LG G3 Android update: latest news

Update: Marshmallow rolling out in the US
LG G3 Android update: latest news

Verizon is currently rolling out the LG G3 Android Marshmallow update in the US. Find out the latest LG G3 Android update news below in the highlighted section, and keep an eye on the update table below to see how the major carriers are progressing with the update.  

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Android 5.0 Android 5.0.1 Android 5.0.2 Android 5.1 Android 5.1.1 Android 6.0
Verizon - - - - Yes Yes
T-Mobile - Yes No No No No
AT&T - Yes No No No No
Sprint - Yes No No No No

LG G3 Android Marshmallow update 

Verizon LG G3 update

The LG G3 Android Marshmallow update is now rolling out North America. A reddit user uploaded a screenshot that confirms Verizon has started to make the update available to its customers, bringing the device to software version VS98546A.

The download comes in at 788.6 MB and you should be notified when it becomes available. If you're eager, you can head to Settings > About phone > Update center > Software update and hit Check now for update to see if it's ready. Before installing the new version, make sure your device has at least 50 percent charge.

There is no word from the other carriers just yet, but their updates can't be far behind. 

Let us know in the comments what you think of LG's Marshmallow interface.

AndroidPIT LG G3 hero 1
The LG G3 Marshmallow update is rolling out with Verizon. / © ANDROIDPIT

LG G3 Android Lollipop update

T-Mobile LG G3 update

T-Mobile customers currently find their LG G3 devices on software version D85120e, which is Android 5.0.1. The last update was a security patch for the stagefright exploit.

AT&T LG G3 update

The last update to arrive for AT&T customers took the device up to Android 5.0.1 Lollipop and was primarily issued to address the stagefright security flaw.

Sprint LG G3 update

Sprint's last major LG G3 update arrived on November 20 and contained the November security patch, along with a few minor tweaks and enhancements. It left the device on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop, software version LS990ZVC. 

Prior to that, a stagefright security update was issued.

AndroidPIT LG G3 hero 2

We'll keep you up to date with the status of the LG G3 Android updates as we learn more. Be sure to check out our LG G3 problems and solutions article if you're having any issues.

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  • Tengo un LG G3 VS985w LUEGO de la ACTUALIZACION mi Móvil no ha parado de reiniciarse y no Conectar al wifi y se queda encendiendo y hay se Queda tracado, me comentaron que era La Batería. compre por internet una a LG y sigue igual el movil necesito ayuda

  • dosto mery pas lg g3 d855 hai yar jb main os ko computr k sath marshmallow update karta ho 2% par ja kr agy nh hota agr koi hal hai to bta do plzzzzzzzzzz help me.my email abidjaam524@gmail.com.cell 0302-8858064

  • I update my LG G3 855 into marshmallow and its running perfectly fine if you want how to update battery working properly add some software feature like slow motion and i will provide full information please give your e-mail id in comment

  • I update my LG G3 855 into marshmallow and its running perfectly fine if you want how to update battery working properly add some software feature like slow motion and i will provide full information please give your e-mail id in comment

  • I got the lg g3 and I see no difference with this update just a little more detail here and there ... Help ? Is there more to this update

  • Bimin May 24, 2016 Link to comment

    Iam from Indian . I didn't get marshmallow update for lg g3 . so what should i do next

    • try the LG Mobile Support Tool >>Download It Here>> (lg-support-tool.en.lo4d.com) and use this simple software to get and install updates to your LG Mobile via USB connection, if there is it will download and push to your phone, please read before updating and as usual ensure battery is above 50% (*THIS WILL NOT IN ANY WAY ROOT YOUR PHONE OR IS A ROOTING TOOL OF ANY KIND*) Hope you get through, this is a reliable solution, cheers

  • I have lg g3 VS 98535B model.....its not going to marshmellow why

  • I have a G3 D850 Gold. It is an unlocked international version. It's still on 4.4.2; after contacting LG I'm still not sure if I'll ever see a newer version of Android. I've gone under settings to try to start the OTA (FOTA) but it says nothing is available. Anyone have any guesses?

    • Depends on your country/provider...mine is UK/3 and they updated my G3 D850 about 3 months ago to 5.0 and it works super duper!
      Mine is the 16gb device w 32 gb sd card, & still have 14 gb free.

    • Edo Apr 19, 2016 Link to comment

      Maybe you have rooted phone?

    • download (lg-support-tool.en.lo4d.com) and use this simple software to get and install updates to your LG Mobile via USB connection, I didn't wait on T-Mobile got the G3 D851 Variant and got it so try this and see if there is an update for your variant, if there is it will download and push to your phone, please read before updating and as usual ensure battery is above 50% (*THIS WILL NOT IN ANY WAY ROOT YOUR PHONE OR IS A ROOTING TOOL OF ANY KIND*) Hope you get through, cheers

  • Did this update, and it deleted ALL my photos. NOT IMPRESSED WHAT SO EVER!!!!


  • running on carrier-free (bought in store here) LG D855 and still no update whatsoever... Last update was at 11/05/15

  • Edo Mar 23, 2016 Link to comment

    Finally I've got update to Android 6.0 today! I'm using International version od the LG G3 - D855. It seems that everything is working properly.

    • How to get an update of 5.0 on lg g3 international do you know?

      • In Settings, About Phone, check at top to see if update available in your country. I updated in the UK with Three as provider.

    • That's good news! Am in UK with android 5.0 and am happy, all works, incl vpns into UK. So will await to see how your 6.0 goes. I've 6.01 in my Nexus 5 and all ok.
      Please post if u get something strange happening! 👍

  • Does anyone know if Foxfi will continue to work after this update, I am always hesitant to update for fear of it not working anymore..

  • So since the update my first phone failed completely and they had to send me a new phone and now it is very hard to even use the phone or even answer a call being as though I can't always turn the phone on. The lock screen won't even open up it just stays black while I try different combinations of pushing the power button and tapping on the screen until finally in some cases an hour later the screen will turn on again. I can't make calls or answer them while the screen won't turn on and I am disabled as well as I have a almost 5 month old baby! What if I needed to call 911? My phone is now useless! 😡

  • My phone asked me to read my messages while I was driving and out of habit, I told it no but I can't figure out how to change it in settings to have it read my messages.

  • Since I updated my LG G3 I can no longer send pictures via Hangouts to users not on Hangouts SMS - I had to reactivate the stock messaging app - now I have to use hangouts for people on hangouts and the stock messaging app for all others - pretty annoying.

  • After update, phone will no longer allow voice messaging from it to my car. Verizon store blamed it on the car system.

  • Looks like others are having the same issue I'm having. Since the marshmallow update I cannot successfully connect via USB to my computer. It's not charging my phone, nor am I able to transfer music, photos, etc. HELP!!!
    I'm also getting this stupid message about "Allow this computer to access your phone data?" EVERY time I plug it in OR when I choose a USB connection to connect to the internet (even if I haven't unplugged it and have previously answered this question!).
    This update is horrible!

    • see the answer I posted below about opening up the USB notification and making a choice. The "every time" thing is a pain, but at least you have access again.

  • I have LG G3 Verizon. Since Marshmallow update I cannot successfully connect via USB to my computer. Any ideas on how to fix ? I need to connect via USB to transfer music, photos, etc...

    • Ok, I can answer my own question, and hopefully others can make use of it. When you connect via USB, you will see a USB symbol in the notification area at the top of the phone. Open up that notification and it will bring you to a second dialog/screen which lets you choose whether to sue USB for power charging only, for transferring files, or for using it as a MIDI. Once you choose file transfer option then the phone is accessible to the computer you are hooking it up to.

  • My phone has been essentially useless to me ever since the stupid update 6 days ago. I can't connect to my Garmin, I'm constantly disconnected from Wi-Fi service, my clock is 5 hours off and randomly switches between the correct time and 5 hours in the future, which incidentally really throws off the way you read your text. It will randomly just scroll me back to the top of any website so I constantly scroll and get nowhere. I've shut it off taking the battery out restarted it try to reconnect with Bluetooth devices and everything and nothing has worked.

    • I also have a Garmin that I can't connect and lg answer was wait for updates. I hate the update.

    • i have straight talk / at&t for my lgg3
      do you know if i can update my phone

      • You will have to wait, they are talking about Verizon Wireless Updates, straight talk using byo phone att, doesn't have 6.0 marshmallow yet and I think that I see why... Because of all the issues with the marshmallow version for lg g3 seems to buggy so far. ( I am guessing that att and other various phone companies are. Getting the bugs worked out before they release it.

  • After the update my sd card was corrupted. They also got rid of the timer function on the silence funtion.

  • Had to do a factory reset. Update messed my phone up so bad I could hardly use it or anything on it. What a lousy update. In today's technologically advanced world this is your best? An update with so many bugs it would frighten an exterminator? Won't be getting another Lg.

  • After my update, my phone will not connect to the internet. None of the apps work properly and my phone is super laggy. I have 2 more weeks until my upgrade and I'm not happy.

  • Had lag immediately after installing Marshmallow but has improved significantly over the past few days. No other problems.

  • Got the update, phones now super slow and laggy. 3D games are brutally leggy and most games just quit. But the most frustrating is how my battery life went from 12 hours with normal use, down to 6 hours barely using it at all. I was almost late for work when my 85% battery died within my 7 hour sleep.

  • Most apps on my lg g3 are failing, post system update last night. Once the app opens, when I upon clicking into content in the app, it will close.
    This is critical trouble. I can't do very much with the phone now. Hoping that others see this too so that the developers with fix bugs quickly. Or advise if I need to find a workaround.

    Also several of my Google related app shortcuts don't redirect and the apps icons we're swapped out with the generic green android icon after the system update.

    • It's ok now. I restarted the phone, and that seemed to fix it.

    • My phone had a complete factory reset at Verizon store, 5 hours later, it still is glitchy and won't connect to the internet.....even at the Verizon store! They called tech support for me and spent most of the day trying to fix it with the support....NO HELP! Verizon turfed the call to LG ....even that was pointless! I loved my phone before this update, now it's horrible! My Upgrade isn't until July! I told Verizon if I blow through my Data they can eat that bill since its the only way I can use my phone! Hope they fix this problem soon!

  • I updated my lg g3 and the only problem is I cannot connect to my Garmin vivofit, and I cannot figure out why. Otherwise after Verizon fix my phone so it was like it was before the update it is fine.

  • updated just this afternoon - quite uneventful with no problems

  • I received the update this morning, and it trashed my photo albums. I reccomend backing them up before getting the G3 marshmallow update. I have no way to get them back. Very upset.

  • DB N. Feb 19, 2016 Link to comment

    I'm getting Err: 0x1125000 during the update. Anyone else having this issue or know the fix?

  • Does anyone have a LG G3 D855 SEA from Singapore? And if so, have you received the 6.0 Marshmallow update? Because I haven't received the update.

  • yes just got my update from Verizon for my LG g3.I've noticed a lag.I've rebooted several times.my phone doesn't run smoothly as before.

    • Same for me. Downoaded about 20 minutes ago and have noticeable lag. Will play with it for a while to see if it gets better with use and reboots. Might try a reset As a last resort.

  • I have been trying of having an update for a week but every day I l have to see the same old stupid statement "Wait for next 48 hours". My G3 belongs to an AT&T Carrier.
    I don't know what is the problem.

    Azadar Hussain
    From Pakistan

  • I did not receive any update from lg. my phone is still on lollipop. it doesnt even say that i need to update it. I am from Pakistan.
    what should i do about it?

  • When will we get it in Canada?

  • Too late. My phone constantly restarted rendering it useless. Got a replacement and had the exact same issue. Ended uo swapping my G3 for a phone that actually works.

    • Mine is doing the same thing and I have already got a replacement and it didn't help either.

      • For the both of you: it is not the phone. It is the battery. I just had the same issue with mine and I had to get a new battery for it.

  • Service is through cricket, which uses att's network but have not gotten updated to 5.anything??? How can i update my g3

  • My Verizon LG G3 is on VS98535B not VS98535A

  • emmu Nov 28, 2015 Link to comment

    Appslock is not working...in G3new software

  • Yesterday I obtained update of firmwave for my LG G3 in size of 248 MB. Unluckily this update seemed like only some Google Repair utility or what the hell is that. No sign of getting newer Android.

    I am uncertain about phone version, cause I got it here in Czech Republic from store with no connection to any provider.

    • I done the same update the other day and now my phone has been destroyed. I can not send texts, The battery dies , it doesn't last over an hour and the phone wont let me factory reset. I've tried both ways and the phone doesn't respond. I've messaged LG and they haven't replied for over two days. Have you had problems with your phone?

      • Nope... If anything, i noticed slightly extended battery life...but could be imagination...but no problems with update at all... To be completely honest, I already bought phone with pre-installed 5.0 and never noticed problems in any way...

  • My T-Mobile LG G3 updated to 5.0.1 and it's a disaster. The worst problem is that it crashes and then robo-calls the last person in my call list at around 5AM - this happens a few times a week. It will call them repeatedly until I wake up and reboot the phone. Since this is a business line, you can imagine how nice it is to have your phone call a customer 12 times in a row at 5AM. It does this even after factory resets - and with no 3rd party apps installed. I finally installed a "call confirm" app to block the outgoing calls. This does stop the calls, but the app does not work properly either on the new OS - and it will not let me call out at all - even when I confirm the call dialog. I have to disable the app to make a call. And then remember to reenable it so it blocks those early morning robocalls. I can not believe that T-Mobile has not yet made a fix available.

  • .

  • My Verizon LG G3 is updating to 5.1.1 this morning. Big surprise!

  • Guys enough was enough, too much time wasted with LG's misleading customer service and repairs. I have found this petition and decided to apply for it. Would you ?

    Go to THEPETITIONSITE dot COM and search for demand-lg-to-replace-the-lg-g3

  • I've recently upgraded the OS 5.1 for my LG G3 but everytime i play music, my left side of the headset plays very low, even on a bluetooth headset, this is really irritating please fix this, i love my phone and i love my music,

  • I have the lollipop 🍭 update and my phone runs battery low in no time. I love this LG G3....and uses for my studies...... But now I can't work much b coz of battery-power drains.....please LG engineers do something here...please.

    • I've had my G3 since it came out mid 2014! I have only had a few issues with mine. From my experience here's a few things to keep in mind when your phone acts strange.
      ---1***The main problems seemed to happen after I installed an App from Play Store that was either very new or not that many reviews (and some reviews are made by the app developer's friends) or when I installed 3rd party apps from Amazon or Slide Me..after I uninstalled apps that I wasn't 100% sure was on the up and up, and RESTART/REBOOT phone and it took care of some issues...or after surfing the web let's say Wal-Mart.com and from inside that site clicked on a link for discount computers (which u shouldn't do! U should leave the site or page ur on and do a new search cuz if that link inside Wal-Mart site is malicious u don't have any warning)...
      As far as battery issues, I literally use my phone like a work, school, gaming and surfing computer because I don't have a computer, I force stop running apps like Facebook and messenger a couple times a day, I have NO weather apps (cuz they run ALL THE TIME) and I keep my screen brightness at 35% with screen timeout at 30sec. and I might have to charge my phone in the middle of the day but that's it unless I've been playing Asphalt 8 for a long time cuz that game eats battery!!!
      ---2*** I have came across a few people and read about A LOT that bought an LG G3 that turned out to be a clone (a fake) or the phone was good but had a clone battery and they look SO SIMILAR to the REAL G3 or battery. The knock off batteries seem to cause tons of trouble with the G3 so u can go on YouTube and there's a couple videos that show how to spot these fake phones and batteries! Hope it gets better for ya.

  • after upgrade to lollipop 5.0 the phone drain battery in less than 3 hours, crappy sound when playing audio and takes for ever to charge the battery. No more lg phones for me because it takes for ever before an update to fix these problems is released. Had my phone on service twice for these problems but the problems continues

    • Strange ...perhaps related to network provider ...I also upgraded to 5.0 and runs like a honey! Battery life extended, lasts all day

  • lg g3 on verizon here still running kitkat and will continue to till the phone breaks or its upgrade time lol ive seen way to many issues with everyone who has updated to lollipop..im not gonna turn this perfectly flawlessly workin phone "the best no problem not a lemon phone ive ever owned" into a paperweight...so thanks all u "test dummies" :) haha good luck

    • Hey are you still on Kitkat? My Droid Turbo was acting up, so I grabbed a G3 for cheap. It keeps bugging me to UPDATE to Lolipop but I think I'm gonna hold off on that--like u sed.

  • This is actually really taking so long. I hope that by the end of the year, the latest Lollipop update for LG G3 will be available. The mobile device is really one great option for mobile users, except for the occasional lags due to the bugs. The LG G3 price is also quite above average as well, so LG could really do some great after sales service here. Browse more about the LG G3 via Price Panda

  • I updated to Android about 2 weeks after getting my LG G3 (unlocked T-Mobile version from amazon) it ran great with the kit Kat version it came with and runs great with lollipop 5.0.1. Battery life is good, wifi calling works, my games run, etc...

  • is lg g3 will receive 5.1update like other anderiod device or not? i hate 5.0 so much it ruined my phone!😕😭😭

  • For the last couple of weeks, It's been a nightmare.
    The phone is just keep restarting. It began at 2-3 times a day, to never stop restarting the moment I plug it out of the wall.
    I would love to know if it can be solved by buying a new battery (cause It isn't swollen, actually the battery looks perfect.)
    I'm after two hard resets to no avail (the problem went worse after the first hard reset.)
    Is is the lollipop or my battery?

  • Since accidentally upgrading to Lollipop, having the typical issues. Fast battery drain, slow recharging, hot battery, slow/stuttering navigation, etc. This stinks.

  •   11
    Deactivated Account Jul 20, 2015 Link to comment

    Love it

  •   11
    Deactivated Account Jul 17, 2015 Link to comment

    My G3 has gotten incredibly slow and it is driving me up the wall. I sometimes have to lie in a cold bath to calm myself down.

    I was going to install Cynanogenmod but the darned thing is not supported on the G3! What gives?

    Deactivated Account

    • Sorry, but CM 12.1 works on the LG G3 with no problems.

      • Not for my VZW. Cell service would stay dead even after today's Snapshot. No amount of flashing or airplane mode or reboot would fix it. Paranoid Android did the same thing. Had to do back to stock.

        The state of Android development is pathetic today. And I've been in it since the Droid X.

      • I rooted then S-Off'd my LG G3. Installed 3.4.0-SkyDragon-G3-V4.0.1-gbbcac18lge@android-build AKA Sky Dragon, because Verizon decided that even if you click "no do not install update 5.0" is still installed it. Don't force me to install an unstable unfinished Kernel on my device that I bought. It's perfect now, battery time is about 10 hours with abt 12-5+min phone calls and 2hrs surfing the web and about 1~1.5hrs of youtube videos.

  • I have a Note 4, currently on KK 4.4.4. It is on UK O2. It will stay on 4.4.4 until Google EVENTUALLY gets it's butt out of the chair and sort out their OS. They are working on M- they haven't even got L working properly yet.
    This is the downside of Android- the time taken to do any updates. Plus all the crapware put into the OS. Plus all the crapware every carrier wants to install "for the perfect user experience".
    I DON'T WANT IT. If some people do, let them download it.
    This is why people are going to Crapple. One OS, with annual updates that everyone gets at nigh on same day it is launched. Windows phone is nearly the same.
    I have had one iphone, the iphone 4- and was bored with it less than a fortnight after getting it out of the box.
    And don't particularly want another.
    When I bought the Note 4, it was a toss up between the LG G3 and Note. Note won.
    Sucked off with Android at the mo. I may put Note 4 back into it's box and go back to my S3- rooted with KK 4.4.4 with Nova launcher. Then the world and dog can just sail serenely by, over my head, and sail into the storm that will be M, N or whatever.

  • HELP!!

  • My LG g3 hasn't even received 5.0 yet?... I have a d850 from att but I still haven't received it.

  • I JUST got the 5.0 update today - I REALLY love what T-Mobile is doing for the industry, but I wish they would invest some time and energy on a very basic internal matter: the frequency of Android os updates! Every phone I've had with T-mobile has taken forever to get updated, and usually the update is to a version of Android that is a few behind the current!

  • it work on my G3

  • I don't know if is something wrong with the New UPDATE to LOLLIPOP 5.0 in my LG G3 Movistar, but sometime or must of the time when I'm in and APP like said WHATSAPP or whatever APP, and a press the triangle (BACK) give an error UNFORTUNATELY, HOME HAS STOPPED and give the ok option ( and send like if a press the square button for recent app)

    Thank you

  • I have a g3 through verizon after the 5.0.1 update my home wi fi dragged so slow it was like dial up.at work wi fi was fine.just my comcast wi fi was messed up.so i find comcast is tryin to hide the issue verizon is hiding the issue.its like easter eggs getting a straight answer.so i found if you download DNSet on playstore your wifi problem dissapears:)

  • The biggest change for 5.1 is that btif_media_task.c should have been fixed on the bitpool value for A2DP bluetooth connections (sound quality at the moment is horrible).

  • The BIGGEST gripe would be the change in "Quiet Mode". I did the update on my Galaxy S5 and lost the ability to set up the Do Not Disturb mode as I was previously used to. The whole "silent mode" that 5.0 comes with is HORRIBLE and I will NEVER upgrade my LG G3. That is one of the most important features to me and I will forever stop the update. It gets annoying but I just DON'T want this update. Thanks for everyone sharing because the update was a disaster for my S5 and I figured that it would be just as horrible for the LG phone. Until I'm FORCED to do it. . my phone will remain on 4.4.

  • 5.0 on my lgg3(AT&T) Works wonderful with no problems at all. Great battery life runs fast and flawlessly.

  • Eddis Jun 16, 2015 Link to comment

    Bad news for lg g3 owners. G3 won't get android 5.1 update.......

  • SCREW LG - I WILL NEVER BUY A PIECE OF THEIR CRAP AGAIN. They like to say LG = "Life's Good" - however, Life is only good for people sitting at LG Electronics USA - because they sit on their hands powerless to do ANYTHING that even resembles customer service. Yeah, I bought a brand new LG G3 phone on 5/22/15 - opened it, it updated itself to lollipop, and ceased connecting to anything since. I went back to Sprint, they said hundreds of people have come in with same issue. Had to send it back to LG - which is ridiculous. Brand new phone will be 3 weeks before I get it back, and when I ask them why this takes so long when they know this is an issue with tons of people, their typical response feels like a basic "To hell with the customer - Life's good for us!" which is most likely the motto in the break room at ‪#‎LGelectronics‬. Ask for a supervisor, and if you're lucky enough to find one around, he is just as powerless, useless, and has a "could care less for customers" attitude. I will NEVER buy another LG product after this. While their product may be nifty and nice - let it give you a moment's problem and you'll find how absolutely horrible and below standard their company's customer service is. All they have is a "this is our policy - so suck on that" response. LG has the worst customer service I have EVER had to deal with. LG SUCKS!

  • My biggest problem with the update is that the Hebrew language in the ui is gone

  • 5.0.1 works perfectly on mine.Not sure what M will bring.

  • There is nothing about update 5.1 in this. Only the name.

  • Thank you for changing the title and giving no new news about the update.!

  • I have a G2 and G3. I had to revert to KitKat because the Lollipop 🍭 update is horrible on both my phones. I'm getting terrible battery drain and they take a long time to charge. WiFi is unstable, the G2 gets hot, random reboots, among other things. Overall, it's just a mess! I'll wait for the next update.

    • I had problems with the lollipop update but they are all gone except for WiFi issues. I did a factory reset and updated all apps and now the battery life is as good maybe even better than it was on KitKat.. 30+ hrs of moderate use (3+ hrs screen on)
      Because of the Wi-Fi issues (lag or just complete fail) I went back to my S4 (KitKat) so I could get notifications on WiFi, but the weird thing is that after transferring my sim card to the S4 my G3 now works perfect on Wi-Fi.. no lag and instant notifications! I will wait and see if the 5.1 update comes soon, but I may pressure Verizon to replace my G3 with the new G4 since it comes with 5.1 ;-)
      I already got them to give me a $10/month discount so I could go to the next data plan since I was using more data because they f'd the Wi-Fi

  • SNault May 25, 2015 Link to comment

    T-Mobile still hasn't updated the LG G3 -- they started but then stopped and never returned with it. I'm thinking they may never update the G3.

  • I'm ok with the google tabs in the recent apps though the over lapping on it is a little annoying and would be better as a setting to choose scroll or grid would be good i can live with it. And the sound profiles and such, and I love the notifications on the lock screen. but I'm so upset with the other things. The home buttons? Why was a simple preference setting changed in a mass update? Trying to accomplish anything during a phone call is for gone. And I hate having the clear notifications on the bottom, as well as them overlapping and on a transparent screen rather then a full black out coming down. I also much perfered the music a part of the lock screen with the name scrolling rather then it being basically the widget on the lock screen. And the Quiet Mode was a huge saver for me and its gone, I relied heavily on it and was an amazing addition to the phone. Yes these may be nit pick things but I loved the phone as it was and with these things gone it's very frustrating.

    • You aren't nitpicking. These are the things that make your phone your phone. I thank you for this assessment because these "little" things are big to me as well.

  • I got my LG upgraded to 5.0.2 and found lot of bugs, the new release is not at all good and its horrible to use...
    1. Picasa uploaded is no more available.
    2. Cant open other application during a phone call, the phone becomes very slow to use.
    3. Secure Memo is disabled, all the secured Memo items got unsecured now. the QuickMemo+ does not have a secure password configured.
    4. The Camera shutter sound cant be disabled.
    5. Touch sensitivity is also not that good.
    6. The phone is getting heated up fast and making the applications slower.

  • Anyone can tell me hot can i manually flash the original lollipop firmware on my sprint G3? It is rooted and whe i go to the update center it sais failure or something like that. Thanks

  • OK, its official, I just spoke to LG who have confirmed that the Lollipop upgrade has numerous issues. Google is working on it but cannot say when they will fix/stabilise the build and provide a release. If, like me, you have upgraded your G3 to Lollipop then the only way to revert to Kitkat is to send your phone into an LG repair centre. On one level we have to feel sorry for the phone manufacturers who have been given a bad release but they really should have made sure their devices worked on the upgrade before they offered it to users. So don't waste your life trying to fix the bugs, either get back to 4.4 or wait until Google release a stable platform.

  • shalom Feb 17, 2015 Link to comment

    My G3 upgraded to Lollipop last week and everything seems to e working well. The one thing I've seen so far tht I don't like is that the soft button symbols don't make sense like the originals did. The old "U" turn, house, and window layerd on another window make a lot more sense and are more relevant than the new triangle, circle, and square.

  • So, i did this and it runs horribly on my LG G3 D855. Is there any way to revert back to the more stable 4.4.2?

    • Yes, just use the LG Fashtool with the factory firmware specific to your device. Be sure to root and then freeze the "software update service" with Titanium Backup to avoid the update notifications.

  • Got 5.1 update this morning on G3. I am in Florida.
    Changes are enjoyable as in notification bar, home buttons (google now is very smooth after update) I'm very happy. My HTC got the update couple weeks ago and same...all is great. No huge changes but running much smoother. Good luck to all and enjoy.

  • Great phone, but when mine upgrade to android 5.0 it became a disaster. Alarm cant work in silent mode, the screenshot shortcut on home button gone and phone become laggy. Can anyone help solve this?

    • OMG I am in full hate mode over the screenshot shortcut issue. I LOVED my Lg G3 because of it....no button pressing...now I have to try and hold down buttons on the back of the phone for a screen shot?..

      • There's an easy way...go.to Settings - Display- Home Touch Button and drag the Qmemo.on to the Home Screen...
        Then when.u wanna take a screenshot...press the Qmemo button on the home screen...and ur screen shot..is there!

  • Jose Feb 4, 2015 Link to comment

    I installed Android 5.0 two days ago and I have noticed that, for example, guest mode has desappeared or the home tactiles buttons shows in a black bar not transparent ( or intermittent )
    What can I do?

  • Anyone have an idea when the LG G3 will get it on Verizon?

  • I've just installed 5.0 and found few bugs that waeren't in the older version:
    1. Screenshot cant be done now by swiping from the buttom.
    2. There is no option like forcing an app to stop by hswiping from the top and holding the app bar


    • These two reasons are why I'm trying to get back to 4.4.2... I almost want to "lose" my phone and get a new reverted one with insurance.

    • There's an easy way...go.to Settings - Display- Home Touch Button and drag the Qmemo.on to the Home Screen...
      Then when.u wanna take a screenshot...press the Qmemo button on the home screen...and ur screen shot..is there!

  • current software version on Cyprus is V20f for the LG G3

  • i already done it 100% but when i open it does't work. why? i still can not open my phone please help me please!

  • Just did the "update" and now my phone is unresponsive? I have the LG G3, on T-Mobile service.

  • Regret for installing lollipop on lg g3 d855. Its like windows vista... Nothing works fine.

  • Got the new version. Problem is , that Hebrew id missing from the language list.

  • Ryan Dec 29, 2014 Link to comment

    LG Phone fried after completing this update. Turned off and did not turn back on. Phone ruined. Had to order a new phone from T-Mobile. Thank God my phone was under warranty!!! Update at your own risk!

  • will this work with d850? or should i be nervous about doing this. i know it says it's for the 855 but im just curious if it's generally the same thing. im a mechanic trying to learn about all this techy stuff and all that so any information is greatly appreciated.

    • Ryan Dec 29, 2014 Link to comment

      See my post below. It fried my D850. Phone turned off during download and never turned back on. Try at your own risk. Had to order a new from from T-Mobile.

  • I have upgraded according to above instructiona, everthing went well except restoration of backup from LG PC Suite.
    When I try to restore it, pc suite restarts my LG G3 and then after 5 mins it says after competing the bar to 100%, "something went wrong, the backup could not be restored" and the the phone turns back on.
    Can anyone helps me on this issue.

  • Have a problem with g3,i have had kit kat 4.4 and i put lollipop on it and now phone is really slow when i tipe a massage and keyboard is too slow,can anyone help me?

  • so I would tend to think that this update will NOT work on an american att d850... am I correct.? Please and thank you in advance for an answer....

  • thanks worked for me to anyone freaking out about the error message "error can connect to server" just don't touch anything leave it be what ever you do don't unplug the device until it's finished.

  • After updating to lollipop LTE services stopped working and i cant go hidden menu option as it says "it doesnt support in this device". Any idea how lte can be turned back on????

  • I tried this and got several errors, someone should make a youtube video.

  • I've got the 5.0.1 via FOTA 2day in Portugal on my G3, some good changes, other changes LG had already implemented, like getting a phone call in a small window while you are playing or doing something in your cellphone, but I'm happy, it's not laggy, and the battery length improved a little bit

  • how do i get the kdz file to open/extract? i keep putting in the password, then nothing happens.. and something else pops up that asks if i want to find something that is compatible with the kdz file..

  • If i manually update do i lose every data on my phone? I dont hav the OTA update i have lg d855 sea version and i liVE in the U.S? Any idea when its coming?

    • Niel Dec 17, 2014 Link to comment

      No you don't lose anything. But it is advised to do a factory reset afterwards, so making a backup can't harm anyone ;)

  • I printed the above instructions and everything seemed ok until I got to the "select KDZ" file. there was one labeled RA and one RC tried them both and it would keep telling me to restart the program or that the cord was disconnected. thoughts? I could use help

  • I have done the update, as per instructions, all is working fine.

    I see there is a new 20D firmware version available.

    Where can I get the KDZ of this firmware?


  • Ridiculous amount of bloatware installed and no way of removing it. From all over the world as well. And no way of turning off the very annoying Orange.fr antivirus.

  • I have downloaded every file mentioned in step 1-3. Everything works perfect for me except the kdz file. when i open it i put in the password you said to put in, it starts downloading, but once it gets to 100% it says error. so basically i cannot open the kdz file. Help?

  • It seems that I have the same doubt about getting new updates in the future. I hope so!
    One question to everyone: is there someone also getting problem while listening to music? My device stops playing music every time I shut the screen off. I tried to install another player (PlayerPro) and it didn't help

    Update: I had to do a clean reinstall with the newest version D85520D and everything's fine now.

  • No LTE on my D855. with two android 5 firmwares i have tried
    3845#*855# doesn't work
    *#*#4636#*#* also doesn't work

  • Is this file going to work for South Korea Version?

  • I've got 3 issues to comment with this rom:
    1. Google play services drains my battery and I don't know if its normal
    2. Sometimes the mobile gets crashed and all the system.ui restarts
    3. Will I recieve the official update (OTA) when it rolls out?
    If someone can answer the question or solve my problems I'd be very grateful

    • There is a newer version of the FW. Try downloading the D85520D and do a CSE update and everything's gonna be way better. With the version of this post I had problem with playing MP3's. After shutting the screen off, after 30 seconds the music stops and the battery drain was a pain in the ass. For now with the newest FW I have no complains.

  • What model do you have?

  • hi i have recently updated all things are working fine but it is not showing Mobile network indicator like 3G,H,H+ etc...

  • It worked fine except screen rotate. No applications can rotate.Is there any workaround to solve that ?

  • Didn't work for me. Kept getting errors installing updates when I plugged in my phone in download mode and then when I went for the update for lollipop it would get to the upgrading your phone portion and say error occured unplug ur phone and battery etc. Tried that....disconnected internet like suggested no go. ...Ugh I give up

  • I am in Poland, so have been using official firmware..so far so good, battery is good and no problems for me..To me lollipop is nothing special besides the Material UI..Only problem i see is options for ROOT..i will go back to 4.4.2 because i prefer root.

  • I couldn't seem to get the first file to unzip..

  • I see everyone posting about version D. Mine shows VS985. WHY IS IT SO DIFFRENT THEN THE OtheR VARIANTS? IS IT BE CAUSE Of VERIZON? IS THE VS985 ACTUALLY SOMETHING ELSE? I'm fairly new to Android so if anyone can help elaborate I appreciate it!!

    • yes there are different variants of each phone, not only with the G3, but also different models or manufacturers..examples are European/International, Korean, and US Carriers namely; AT&T, Sprint, Verizon. Each of these variants carry a different number.
      Be warned that if you update with the wrong variant firmware, you can brick your phone or run into problems..

    • Amigo yo tengo un vs985 verizon y tambien espero respuestas de android 5.0 nadie dice nada avisame si encuentras alguna respuesta saludos

  • Thanks alot ... it's work perfectly.

  • Poland has been the next in line for lollipop rollout, already a week ago updates started rolling out..

  • prince Nov 25, 2014 Link to comment

    i want rom lollipop on lg g flex

  • Has anyone gotten this to work on D850? I want Lollipop and don't want to wait, but the article says that the update provided is for D855 not D850

  • what are the difference of this four versions?


    I tried D85520A_00.kdz and everything is fine.

    Thank you

    • pinoy ka?
      where dod you find the rest of the kdz?
      i installed the 19H (one available thru the link)
      and I didnt like it... theres missing options from the original like hide home touch buttons..etc.

  • Downloaded and installed on my g3.this version is just for beta tester strictly not for everyday use. I found it very buggy almost all the apps get crashes so its batter to wait for the final official release.

  • Is this for 16gb or 32bg variants?

  • I have downloaded and installed everything on my computer per the directions. Then put my phone into download mode and connected to computer. Hit the start on the flash, select language.. then the LG tool takes over and says my phone is not connected to my computer?? But when I open up the "My computer" file the phone shows that its connected and allows me to move files from computer to phone or vice versa. So why wont the LG tool see that the phone is connected? I can't seem to get past this step.. please help..

  • Conecte em nossa comunidade do G3 no Google+ e daremos um suporte maior sobre essa atualização e muito mais.

    Basta procurar no Google+

    LG G3 BR@SIL

    Sejam Bem Vindos!

  • chris Nov 20, 2014 Link to comment

    still no update on my g3 when will it be available

  • is this the legit lollipop or will we need to update once OTA arrives?

  • Do we know if this will work with the D852 from canada, usually the att and bell phones are pretty much the same.

  • Milos Nov 18, 2014 Link to comment

    I also installed 5.0 and its good update. Phone is a lot faster, there are interesting animation.
    I also wonder, will this version, that we installed, receive regular updates once when they arrive?
    There are some app crashes but nothing serious.
    Main problem is huge battery drain when WiFi is on. Also LG Health is using a lot of battery. Before, that app didnt use any battery not now thats app that use the most of battery.

  • Anyone get this to work on Verizon phone?

  • Deni Nov 17, 2014 Link to comment

    I installed android 5.0 on my d855 and its great, but voice mate is missing D:!!!
    i have a few questions about this rom:
    - when 5.01 or whatever is out, will i get the OTA from LG?
    -will i ever get voice mate back?
    - when Android 5.0 is oficially out can i install that builld of the software?

  • Cannot wait until VERIZON releases the lollipop 🍭 update for the LG G3 VS985. The material design, recent apps, and card style is very cool.

  • I cant get 5.0 on my g3. Keep getting error can connect to server

    • Disconnect Inernet connection when you start the update.

      It worked for me...

      LG G3 D855 3GB

      • I am having the same Problem, it also tells me to reconnect the USB cable . PLEASE HELP !

      • I got that message too, but I just didnt close the window or something, just leaved it open in the background. My G3 continued doing the upgrade anyways.
        After some time it disappeared automatically and it said its done. So if your G3 keeps upgrading and doesnt get stuck on that or something I think you can ignore this message (you downloaded the firmware before anyways, so a internet connection wont be that important, as Nikolaj already said it works with internet turned off too)

      • how long did the upgrade take place?

  • It worked on D855!

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