How to get ''Ok Google'' voice search on any screen

How to get ''Ok Google'' voice search on any screen

Using the hotword ''feature previously limited to Moto X owners. But now, you can enable the function on any device, from a Galaxy S4 to a LG G2 to a Nexus 7. All you need is an internet connection. Here's how to force Ok Google everywhere on your device.

ok google teaser
You you go Ok Google everywhere you never go back. / © NextPit

All you need to do is open a Google Search box and type in: ''Ok Google everyhere''. That's it. Once you've searched for that phrase (or ''unleash the Google'' if the first phrase didn't work) then you will have access to the Ok Google from any screen settings. Honestly. Now you just need to open your Google Settings app (the grey icon with a G and cog in your app drawer). You need to have Audio History enabled in your Voice Settings and for now you must be using US English. Here's the process in screenshots:

AndroidPIT Google Voice Settings
Google Settings > Search & Now > Voice > Set ''US English'' and ''Ok Google hotword detection''. / © NextPit
AndroidPIT Ok Google Detection
Before the ''Ok Google everywhere'' search (left) and after (right). Tap  the check box for ''From any screen''. / © NextPit
AndroidPIT Ok Google Everywhere
Then you'll see a discaimer and you can record your voice for Google. / © NextPit

That's it, once you've enabled Audio History and recorded your voice so Google knows what to listen out for you can activate the Ok Google hotword voice search from any screen on your Android device. Now that you've had a taste of this feature can you imagine ever being without it again? This is truly a historic day in the history of Google Search on Android.

Have you enabled the feature? How often do you use voice search?

Source: XDA Developers

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  • Now there's an issue when I record video on apps like snap chat, and such, I get a continuous pop up saying that it quick search while recording. I x it out and it keeps popping up. Quite annoying.

  • All you need to do is open a Google Search box and type in: ''Ok Google everyhere''. That's it. ..... Honestly. Now you just need to....

  • Can someone help. I have the ok google. works perfectly on every screen. My problem is that it takes over my phones audio to the point that other apps can't launch/won't work/or work in silence. What could it B? Don't see any way around that other then turning off that option. But I WANNA KEEP IT. HELP!!!

    • What do you mean exactly by ''takes over the audio''? Can you give me an example of one of the apps that won't work because of this tip so I can test it and look for a solution?

  • Works fine on HTC ONE M8 and even on GS3 with SOKP ROM
    GR8 Stuff!

  • I found the setting to display it on every screen but it doesnt works on my Note 3

    • Where does it stop working? So you've got the check box? Can you record your ''Ok Google'' examples? Or have you done all that but the hotword detection simply doesn't work after you've set it up?

    • I have the AT&T note 3 and it works perfect on mine,but it does cancel out my ability to use my Voice recorder on my phone,both will not work at same time,but i'm sure Google will work that bug out....

  • Works for me. I think those who couldn't get it work it's because the app is not updated to 3.5.15.xxxx...

    • I have 3.5.15 but there is no option to tick "search from any screen" under voice/ok Google word detection section.

    • I have a GS 3 with custom rom 4.4.2 TW, I only see one checkbox option, which is "From Google Search app"

      By the way, I just updated the Google Search to and Google Play Services 5.0.84 (1259630.036). Still no luck.

      I followed the steps many times. and I also cleared catch, uninstalled and re-installed the app a few times.

      • Hey @Vibrantthemer, I'm not sure why this doesn't work for some people. It sounds like you've done everything right. It just worked for me first try so I didn't have to do any investigations into the process. If you have the latest version of the software already then I don't know why it wouldn't be visible, because as far as I was aware it should have appeared once the latest version was updated.

  • Worked great! After you type in Ok Google Everywhere, go to Google Now, Settings, Voice.

  • I have updated times and again but dont see the option for every screen

  • I have tried this many times but it simply doesnt work. Is Google Launcher a must? Doesn't it work with modified google launcher as found on S5?

    • yes, the same here on my HTC one m8 :(

    • Hey @Saem, Google Now isn't a must (it worked for me on Apex). The Google Search update is coming direct from Google too, so you'll get it sooner or later.

      @Daniel, I've read a few HTC owners are having issues. Not sure if it's coincidence or something weird related to HTC specifically.

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