Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A5 is a good buy

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Launched at the end of 2015, the Galaxy A5 has risen to become one of best-selling smartphones in Europe. A quick look at several online retailers confirms the phone’s success. How and why did this mid-range smartphone manage to convince so many users? Here are a few answers.

1. An attractive price

We might as well be honest about it; when we tested the Galaxy A5 this year we were not convinced. The smartphone was widely considered to be good, and its strengths and weaknesses were relatively well balanced. Its performance was fine “but we were expecting much better, especially for the price which was in itself a downside.”

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The Galaxy A5 saw its price melt like snow in the sun. © ANDROIDPIT

So there you have it. Almost six months after its release the Galaxy A5 saw its price melt like snow in the sun, going from $409 down to $290! This deal has changed the situation, so the competition has risen to a new level. At this price though we are a bit more willing to forgive some of the phone’s shortcomings, such as its photo performance. It is not uncommon to see some operators practically give you the device for free on a contract.

2. A very attractive design

This is definitely the Galaxy A5’s best asset and one of the main reasons for its success. The smartphone is particularly attractive, with its very classy metal housing that strongly reminds us of the Galaxy S6. Its high-end look makes it quite easy to mistake it for a premium range smartphone.

It is easy to mistake it for a premium range smartphone

The smartphone’s metal buttons and the glass screen add to the overall look. Finally, the handling on a Galaxy A5 is excellent and its weight (155 grams) gives it a robust and resilient feeling.

3. A format that pleases

Unlike the current trend, where smartphones are becoming larger (the new 6.4 inch Xiaomi Mi Mix is a case in point), the 2016 Galaxy A5 knows how to keep to modest dimensions. The smartphone is not a phablet, and this suits most users perfectly well. Its 5.2 inch Full HD display is more than sufficient for all users. Its size is thus ideal for any hand, male or female, and for pockets.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 b
The 5.2 inch format attracts users. © ANDROIDPIT

Fans of larger smartphones still have reason to be optimistic, as Samsung does plan to launch a larger version of its Galaxy A5.

4. An excellent battery life

After design, this is one of the most sought after qualities in any smartphone. This is perfect as the Galaxy A5 is one of the best performers in this respect. This smartphone can withstand two days of intensive use! During our test found it took almost three days to make the battery go flat, even after we had opened up multiple applications, surfed, viewed videos and even used it for gaming.

Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 i
The 2016 A5 is one of 2016’s most lasting smartphones. © ANDROIDPIT

Samsung has kept its different energy saving modes, so the device can decide which applications should continue to run. This will obviously help in saving the battery.

5. It's a Samsung

This may obviously leave some people screaming, but we have to acknowledge that Samsung is one of the favorite brands for Android users. The South Korean manufacturer are gifted marketers, so this does have its consequences. Many customers will be looking to Samsung for a trademark phone, regardless of the model. The Galaxy A5 is no exception to this rule and, no doubt, it will benefit from this trend.

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Samsung has a very good image in the US. © ANDROIDPIT

And you? Have you succumbed to the Galaxy A5’s charms?

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  • Michal Horna Nov 18, 2016 Link to comment

    Good price and good phone

  • Salman Ayub Nov 17, 2016 Link to comment

    I bought A5 (2015) and then replaced with A5(2016), both are best but in A5(2016) screen mirroring is not available so I am diappointed second thing the camera of A5 (2015) is much better then A5(2016).

    MOD EDIT : No external link

    • andi arpo Nov 19, 2016 Link to comment

      I hate it! It is heavy and slippery. And no screen mirroring. And costs a ton... Lame!
      If you can afford it, get the s6 edge, much lighter and easier to hold.

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