A smartphone isn't bad just because it's not for you

A smartphone isn't bad just because it's not for you

There are a lot of smartphones available on the market, and with that a lot of debate as to which is the best one. In fact, that's what we here at AndroidPIT are here to help with. But judging which smartphone is right for you isn't a popularity contest, nor does it give anyone the right to shame others for making the 'wrong' choice.

A low- or mid- range device may not impress power users or hardware fetishists, but are actually more than capable of being the perfect companion for certain kinds of users. That's why we review lower-end, affordable devices such as the Galaxy A5, Moto G5S Plus and the Honor 7X, alongside specialist devices like the Razer Phone as well as the most popular powerhouses like the Galaxy Note 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

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Not everyone has the same needs (or budget) as you. / © NextPit

Apparently, a relatively large group of people who participate in the Android community, including on YouTube, reddit, other messageboards and even on this very site, love to trash low-range, mid-range or specialist devices as "a waste of money", "junk compared to my *expensive high-end device*" or "does the same as *cheap Chinese brand smartphone* for twice the price".

This goes beyond the boundaries of heated debate. Like with many geeky communities, there are those who feel that their technical expertise or possession of the latest expensive shiny toy entitles them to mock, shame or otherwise belittle the choices of others.

Sure, not all devices are equal. Their differences are what make them interesting, and getting into those details is the reasons this very website exists at all. And the most expensive or newest devices may be objectively better on the data sheet. And it's true, manufacturers and retailers are going to do their best to squeeze every dollar out of as many people as possible, which means some phones' price might not exactly reflect their real value.

But, there is a reason for every device to exist. Even experimental phones that launch right over the cliff to commercial failure were designed to meet someone's imagined needs.

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Yes, it's possible to be happy with just a Galaxy J3. / © NextPit

We must really understand with our hearts that not everyone has:

  • The same taste for smartphones 
  • The same financial situation 
  • The same needs 

I know it can be hard for those of us who are passionate about tech to imagine, but not everyone needs an AMOLED screen. Not everyone needs a system without bloatware. Not everyone should drop WhatsApp and migrate to Telegram. Not everyone needs a super durable battery, or even hardware for heavy duty games.

Those of us with a 'controversial choice' of smartphone should weather the storm and also treat the choices of others with respect. Certainly there's plenty of difference of opinion and points of debate right here in the office.

Some of us can't stand the size of the Note 8, while others love it for its hardware. Many editors are wowed by the design and affordability of OnePlus phones, but some won't touch the company's best devices because of their spying. Personally, I've fallen for the unfashionable Razer Phone because the gaming experience is more important to me than the camera, and no amount of cool features on the iPhone 8 Plus would convince me to put up with using iOS.

Some, indeed most, users just need a reasonably-functioning smartphone that can load WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, that they can use to make self-regarding posts for the likes and shares of the world, and that has a screen to read their favorite websites on. It does not make sense for them to spend more than $900 on a premium or even mid-range smartphone, or to put their credit card number on a Chinese website.

Shocking, I know, but that's the truth. Even though it's obvious that we know better and everyone around us keeps making bad decisions because of their inexplicable idiocy.

The Android community is here for sharing, not for fighting

For the keyboard warrior who loves to share their knowledge with the world in a particularly aggressive manner, this is for you: Let's say all you want to do is good in the world, to share your technological enlightenment and teach others the vital truth that a OnePlus 5T is infinitely superior to a Moto Z2 Force, that a Xiaomi Mi A1 is the best solution for any problem and only suckers would buy a big brand phone instead of a Chinese import device. 

But before you open your mouth or take to the comments section to school somebody on their bad choices, take a deep breath and think twice if you're being respectful. It's great that you made a sensational purchase, really. We're happy for you. And it's a fine thing to share your knowledge and experience with other tech fans. But no one learns anything from being attacked, except how to avoid you.

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OnePlus, the desire of many. But not all. / © NextPit

Having the 'best' smartphone is still a privilege

There are social and economic factors at play here too. Different prices, different priorities. The ability to drop $700+ dollars on a phone isn't an option for everybody. By being quick to criticize their choice of device you might just be unfairly attacking someone in a less fortunate economic situation than you for having 'bad taste'.

You've got to think carefully about where to put your money. / © NextPit

Even the tech fan who has plenty of money might not have the most expensive flagship phone. Perhaps they prefer to spend it on a gaming PC, huge television, high-end sound system or whatever, budgeting a lesser amount of money for their phone because the mobile device isn't a priority for them.

Such a user still has a right to good advice about the phones in their taste and price range, and so here at AndroidPIT, we are always going to cover all types and categories of smartphones and gadgets for all kinds of people, whether they are basic, advanced or just curious users.

The perfect phone doesn't exist

If you think your device proves otherwise, then congratulations! You've found just the right device for you, and that's great. But, as our reviews and comparison articles often point out, even the best, most expensive high-end smartphone isn't top of the class in every category, and usually has one or two weaknesses that another device can do better.

Naturally, if you have really good suggestions for devices you think that we should be paying more attention to, be sure to send them! We're always interested to cover topics outside the obvious big brands.

Have you ever been shamed for your choice of phone? Is there a brand out there that just makes you laugh or makes your blood boil?

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  • I don't buy the most expensive, or newest device. I'm not into the latest/greatest/most flashy. I prefer value. I normally will buy LAST YEARS next best thing, since it's typically 1/2 the price of what it was when released, is the last of the production line of that model and has the most recent "fixes". The version of android OS isn't a concern, just the security patches. Most android apps run just fine on os 4.3 and beyond.

  • Good article.
    The best smartphone is the one that gets the job done at the price point a person is willing to pay.
    It's a value proposition and nothing else.
    Now we can argue/debate about what features are required, but at the end of the day it needs to be a phone.
    I can afford an iPhone X, but that does not mean 'm going to spend the money.
    I have an LG G6, it gets the job done and it cost me $449.

  • This is a good article and is on point. Not everyone can afford a $1000 phone. I was looking at mid range phones when my carrier offered the pixel 2 at a mid range price, so now I'm going to pick it up and can't wait to start using a stock Android phone that receives timely updates.

  • Good article. This is the beauty of Android - you have many phones to choose from, low-end, middle and high-end. Not everyone needs or can afford the expensive top of the line phone. Most people just need a basic $100 or so phone. However, those cheap ones under $100 are not so good. For the basic user to check email, social networking, take photos, listen to music and play a few games, these $100+ phone do the job just fine

  • Great article. Thanks.
    I have a G5. Everyone bashed it. I love it. My wife just inherited it but I can't pry the 5-1/2 year old Nexus 4 out of her hands. Not a great phone spec wise but it works for her. I just bought a V20. I waited a year to save money. All this proves what your article is about.
    Thank you.

  • Perhaps, as a portuguese, living in Portugal, a small country in Europe, only rich in terms of nature, climate, food and wine, our family long learned to spend money mainly according to needs. Of course, we also become passionate for things that enchant us or make us feel 'special' sons in the eyes of God. That's why I had to convince my wife to spend a thousand euros with a Note 8 and its distinct pen, as a way of preserving the length and beauty of her nails and a performance adequate to her fluctuation of humor. My daughter, a Youtube and gaming fan, that helps her spend time in the university, listened to me and chose the Asus ZenfoneS (450 €) with its 5000 mAh battery. And I, an old fan of news, general browsing and email, bought a Huawei Mate 10 Lite (350€). We are all happy and proud of our 'addictions'. In short, food and wine guaranteed.

  • Xmas time is now putting loads of pressure on parents trying to find the perfect phone to please there children,an with loads of phones available,its going to price range now that does not seem to bother some parents and will spend as much as they can to see there kids faces smile at xmas time,even some parents will even take out a loan to make sure there kids are happy,you can see now why the Shops are struggling as parents have already bought the phone for there kids and are skint now,Feel very sorry for those who have bought the iPhones for there kids as they always seem to be too very expensive

    • One problem is the phone carriers and Best Buy always advertise and promote the iPhone. They don't promote low-end Android phones. They want everyone to buy an iPhone. As a result people may not know about these cheaper Android phones

  • I'm open to different phones, I have an S8 at the moment and am constantly looking at what different phones offer, I looked the Pixel 2XL for example and the V30, both good phones and I would of preferred the Pixel 2XL because of its basic stock android, no bloatware, latest updates, camera is awesome, what stopped me getting it is the dated look at the front compared to say V30 and other models and the screen isn't up to par, might not be a bad thing to others but to me those two problems doesn't make the £799 price tag acceptable. Same with the V30 whilst it's nothing major with the screen, still don't think that price tag is acceptable.

    Hell even the Oneplus 5T screen is better and the phone looks modern, like every phone it has its down points but Oneplus doesn't go charging anywhere near.

    Stick with what I have till the remainder of my contract and see what others do further down the line, it will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with.

  • Yes your comments r on point an they r true not one item is the best for you or you or me or the next person . if they were one choice tht would suck ass, hence there r more than one eye candy to please every one and THTS good. my choice of eye candy is note 4/7/ now the note 8 and I'm happy with tht more than enough eye candy out there to please budget minded to folks so I don't care about the price gots to have my eye candy . Yea it's your choice to choose THTS what make it part of you if something your gana wipe out every day you have to love wht you buy and THTS cool !

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