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You have chosen: The best selfies were taken by an underdog

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Exactly two weeks ago, we asked you "Which smartphone takes the best selfies?", which resulted in 8,577 votes. The winner was not a device from Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi, but Google. Google! According to the NextPit community, the Pixel 6 Pro takes the best selfies. You can view the results and photos here in detail.

For the impatient ones out there, here are the results in a nutshell:

To determine the total score, we evaluated the results of the individual pictures for each case. The first-place winner receives six points, the second-place winner five points, and so on. You can find more info about the configuration in our original article that featured the selfie camera blind test voting.

Before we look at the results in detail and compare the image quality of the individual smartphones, here is one more thing to take note of: This camera blind test did not only take place on, but also on our sister domains and For the evaluation, we tallied votes from all three blind tests.

Selfie-Kamera des Google Pixel 6 Pro
You have voted: This selfie camera in the Pixel 6 Pro takes the best photos! / © NextPit

Scene 1: Daylight, bokeh off (iPhone 13 Pro)

In the first photo, you preferred the selfie from the iPhone 13 Pro by far the best - 42 percent voted for Apple here. The Find X5 Pro follows in second place, while the rest trailed with a large gap and settled at around the ten percent mark. Only the Xiaomi 12 Pro clearly lagged behind with three percent of the votes.

Motif 2: Daylight, bokeh on (iPhone 13 Pro)

It looks quite similar with the second photo, where we activated the bokeh mode. Here, too, the iPhone 13 Pro was clearly ahead with 45% of the votes. Second place proved to be a close call, however, with the Pixel 6 Pro being just ahead of the S22 Ultra (17 percent) and the Find X5 Pro (14 percent) at 18 percent.

Subject 3: Indoor, bokeh off (iPhone 13 Pro)

Different subject, different person, same winner: In Camila's selfie, the iPhone 13 Pro wins again. Picking up 39 percent of the votes, it is clearly ahead of the Pixel 6 Pro (17 percent) and the S22 Ultra (16 percent).

Subject 4: Indoor, bokeh on (iPhone 13 Pro)

A very similar picture emerges when the bokeh mode is active: You again selected the iPhone in first place with 27 percent, but this time more closely followed by the Pixel 6 Pro (23 percent). The Xiaomi 12 Pro and the Oppo Find X5 Pro were too slim to call at third and fourth places, respectively, at 14% each.

Subject 5: Backlight, bokeh off (Pixel 6 Pro)

In our rather difficult backlight situation, there is finally a different winner. 45 percent of you voted for the Google Pixel 6 Pro in this instance. Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra took second place with 38%. The Oppo Find X5 Pro is far behind with twelve percent, while the rest failed to even garner five percent of the votes.

Subject 6: Backlight, bokeh on (Galaxy S22 Ultra)

The result is quite similar for the backlight situation with activated bokeh, with only Google and Samsung swapping places. The Galaxy S22 Ultra takes first place with 52%, while the Pixel 6 Pro comes in second at 41%. Oppo still takes six percent, and the remaining three percent belonged to the rest.

Subject 7: Artificial light, bokeh off (Pixel 6 Pro)

Which smartphone coped the best in our mixed light scenario? 31 percent of you say: the Pixel 6 Pro. The iPhone 13 Pro followed in second place with 26 percent, and third place belonged to the Find X5 Pro with 22 percent. Sony, Xiaomi, and Samsung came in at eight, seven, and six percent, respectively.

Motif 8: Tungsten light, bokeh on (Pixel 6 Pro)

With bokeh mode enabled, the result looked similar for Antoine's selfie: Once again, the Pixel 6 Pro comes in first at 28 percent, but this time it was followed by the Find X5 Pro (21 percent) and the iPhone 13 Pro (19 percent). Finally, Sony, Samsung, and then Xiaomi were bottom feeders here.

Scene 9: Low-light, bokeh off (Galaxy S22 Ultra)

Do you like to take selfies in dim bars? Then this sample is for you, and the result is clear. Samsung's Galaxy S22 Ultra took 39 percent of the votes, followed by the Pixel 6 Pro (24 percent), and the Xperia 1 IV (14 percent). Oppo came in fourth, followed by Apple, and finally Xiaomi.

Scene 10: Low light, bokeh on (Galaxy S22 Ultra)

The S22 Ultra was pretty lonely at the top with activated bokeh mode - and collected a cool 60% of all votes. Second place goes to the Pixel 6 Pro with 17%, followed by the Find X5 Pro with 14%. Apple still came in at eight percent, with Sony and Xiaomi hosting a pity party at just one percent.

And now you!

Which smartphone performed the best in our selfie camera blind test in your opinion? Which samples and situations were the most important for you? By the way, we also evaluated only the photos with bokeh mode separately once to select the bokeh champion. However, the result was the same: Pixel 6 Pro emerged ahead of iPhone 13 Pro before the Galaxy S22 Ultra.

So let's have it: Which is your favorite? We are looking forward to your opinion in the comments!

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