IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb Movies & TV

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the Internet Movie Database. I’ve found it to be extremely useful when I've wanted additional information about a movie or an actor. Now there’s an app available to go with the website, so of course I couldn’t resist checking it out. Read to find out what my verdict is!

Apologies for the screenshots which were taken from the German version of the app.


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Features & Use

IMDb Movies & TV allows you to access the world’s biggest database for films, TV, and stars, and let me tell you that this database is nothing to sneeze at.

When you do a search for a movie you are given the following additional information:

Pictures (Posters/Gallery)
View Trailer (if available)
Cast (full)
Cast & Crew (full)
Reviews & Comments
Critics’ Reviews
Look at on
Buy via
Tell others about this link (via email, Twitter, etc.)

You can find out quick facts about actors under the Cast section: name, date and place of birth. There’s also an image gallery as well as more details:

Known for (movies that the actor’s been involved in)
Complete filmography
Brief Biography
Amusing facts
Find out more
Purchase via
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The search results for TV shows are similar to movie search results, with the additional Episodes per Season category.

You’ll find the following categories under the main menu:

US showing times
US revenue
250 Best movies
250 Worst movies
Best movies by genre
New on DVD & Blu-ray

Even though the app is already available in several languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Italian, and Japanese), the first points are only relevant for US citizens. Same goes for release dates on DVD & Blu-ray.

I’m awarding this app 4 stars nonetheless, because what it has to offer isn’t bad at all.

Screen & Controls

As mentioned above, you’ll find different categories on the main screen, and you can search these categories to your heart’s content. If you’re looking for something specific (movie, TV series, a star) you can also do a search via the menu button/IMDb. The search function works really well: all you have to do is enter one or two keywords related to the movie title or actor’s name and you’ll find what you’re looking for.

On the start screen you’ll find three tabs labeled Movies, TV, and People at the top of the screen. Depending on which tab you’ve clicked on you’ll find thumbnails labeled Most searched for movie title on IMDb, Most searched for TV series, or STARmeter. You can scroll around these thumbnails and find the details you’re after by clicking. Information is then displayed in form of a list which you can click on to get even more details. If you’re in an image gallery and have opened a picture, just slide your finger along the screen and you can access the next image. If a trailer is available you can watch it via a player that resembles the YouTube player or Standard Audioplayer.

IMDb Movies & TV’s controls and navigation work flawlessly and are pretty self-explanatory. As previously mentioned, you can access movies, details, galleries, and son on by clicking on the screen, and are then often led to even more categories or links to movies that star the same actors. You’ll find the following options via the menu button:

Search IMDb

You can select the IMDb website you wish to access (.com,, .de, .es, .fr, .it, .pt) under Settings, as well as the Amazon website of your preference.

Bottom line:
IMDB Movies & TV’s user interface looks good visually and it’s also easy and intuitive to use. This is definitely a must-have for film buffs.

Speed & Stability

The app runs very smoothly: no problems to report.

Price/Performance Ratio

IMDb Movies & TV can be downloaded free of charge from the Android Market.


IMDb Movies & TV IMDb Movies & TV IMDb Movies & TV IMDb Movies & TV IMDb Movies & TV IMDb Movies & TV IMDb Movies & TV

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    Deactivated Account Jul 6, 2010 Link to comment

    I know what you mean about trying to select a movie with someone who's seen eeeverything... Hope this application does the trick!

  • I like the look of it, and I usually try to watch 2 movies per week with my girlfriend. I don't like to often watch movies I have already seen, unless they are some of my favorites. The fact that she has seen pretty much all movies I enjoyed makes finding interesting movies to watch even harder. Maybe this app can help me find films easier.