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7 reasons to buy the LG G5

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Do you really need seven reasons to buy the LG G5? It's the latest flagship handset from LG, what more is there to think about? OK fine. Here are seven reasons why you should buy the LG G5 – or as I prefer to call it – the seven best things about the LG G5.

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These are the reasons why you should buy an LG G5. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. An LG G-series camera

The reason an LG G camera is important is that LG is on a winning streak with its cameras. LG G4 ranks as one of our best cameras on Android and the LG G5 looks like it's going to be even more impressive.

A 16 MP f/1.8 aperture rear camera with laser autofocus and three-axis optical image stabilization creates a potent combination. Together, these attributes should ensure bright images with sharp detail, and excellent clarity on moving objects (as well as a lack of blur when moving the camera itself).

All in all, the LG G5 making use of camera tech like this and this means it stands a good chance of being one of the best Android phones of the year for photographs. Remember, last time around the LG G4 provided such convincing shots that some tech journalists suggested it was comparable to a DSLR camera (with convincing arguments). 

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LG has been on a roll with its camera tech lately. / © ANDROIDPIT

2. LG G, but premium

At last, LG has gone premium. Where it once produced plastic or quite divisive leather handsets, now it's glass and metal's turn. Premium is a subjective notion but LG has made great strides in the area of design; it’s hard to ask for much more than the best looking LG G device to date. And this is exactly what it delivers.

You can pick up the new phone in silver, gold, pink, and titan (dark gray) and they all look equally appealing.  

3. Removable Battery

A removable battery isn't a must-have feature for many of us, but for others it's as important as avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers on social media (i.e. essential).

The option to swap an ecstatic, fully charged battery into a handset which has just lost its last milliampere of juice to a Clash Royale session is undoubtedly appealing. If you've never experienced it, I recommend giving it a go.

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LG maintains a removable battery in the LG G5 (left) as the LG G4. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. MicroSD card support

Phones can only hold so much data, and if you want a larger internal storage size you are expected to pay a premium. For this reason, the option to buy a cheaper microSD card and install extra files on that is an exciting prospect. 

Not all Android phones support this functionality, but the LG G5 is one of the devices which does. The LG G5 does not feature Adoptable Storage introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but this only presents a major problem for those who want to install many large apps. And it formats you SD card, rendering it useless elsewhere.

It would have been great if LG provided the option, but as partial app data can still be stored, as well as all your music, movies and games, it shouldn't hold users back too much.

5. It's not huge

LG's display comes in at 5.3-inches with around about 70 percent screen-to-body ratio. This is a pretty safe balance to strike between size for viewing and size for carrying.

Though it was once considered to be phablet size, finding phones with 5.5-inch displays and above is no longer a niche. It's finding smaller devices which is tricky.

LG has delivered a high-quality handset with a QHD screen which can also comfortably fit in your pocket and hands. Well done, LG.   

androidpit lg g4 vs lg g5 3
The famous rear button setup of the LG G4 (right) and it's predecessors has been removed for the G5. / © ANDROIDPIT

6. Its future is bright

LG’s future looks brighter than most other smartphones because of the potential its expansion slot provides. LG hasn’t delivered a must-have accessory for this yet, but it might, and this in itself is exciting.

Few other phones, if any, have the potential that the LG G5 has. While other devices may frustrate after the first year as they await the next major Android update, LG could be pumping out other pieces of unique hardware to improve the G5's capabilities. This really sets the LG G5 apart from other similar Android handsets. 

lg g5 cam plus 1
A camera accessory for the LG G5. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. It’s LG-made

There is a reason I’ve said that my next phone will be LG and it’s because LG regularly achieves innovation and usefulness that few other manufacturers do. The LG V10 is the phone that does almost everything. The LG G4 is, also, the phone that does almost everything.

Is the LG G5 the new phone that does almost everything? I think it is, and that's pretty cool. 

So, have I convinced you that the LG G5 is worth investing in? Let me know in the comments. 

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Scott Adam Gordon

Scott Adam Gordon

Originally from the UK, Scott graduated in Popular Music Studies at Newcastle University and attributes much of his success there to his beloved Samsung Galaxy S2. His current aim is to write cool things about Android. And he loves it.

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  • Danny Boiy May 26, 2016 Link to comment

    Had a G2, G3, G4, but I feel that the G5 isn't quite my cup of coffee. I'm looking at the wear-down on the bottom and LCD issues and lack of an infrared port. I'll either go for a P9 Plus or a V11.

  • Luke Gleadall Mar 24, 2016 Link to comment

    nearly went with the xperia z5 for the dedicated camera button and playstation remote play but i do like LG and the g5 won

  • Micah Owensby Mar 9, 2016 Link to comment

    Modular technology isn't new, but LG has succeeded in making it mainstream. Though I suspect it will fail to catch on. I don't foresee significant amounts of people shelling out hundreds of dollars for modules. Not to mention that this technology will be made obsolote in a year when LG unveils the G6. I would be wholly surprised if modules for the G5 will be forward compatible and for the G6 backwards compatible. That's assuming LG decides to integrate modular tech into their next flagship.

  • Micah Owensby Mar 9, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm a proud owner of an LG G4, but I will not be returning this time around. While the modular expansion slot may be considered "innovative", I consider it to be entirely impractical. I wouldn't go so far as to call it gimmicky, although it does lean heavily towards the latter.

    The main reason, though, THE MAIN REASON I won't be returning to LG this time around is the software. Optimus UX is atrocious when compared to stock Android, or even Samsung's latest iteration TouchWizz. HTC is on the right track and Motorola is even more so. Optimus UX is by far my least favorite thing about LG. While I have been able to find somewhat mild relief through Nova Launcher I just can't go on like this.

    I'm not saying LG doesn't produce some of the best high end smartphones on the market, because it does, but the G5 just isn't for me. My two cents.

  • Jacky Wong Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I have been loving LG since LG Nexus 5. LG is indeed the most innovative company that dares to challenge the status quo and not follow suit. A bad example would be Samsung.

    LG G5 is quite a breakthrough in the smartphone industry that many have been longing for. No longer about spec wars. However, LG G5 's modular design comes with a huge drawback - You need to remove battery every time. Modular design shall revolutionize the smartphone industry and I would love my phone to have friends to accommodate my unique needs. It also opens up opportunities for TRULY smartphone accessories/modules market. However, I would not want to turn off my phone, change my battery, and replace the module every single time. No one likes to turn of his or her phone so frequently.

    Therefore, LG'd better capture this opportunity fast. Otherwise, another company might come in, improve the design, and enjoy the second mover advantage.Hopefully is not iPhone again...

    • Scott “ResistTHIS” Hamilton Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

      I can't imagine iPhone ever adding a replaceable battery. They've already enjoyed the majority of dock type devices such as speakers that used their proprietary port and not USB, thus denying Android users access to most of the better of these types of accessories. I also don't see it as a drawback to have to pull the battery to add one of these accessories- how often do you think you'd be taking the high quality audio extension in and out, for example? The camera grip I can see taking it off when you're not specifically using it as it adds bulk to the phone. It also adds an 1100 ma/h battery in addition to the internal battery. Why is it such a deal breaker to have to turn the phone off to add something that enhances use for extended photo shoots? My G4 doesn't take long to reboot at all, I don't think the G5 would be slower. Also, that's the whole point of a removable battery, being able to take the expended one out and putting a freshly charged one in. I do this at least once a day with my G4, and it's no hassle at all. When you say no one likes to turn their phone off so often, do you have a source to back that up, or are you just projecting your personal preferences? Because it seems that enough people ARE willing to turn their phone off to change batteries that LG has made it a point to keep the removable battery even though most other manufacturers are moving away from it. In fact, it's one of the major selling points of the G series, and also a big reason many people have abandoned Samsung for LG.

  • Glenn Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    Erm...remember the G4, with it's problems with bootlloops, etc. And people are still having issues, as of today, with G4s. How can we be sure LG has resolved the issues? They couldn't even get their LTE smartwatch launch done and had to recall ALL devices.

    • Jon Mar 10, 2016 Link to comment

      Was that just a G4 issue? Cause if you're lumping that problem with all LG phones, I've used my Nexus 5 for years with zero issues.

      Some phones just suck. Luck of the draw. I'm interested in what other "friends" they create before I make the jump.

  • Alex Simpson Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    ibwould buy it if it had 5,5

  • 18
    Deactivated Account Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    LG is now showing master strokes that's great. Now really LIFE's GOOD!

  • surya kumar Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I would love to buy this phone.But I didn't born with silver spoon:'( :-(

  • Steven Gibbs Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    No good reason to buy it over a S7

  • Dean L. Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    The G5 is on my list of new phones I'm looking at. The expansion slot and the potential it holds intrigues me, but I have not heard of that killer expansion module yet. But believe that it's coming. Can't wait to see what else LG will develop and release in 2016. As well as third party modules.

    • Nickname303 Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

      My thoughts exactly

    • Scott “ResistTHIS” Hamilton Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

      The camera grip comes pretty close to being a must have for people that use their phones for extended photo taking sessions. It adds:
      1) dual stage shutter button, press halfway down to focus, press the rest of the way to take the pic.
      2) thumb dial for manual focus.
      3) physical zoom buttons so you don't have to try and pinch to zoom, taking your hand off the grip in the process.
      4) 1100 ma/h extra battery in addition to the main battery, hugely beneficial for taking lots of photos in bright sunlight with screen brightness cranked up.
      It also has the dual cameras on the back, the 16 megapixel main camera with 3 axis optical image stabilization, and I think an 8 megapixel wide angle lens which the camera software dynamically merges for great wide angle shots and panaromas. The camera was one of the high points of the G4 and it looks like they've very substantially upgraded it for G5, I know I'll probably be getting the camera grip, but then I take a lot of pictures... I also don't mind the slight added bulk and could see using it just for the extra battery capacity. I guess it all comes down to how much it is, but I can see LG offering it as a bonus for early purchasers, similar to how they did with the G3 and G4 with the extra battery, external charger, and 32 GB SD card promotions those phones had.

      • Dean L. Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

        Hadn't thought about some of these modules being offered as an incentive to early adopters. That could be a purchasing influencer.

  • Chris Yacucha Mar 8, 2016 Link to comment

    I already have my heart set on this device. Upgrading my G4 to a G5 is a no-brainer and this article has only served to reinforce my decision. This makes for 3 LG Devices in a row for me. Looking forward to future innovations with the modular design!

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