The best 5 garden apps for green-fingered folk

The best 5 garden apps for green-fingered folk

In the garden, on the balcony or in your apartment: plants make life more joyful. And not only in terms of color! If you want to try yourself as a vegetable grower this year now is the time to discover your green fingers, many sowing seasons start in March. You can find a selection of suitable apps here.

The weather may not quite suggest it yet, in the northern hemisphere at least, but we are slowly moving towards spring. This does not only mean increasing temperatures, but for many hobby gardeners and farmers, it also means the start of the gardening season. Help for gardening experts and those who want to become experts is already available in app form. The apps do not only support garden owners, but those who want to beautify their balcony or their own four walls often find good tips. Here we present you some of the apps.

1. Flowering for several years: Perennial herbs

Before sowing comes the seed search - so far, so logical. If you don't want to create new flowers for your garden or balcony every year, perennials are an optimal choice. These flowering plants usually last several years. With the app, Perennial herbs, you can find the perfect perennial for you from thousands of different varieties. The app not only suggests possible uses and themes, but also gives you practical tips about your perennial. In addition to a picture of the corresponding plant, you can see detailed information about it.

perennial herbs app
There are many ways to find your favorite plant with the app. / © Kirill Sidorov

2. It's all vegetables anyway: Gardroid - Vegetable Garden

You are more in the mood for home-grown salad and fresh vegetables? Here the Gardroid app will help you. In addition to sowing and harvesting times, the app also gives you practical tips on care and the necessary row spacing that your plants need to develop.

I think it's nice that you can also have certain plants as favorites. With these, you will get a notification from the app, when you should sow the plant for the best results. For gardening beginners like me, this is perfect. A notebook is also provided, so you can remember where your neighbor's cat has his toilet and generously avoid it when sowing.

gardening apps gardroid
Sowing time, sowing depth or row spacing: You can see all this at a glance in the Gardroid app. / © Dimitri De Kerf

3. Keep an eye on your garden: Grow Garden App

Once the flower beds and boxes are filled with flowers or the vegetable beds have been laid out, they should not be let out of your sight so quickly. To prevent anarchy between your plants and to keep track of all tasks, you can use the Grow Garten app. Here you can filter your different plants by areas such as flowers and vegetables and add tasks to your calendar.

What I find practical about this app is that it gives you additional tips for your gardening season every month. And if you can't get enough of your plants, you can also view your own garden pictures in the app gallery.

gardening app grow garten
Besides adding new plants, you can also take important notes about your garden. / © Heidi Boeckh + Florian Bielsky

4. Waterbot: Plants watering + Gardening

When was the last time I actually watered the rosemary? Is it already too dry or can I let it wait another week? Whether on the balcony or in the house it doesn't matter: your plants need water now and then. If not, they grow crispy quite quickly. If you often miss the optimal watering time, watering apps like the Waterbot will help you.

The Waterbot app keeps an eye on your indoor or balcony plants for you and sends you a notification when they need water again. The only shortcoming here is that you have to set the watering intervals for your flowers yourself. But you can also set for yourself when you want to receive the notification (whether in the morning, at noon or in the evening). This way you will not be disturbed at work and can immediately pull out the watering can.

gardening app waterbot
With the Waterbot watering app, you won't forget your plants so easily. / © Nikola Kosev

5. A compact all-rounder: Garden Manager Plant Alarm

If you want to do more than just keep an eye on watering times, this all-round Garden Manager app will help you. You can also use the alarm to remind you when you want to spray your plants with protection or perform special tasks (such as fertilizing). You can also take pictures of your plants and follow the progress of your plants like vegetables.

If you want to share your achievements with your friends and relatives or ask them for help, you can also upload the pictures on social platforms. And if you wish, the Garden Manager app can also show you gardening sites in your area.

gardening app garden manager
Keep an eye on your plants and post them on social platforms. / © LemonClip

As far as plants are concerned, unfortunately, I'm one of the serial killers. I should really give the watering app a try. What about you? Did you find a suitable app? Are you ready for spring and the beginning of the gardening season or are your house-plants enough for you?

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