36 W
Android compatibility Yes (Qi standard) No Yes (Qi standard) No No
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By introducing MagSafe technology to its iPhones, Apple has provided a golden opportunity for accessory manufacturers to renew their offers and products. Some of them are very expensive, while others are more accessible due to the relatively lower price tag.

We could not review all these products, but on the other hand, we analyzed the different technical features and made online reviews comparisons from different websites to present you with what we think is the best choice you can make if you want to invest in a new MagSafe accessory.

What should I look for in a MagSafe accessory?

If, like many users, you are particularly interested in design, you should know that when choosing your MagSafe charger, it would be far more useful and practical to focus on the charger's power.

Your future MagSafe induction charger must be able to deliver 15W to your iPhone 12iPhone 13, or iPhone 14 (and their Pro/Pro Max/Plus models). The power delivered will be 12W for the iPhone 13 mini and iPhone 12 mini. Your charger must be connected to a power supply that has a minimum of 20 watts and is also capable of transmitting a voltage of 9 volts (V) and a 3 amps (A) maximum current to avoid damaging your battery.

Are MagSafe and Android smartphones compatible?

Thanks to Qi technology, MagSafe chargers are, for the most part, compatible with other mobiles such as the Google Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro, Huawei P40 Pro, the Samsung Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Note, and OnePlus 10 Pro. However, these Android smartphones will not be able to attach to MagSafe chargers.

MagSafe and its dangers: Beware if you wear a pacemaker and other implants

On its website, Apple reminds users that its MagSafe devices contain magnets, components, and radios that emit electromagnetic fields, which Apple claims can still interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers and implanted defibrillators. Apple encourages users to keep medical devices more than a foot away while charging and to consult a doctor if you suspect that your product is interfering with your medical device.

MagSafe: It's not just about chargers

While Apple originally developed its MagSafe technology for its MacBook chargers, they happen to have a renewed interest when it comes to iPhones. In the future, many predict that MagSafe could lead to the elimination of wired charging, simplified data transfers, and a proliferation of accessories and features from Apple. To date, the magnets in the iPhones allow you to attach batteries, card holders and even some rather unusual cases.

The best MagSafe chargers

Apple MagSafe charger: Simple and effective

Chargeur MagSafe d'Apple
Apple MagSafe charger. / © Apple

Its simplicity and design convinced NextPit's editorial staff. The MagSafe charger is obviously the most useful, well-designed accessory in the office. In addition to being able to charge and magnetize your iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and AirPods, this MagSafe charger is compatible with other mobiles such as the Google Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro, the Galaxy S21, the Note series, and the OnePlus Pro 10. Do take note that Apple's charger will not be able to attach to these Android smartphones though.

Jsaux's low-cost MagSafe charger

Jsaux MagSafe
Jsaux's magnetic charger comes with a convenient USB-C/USB-A plug / © Jsaux

It is not an Apple product, but if your budget is tight, you can go for the Jsaux charger. Offering magnetic capabilities like the Apple charger, it has a power of 15W to juice up your iPhone or your AirPods. You can find it on Amazon for around $20.

The best MagSafe cases

The MagSafe case is an essential tool to protect your iPhone and continue using other MagSafe accessories. If you're an extreme sports enthusiast or are simply careless, consider selecting a solid case to prevent your precious smartphone from damage.

OtterBox for iPhone 13/14

Coque OtterBox pour iPhone 13 Pro Max
OtterBox case (iPhone 13 Pro Max pictured) / © OtterBox

It is ultra-rigid in its build quality, as the OtterBox MagSafe case is made of 35% recycled plastic. Even if it is a bit more expensive than usual (but still more affordable than Apple products), it will protect your iPhone 13 or 14 for less than $40.

The best MagSafe case for the Pixel 6, Galaxy, and OnePlus 10 from Moment

Coque MagSafe pour Pixel 6

MagSafe case for Pixel 6. / © Moment

If you have invested in a Pixel 6, Galaxy S22, or OnePlus 10 and you also want to benefit from the magnetic advantages that MagSafe technology provides, this is the perfect case for you. It is still relatively expensive at $40 for a Pixel 6 case.

The most practical case that is dirt cheap

Coque MagSafe pour iPhone de CloudValley
MagSafe iPhone case from CloudValley / © CloudValley

With its protection for iPhone lenses, CloudValley's magnetic case scores points with us with an asking price of $17.99 for an iPhone 13 Pro Max case.

The best MagSafe charging stations

Belkin Desktop Station

Station 3 en 1 Magsafe de Belkin
Belkin Magsafe 3-in-1 charging station. / © Belkin

Belkin's 3 charging stations are exclusively for Apple Addicts. Belkin allows you to charge your iPhone with MagSafe in either a horizontal or vertical manner, in addition to your Apple Watch with MagSafe, and not to mention your AirPods as well—once again, with MagSafe.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to charge anything apart from your Apple products on this dock since the Belkin charging dock design relies on its magnets... Of course, those who want alternatives can always check out other available accessories.

Mophie's MagSafe 3-in-1 Travel Charger

Station de voyage MagSafe 3 en 1 de Mophie
Mophie MagSafe 3-in-1 Travel Station. / © Apple

Mophie sells this charger specially developed for those who travel often and always with their iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. Its price is still relatively expensive at $99.99 a pop, but when you are traveling, it makes the perfect travel partner that will easily fit in your travel bag.

The Hatalkin MagSafe station for the small budget

Hatalkin MagSafe accessory
Hatalkin MagSafe charger / © Hatalkin

Hatalkin has managed to combine design, efficiency, and a low price. This MagSafe 3-in-1 charger from Hatalkin is going for less than $25 at Amazon and will surely please you if you are an Apple fan with a tight budget.

The best MagSafe batteries

If you are like me and spend a lot of time on your iPhone, this also means you tend to run out of battery often. If that is the case, these two MagSafe batteries will surely hit the spot for you.

The Apple MagSafe battery

Batterie MagSafe pour iPhone 12 et iPhone 13 d'Apple
MagSafe battery for the Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 / © Apple

Boasting an efficient design and "Apple Product" pedigree, this external battery from Apple will prevent you from missing a call or having to go and charge your handset somewhere in the corner of a café. It is simple to use and better integrated into your iPhone than the competition but is also less versatile.

With an asking price of $99 for this battery pack, it is rechargeable in 3 hours and 10 minutes and capable of keeping your iPhone on for another 18 hours longer. It is also capable of charging your AirPods and Android smartphones via the Qi wireless standard, without having to attach to it, of course.

The Anker 622 magnetic powerbank

Batterie MagSafe Anker 622
MagSafe Anker 622 battery / © Anker

The Anker 622 battery caught our attention because of its efficiency and its simplicity of use. Not only is it notably cheaper than the Apple MagSafe battery it is also not an Apple product. Still, this Anker battery is powerful.

Available in different colors with two little extras: an integrated stand that allows you to keep the iPhone in a vertical position so that you can still consume video content on it, and a charge indicator. The asking price of $60 for this useful little gem is pretty reasonable in our books.

The best MagSafe mounts for cars and bikes

To date, no car or bike manufacturer has thought it worthwhile to integrate a MagSafe holder and charger into their vehicles. With these mounts, you will probably avoid paying a hefty fine and accruing demerit points because of using a smartphone while driving. 

The Syncwire Charger is able to keep you charged and connected while driving

Chargeur MagSafe pour voiture de Syncwire
Syncwire MagSafe car charger / © Syncwire

We already told you about it not too long ago in our list of the best iPhone car mounts. The Syncwire allows you to charge your iPhone 12 or 13 while keeping it visible. It attaches to the air conditioning vent to keep your handset running cool while you drive, and will cost you $35 a pop.

The holder to keep your iPhone charged while biking

Kit MagSafe Evolution Cycle de Mous
MagSafe Evolution Cycle kit from Mous. / © Mous

At $55 a pop, the Evolution Cycle kit from Mous is a bit expensive, but it combines a MagSafe charger, a shell, and, most importantly for bikers, a mount that can be adapted to the frame of their bike. I say this is a pretty good investment.

Other MagSafe accessories

The Apple MagSafe cardholder

Porte-cartes d'Apple
Apple card holder. / © Apple

If you don't want to activate Apple Pay, or perhaps you like to collect business cards or keep your next-generation ID card by your side, then this leather card holder from Apple is probably for you.

The MagSafe mount from Joby

Le trépied MagSafe de Joby
The MagSafe phone mount from Joby attached to its GorillaPod tripod. / © Joby

Whether you're a budding YouTuber or just a photography enthusiast, Joby has combined standard and MagSafe phone mounts in one mobile holder. With its universal thread, you can not only use it with Joby's popular GorillaPods but also on any other standard tripods.

PopSockets PopGrip

PopGrip MagSafe de PopSockets
PopSockets MagSafe PopGrip. / © PopSockets

If you like taking selfies or simply fidgeting around with your fingers, the PopSockets PopGrip MagSafe should please you. It comes in several funky colors.

Le support MagSafe pour manette Xbox d'OtterBox
The MagSafe Xbox controller holder from OtterBox / © OtterBox

Want to play Fortnite on your iPhone, but only with an Xbox controller? Otterbox has created a gaming clip for your Xbox controller that costs 26.04 euros at Amazon.

Which MagSafe accessory do you think is the most useful?

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nextpit receives a commission for purchases made via the marked links. This has no influence on the editorial content and there are no costs for you. You can find out more about how we make money on our transparency page.
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