Untangle Unlimited

Untangle Unlimited

If you’ve ever done any knitting or crocheting or anything that has to do with wool or thread (maybe in home ec back in the day?) you’ll be familiar with the following scenario:

All it takes for a thread to get tangled so badly you think you’ll never be able to sort the mess out is a second’s worth of inattentiveness… Umm, and now I’ve lost the thread… what was I saying already? Oh yeah: if you’re the type to toss the whole lot (thread, wool, the works) straight into the nearest garbage can then I’d say Untangle Unlimited probably isn’t the right kind of game for you, because getting thins untangled is what this game is all about.

This review was written by Paulina Gegenheimer.

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Features & Use

Press Play and start with the first level. Blue dots are connected by red lines. These dots/circles are connected to other dots/circles which creates a kind of spider web. The goal of the game is to position the dots in such a way that the lines no longer cross each other. Every time you manage to free a connecting line the color changes from red to turquoise.

The connecting lines between the circles are extremely flexible, which makes your job a bit easier.

Every time you manage to untangle the net you get to move on to the next level.

The higher you get the more difficult it becomes to untangle the jumble of lines. With each new level there are more dots and connecting lines to deal with.
There are different degrees of difficulty to choose from; if you don’t feel you’re read for the I’m the master! level you can always try For Kids, Easy, Medium, or Hard. There’s something for everyone.

Every time you successfully complete a level the information is automatically saved which means that the next time you begin playing you can pick up right where you left off.

Bottom line:
Right off the bat I thought to myself that Untangle Unlimited is a really awesome game. But after a while I began feeling slightly bored with it. Sure, it’s a challenging game when you’re attempting the more advanced levels, but in the end you always solve the level, even if in some instances it might take a bit of time. That being said, I can’t say that I have absolutely no enthuse for this game, because it is fun. But that certain something that makes a game a “must have” is missing.


Screen & Controls

The nice thing about Untangled Unlimited is that the controls are super easy to use. The first time you start the app some instructions automatically pop up. Once you’ve read them you’ll be lead straight to the main screen where you can either press Play in order to start a game immediately or else select a degree of difficulty.

The About button gives you some background information on the app developer as well as some other information which is completely irrelevant for the game (I thought I’d mention this so that you don’t waste your time checking it out).

The last option is Settings where you can adjust music and vibration settings as well as background motives.

That’s about all there is to mention in regards to controls; you move the circles by pushing them around with your finger.

Oh, there is one more thing: I noticed something quite positive about this app. I’m sure you’re all familiar with the infamous ad strip at the edge of the display. I find all these strips to be very aggravating as all it takes is to accidentally touch one and you’re transported towards another game that you have no intention of buying. Well, in the app the “sponsor dilemma” was solved with a very clever solution: rather that having an integrated ad strip throughout the duration of the game, a narrow banner pops up every time the game is interrupted. It says something like: This app is free of charge but financed thanks to advertisement. I promise that I won’t display any ads that will annoy or distract you while you’re playing the game, so please take a few moments and have a look at this ad.
You can simply close this disclaimer, but I find that this is a great solution for when you have to show ads but don’t want to bug the user.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with Untangle Unlimited’s performance

Speed & Stability

I had absolutely not problems when it came to the application’s speed and was equally impressed by Untangle Unlimited’s stability.

Price/Performance Ratio

Untangle Unlimited is available for free from the Android Market.


Untangle Unlimited Untangle Unlimited Untangle Unlimited Untangle Unlimited Untangle Unlimited

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