How to fix ''Google Play authentication is required'' error

How to fix ''Google Play authentication is required'' error

The "Google Play authentication is required" error is a surprisingly common problem on Android devices. It makes you realize just how much you rely on Google products for your smartphone activity, especially the Play Store. The good news is that it's a super easy problem to fix. Just follow the steps provided in our guide below.

There are several different ways to go about solving this problem, from simple data clearing to the more drastic factory reset as a last resort. We've outlined the following methods below.

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Uninstall Play Store updates

Sometimes the problem is not with your credentials but the Play Store itself. Go to the Play Store in Settings > Apps > Google Play Store. Be careful to select Google Play Store, not services.  Then simply hit Uninstall updates. This will take you back to the original version of the Play Store that was installed on your device.

Then, all you need to do to fix the error is install the latest version of the Google Play Store and sign in once again.

google play store updates
Uninstalling updates rolls Google Play back to its default version. / © NextPit

Simply remove your Google account

The error may simply be a sign-in issue, which sometimes occurs when the Play Store is updated. The first trick is to go into your phone's main Settings menu and then Accounts & sync and simply remove the Google account that is getting the "authentication is required" error. Once you've done this, you can re-add the account and it should work just fine. You can also restart your phone before re-adding just in case. However, you may need to do this step along with the second step below.

google play store remove account
You should see your Gmail where the blank white line is. / © NextPit

Try a fresh sync

It's possible that things aren't syncing for some reason, and just need a little push. Go to your Settings, tap Accounts & sync, find your Google account, tap it and select Account sync. Then you can go back to the Play Store and see if the authentication message is gone.

Clear data from the Google Play Store

To clear data from the Play Store, you need to go into Settings and then Apps and find the Google Play Store. Tap it, scroll down and go to Storage. After that simply select Clear data. (You can try just clearing the cache first, if you like, but clearing data will clear the cache as well).

If the previous step (the fresh sync) didn't work for you, try again after clearing cache and data - it could have better results.

google play store clea data
Tap on Clear Data and confirm when prompted. / © NextPit

Download an app using your mobile/desktop browser

This workaround bypasses the malfunctioning Play Store app completely. Go to your web browser and navigate to the Google Play Store website. Try downloading an app directly from there rather than through the Google Play Store app. Just sign into your Google account through your browser and then install the chosen app.

You can also do this on your desktop browser. You will be asked to sign in your Google account and then to select which device you would like to download the app to. As long as your smartphone/tablet is connected to the Internet, the download should begin almost instantly.

downloading pinterest
You will be asked which device you want to install the app too. / © NextPit

If you're still having problems after trying all these steps, run through them again in this order, rebooting your phone between the steps: remove Google account, reboot, uninstall updates, install new Play Store, reboot, add account, and so on. Just keep trying until the error goes away.

The last resort: factory reset

One user tried everything and still couldn't get rid of the error message. However, the last resort worked: a factory reset. Here's how to do it.

Have you suffered from the "authentication is required'' error in Google Play before? How did you solve it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Clear data from the Google Play Store - WORKS for me 100%!! thanks

  • account re-login didn't work. Only cache and storage deletion worked. Thanks Brittney!

  • You can Get Help on 1-888-588-8639

  • 2nd step - deleting and entering accounts - worked. It should NOT be like this. Something is wrong with the most smartphones OS and/or Play Store.

  • Cliff Oct 19, 2019 Link to comment

    I have installed play store in my Amazon device but the problem is now authentication error

  • You can Get Help on 1-888-588-8639

  • I can't install ptm

  • Google play not supported on your tablet after replacing screen

  • meee Aug 22, 2019 Link to comment

    I have attempted everything to get rid of the dreaded "Account Action Required" I have cleared the data, i have cleared the cache. It will NOT let me remove the accounts. I have removed them off my pc but the error still persists! Please there has to be something else!

  • Vijay Jul 24, 2019 Link to comment

    I was trying to install Firefox Focus & could not find it in the store.
    It was there in the previously installed app list, so had to install it from there.

  • Uninstall updates only works until play store then updates again, then the problem is back. I have factory reset multiple times, but it keeps happening.

  • Im using a samsung tablet s2 and my google version is 12.7.36 but theres no accounts and sync in settings and there isnt an uninstall updates button pls help i dont want to factory reset

  • Thanks man you're a lifesaver.

  • Thanks for your note.
    Was helpful

  • Cleared Data, worked like a charm thank you.

  • It needs patience to solve this issue: "google play not working", because the Google play control many apps in Android, without which, your life fails. This error occurs, after updating the Android system to 8.0.0 and not knowing why the issue occurs?
    Step by step, I follow the advices and successfully revive the Google Play Service, PAy, Map, Document, Drive, Youtube, etc. Summary: Apps, Force stop Google Play, Storage, Clear Cache, remove all Gmail account, add Gmail account. Completed. Thanks.

  • Clearing Data finally worked for me. I was SOOOO happy THANKS

  • Spep Jun 29, 2018 Link to comment

    "It makes you realize just how much you rely on Google products for your smartphone activity, especially the Play Store" Actually, it makes me still have lack of faith for the future of user-friendly products. I changed my password to Gmail, so why can't I simply just do something as simple as re-login? The quote should be "It makes you realize how Google still doesn't give a shit about users" But thanks for the way to fix it. I'll try it now.

  • Thanks very much i tried it and it worked so easy im so happy i was worried

  • It worked! Thanks! :)

  • I always try a Clear Data first, as it often fixes things in my experience. I've only had to uninstall updates once and that was my fault for "playing" with Play Store apps that weren't intended for release/use in the US.

  • SOLVED for when Google won't let you sign-in to post a review. Go to Settings -> Then Site Settings -> Then Cookies -> Check Allow Third Party Cookies. Exit. Solved.

  • Uninstalling Updates Fixed it on my Moto G5+.

    Steps to uninstall "Play Store" updates on MOTO G5+

    1. Go to Settings 2. Go to Google Play Store 3. Tap Google Play Store & in Upper right corner 3 vertical dots appear 6. Tap on dots & Uninstall Updates

  • Jeff Feb 14, 2018 Link to comment

    I agree with most everyone here, uninstall and reinstall updates fixed it. Thus, it should be put there as step #1 before anything else. Thanks btw! 😎

  • Wind Jan 17, 2018 Link to comment

    I made the effort to sign in to write this message to thank the content producer. Thank you.

  • This is a great article... but the last item (uninstall and re-install updates) needed to be presented FIRST... as it is the least invasive and damaging to the system. The others are like using a bulldozer to dig a rose garden.

  • Great advice on how to fix Google Play - the photos of each step really helped as there are many ways to remove a google account, and I was doing it the wrong way! Thanks!

  • Yeah I just searched Google Play on my computer, found the app I wanted to install, and verified my account that way

  • Thank you So much for this post, it helps me a lot.

  • I tried all of this but it still doesn't work! And the hardest part is the last resort: FACTORY RESET! I lost all my data hoping that my Google Play Store still doesn't work!

  • Suggestion 1 worked like a charm. Had an odd error where Google no longer showed up in my Accounts menu but after using a Google app it showed up again. Thanks for the help!

  • Well in my case, the problem was occurring because one of my google accounts needed a password confirmation, even though I was using the other google account.

  • I was attempting to do this on a Galaxy Tab 2, so after forcing a stop to the Google Play Store application, I had to open the "Storage" submenu to CLEAR DATA.
    Then we were able to actually download the Google services update, going through the terms & conditions in the process.
    What a crappy error message.

  • My issue seems to be different than most with this error. I can download and use apps fine but if I try to make a purchase I get the error and it happens with every account I create. I have done everything but factory reset my phone as I have apps that I can only transfer or get into manually and don't have another device to transfer them too for any amount of time. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am so happy for those of you who followed these steps with success. However I have completed all of them on my Samsung Galaxy tablet and nothing worked! I have done everything on my Samsung Galaxy s5 phone except resetc to factory settings. I have tried going through Google then to apps and still cannot download. So frustrating! I cannot do anything online that requires payment. Every time I get the authorization required. Sign into your Google account. I have deleted accounts and added new accounts and am stuck. Who fixes this one? Seriously!

  • Thank you so much it worked :)

  • the first and second step solved mine. Thanks

  • When i install smaller app the error does not hit but when i try to install larger app (aspalt 8) the error comes back again i hope you understand

  • I have never had mentioned issue and I'm glad for that :)

  • If you remove ur account or clear cache will it delete any of your apps on the phone

    • Hi Ryan,
      clearing the cache or removing your account will not remove the installed apps. When you remove your account you will not be able to update the apps anymore, though.

    • No offense bro ... But your comment made me laugh a lot :D May be you come from iOS world / may be this the first your android experience .. What's sure is you're totally new to Android World ... Welcome from Android World bro :D ..

      Android has "unlimited things" to explore more and more even without Root .. After Root , that's Ultimate Android Experience ..

      Have Fun! I've been rooting , tweaking , flashing over 200 time over 4 years with 8 different devices LOL :D

      But , Trust me , Just go for "Stock Android" if you like android, Eg. like google Pixel .. tweaking is cool , but it made problems often , Stock is the best after 4 years of Rooting :D

  • I solved the problem by signing in the PlayStore through web on the computer. I've made the purchase and then login to phone's PlayStore and I'm able to download the paid apps after that payment through computer.

  • Mine is still not letting me

    • try log in to PlayStore through computer. Make the purchase then log back to phone's PlayStore then u will b able to download.

  • Thanks a lot.

  • For me clearing the cache and data on the Play Store app was all that was required.

  • Will deleting my google account delete my Google Docs and Google Sheets?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Don't delete your Google Account to fix this error. You just have to sign out of the account on the device, then sign back in again later. Deleting the account is not necessary. If you delete your account, you most likely won't be able to get your data back.

  • I'm facing similar issues with Google Play Services (P.S. not Play Store), it asks for authentication every moment resulting my device getting freezed & hinders in accessing the applications. The google play services version is 10.0.84 in android 4.4.2. Plz help me out if any solution is there, my phone is almost dead kind of (Zombie!) Currently, I'm getting my things done with factory version of Play services, but that doesn't let me access through Google applications, rest of the applications works well.

  • Ok. So everyone, I THINK I'VE FOUND A SUREFIRE WAY OF RIDDING THAT MESSAGE!!! Ok, so what you do is go into your Internet browser and search Google Play. Go into the online website and try installing your app that way. A screen will pop up with your gmail, but you have to put in your password. Do that then retry installing the game. I did it and it downloaded that very second

  • Stein Jan 27, 2017 Link to comment

    So none of this worked and since the only other option was try keep trying I'm essentially SOL then right

  • Thanks -- insanely well prepared information, thanks. "Clear data" worked in this case. What a relief!
    I have a Nexus 6P, which has proven to be a great improvement over the Samsung it replaced and I enjoy having a "tidy" Android environment, but sure enough the dreaded "login retry" arrived and slowly the apps became so out of date, things got ... ugly. I tried deleting my account (after backup) as my own idea, along with several other "brute force" attempts to shake myself free from this mobius loop and no luck, but the simplest idea proved the best: delete data. After a black screen and a reboot, Google Play Store (what an odd name) revived itself and promptly took on the task to "update all" (which also gave me the opportunity to delete 20+ apps that I just don't trust with access beyond the bare minimum I think could possibly be useful.)
    I still need some tips on finding the offending app(s) that's causing UI pauses and hiccups (the phone is still damn fast, but it clearly has one or more apps interrupting the UI, causing stutters.)

  • I tried all method including to install the latest Google Play Store apk but it still doesn't work... :( Note: I'm using NOX Emulator

    • Just search for the apk from the net, and install it manually. It will even work on a tablet.

      • Many apks on the internet are modified to add some harmful behaviors like steal your information, auto send sms... Do what you want but always know the risk.

  • I was having this problem on an old Motorola Xoom tablet and tried these steps repeatedly and was still getting the same error. The ONLY solution for me was to do a Factory Reset. It's now working wonderfully! It was very much worth going through the Factory Reset process.

  • Moises Oct 21, 2016 Link to comment

    Thnx m8! It wurked liek a charm!

  • What worked for me: I went to the phone 'Settings', 'Accounts', 'Google', then I clicked on my email address. There is a list of all apps that Google syncs with. There was a 'Sync error' message on some. However, 'Sync Chrome' was disabled. I found it odd, so I enabled it and synced everything again by selecting 'More', then 'Sync now' or 'Sync all'.

    I went back to the Play Store and the Authentication message was gone :D

  • I have an HTC One Max phone. One of the HTC apps needed to connect to my Google account. After months of not being able to update my apps or access my Gmail, I finally figure it out. So, whatever phone brand you have, like Samsung or LG, try the pre-installed apps from that brand.

  • After doing all these things also authentication fails . Is it necessary to put sim card.

  • It does not work, I flow this step, it also has the authentication error .

  • I am trying an Andriod device after 4 years of using my iphone 5 (worked pefectly 2012-2016 until it felt in the sea), and Now, I get this fucking error in first five minute of using an Andriod device. I am done.

    I recently bought Xiaomi Redmi 3 and I was facing the same problem. The ONLY thing you should do is to download the latest version of Google Play Services Apk and I strongly recommend you to visit the site androidapksfree and search for the latest verison. Hope this will work for you guys :)

    • Hi thanks, this is exactly what i need because above steps are not working for me

    • Mithun Sep 20, 2016 Link to comment

      Thank Your Suggestion Worked for me

    • Artemis - you're an angel! I also have Xiaomi Redmi 3 (Pro) and your solution is the only thing that worked. The other solutions suggested here perhaps work on other phones but for mine it just made the bad situation even worse. Worth mentioning that it's important to choose the proper version for your Android version and device type.

    • I recently reactivated an old Samsung Galaxy S and had this problem. I tried ALL of the suggestions I found online and this is the ONLY one that worked. Thank you!!

  • H E L L O , i didn't need to remove my google account - i just uninstalled the Google Play Store updates (as of above) and everything worked fine . . . so i suggest trying this first . . . saves the unneccessary hassle of removing your account . . .

  • I'm having the authentication error message as well. I have followed your instructions, as well as everyone else s on this problem. My issue is when I get to Uninstall Updates, unfortunately I don't have that on my screen, therefore I cant complete the fix. Could you please help with this. I am getting really frustrated. I can use the Play Store to download, but when I want to download games that's when the issue occurs. I have a Note 4.

  • XD Q Jun 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Thanks You Are The Best

  • many thanks step 1 worked for me

  • None of these worked, I tried over and over again, yet doesn't work, I can't download another app ever again!?

  • hello bro... please help me to get back my email by hack with someone not responsible...please bro... help me... i need this email for my work...

  • Hi, by mistake I uninstalled the Google play store from my phone ,how to get it back as phone is not responding to wi fi,plz help

    • download google play apk from apk mirror. put it on your sd card or with usb deb. jusy install and allow it from install blocked

  • 4 hour's of all the above and zero luck... extremely frustrated......just started having issue...the first few times i could bypass by way of laptop and given game would install on tablet.. now it shows only compatible app as being my phone
    I double checked my parental settings luck. HELP

  • MEGHA May 30, 2016 Link to comment

    THANK U THANK U...............SOOOOOO MUCH
    STEP 1 WORKED ................................

  • first step works like magic. thank youu !!

  • It worked like a bomb. Thank you so much.. :* :*

  • a huge thank you guys for your help!

  • Abdul Apr 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I did everything you said. Nothing solved.
    I am using GB rom

  • Good afternoon guys, was hoping someone could help me here. I restored my factory settings on my device and afterwards I'm no longer able to get anything to work on Play Store. I followed the steps set out above (multiple times)and keep getting the authentication error as well as the "App could not be downloaded due to an error. (Error while retrieving information from server. [RPC:S-7:AEC-7 7RIN-7LA4-GC7W4]" error. Are these somehow connected? And does anyone please have advice on a possible solution?

  • Or if it is so f-ing common - why do you not just have a AUTHENTICATE HERE BUTTON with a f'kn sign in dialogue box. Or is that entirely too f'n easy of a g-d solution

  • A great thank for your help

  • I tried following instructions, but id hasn't worked. I also tried accessing my games I downloaded, but they don't seem to respond either

  • HSBC updated their app but whenever I tried to use the app I was met with a message that said Google Play authentication is required. The steps that helped me was step 2 and that was clearing the cache. Once I did that I was able to use the google play store or rather I was able to use the Hsbc app without any problems.

    If you having problems I recommend doing step 2 first.

  • I try to purchase something on a game and it gives me this "authentication is required you need to sign into your google account" and I'm already signed into my google play account

  • Do step#2 first - it's easier and it worked for me. Clear data & cache from Google play app under settings.

  • Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much. I thought I could never download awesome apps again!

  • Make sure you are deleting the problem account which isn't necessarily the primary one. You find it by trying to access playstore from each different gmail account in the playstore settings menu. The problem one will have a password prompt. The others will all have the authentication error. I think this happened because I changed the password in the problem gmail account (that should never have been primary anyway) and it couldn't log in.

    Deactivated Account

  • Thanks!! Number 2 helped me. Thanks to this article

  • What if I have redeem Money on the account

  • Thank you, this was the only solution that worked, I tried everything on the web, I tried with youtube tutorials and nothing worked. The issue was pretty bad because I was using a brand new Sony Xperia, just setting it up when the issue appeared so the phone just had default apps... The point is that it's an issue related to the google account itself, the trick of uninstalling play store or deleting the cache memory might work on new models, but on some other it doesn't. I recommend to switch to the original account that was set to the phone the first time, or try switching to a different google account!

  • qif4 Dec 21, 2015 Link to comment

    It really works yeahhhhh! Thank you😁

  • So, I rebooted, signed into my account via gmail, went into Play Store, signed in again, installed all updates for everything. Thanks for the help!

  • So, I guess I just reinstall things in some random order, or what?

  • Sync settings is greyed out. no option to delete account

  • I did so. but it facing trouble now to connect to google server

  • Your article was interesting, precise. It worked!! I was struggling with it for quite some time. Thanks

  • Google play is requesting me to confirm my password on my new phone that I have not set up at all, and when I put my google account password it would tell me wrong password. Please how do I fix this problem. The phone is new, I have not done any set up on it and I can't understand why its requesting me to confirm my password.

    • I had the same problem; and I tried all suggested solutions in different support forums without success. I reported a video in Youtube (Sony XPERIA Z5 Compact: Google Play Store and other Google account problems) explaining the problem. However since I have two recently purchased phones of exactly the same type and only one of them gave me a problem I sat down yesterday and revised the procedures I used for installing all my stuff. I realized that in the phone that caused me trouble, I initially set a 4 digit screen code. And that was what Play store wanted to open. It has no meaning, - but it worked.

  • adr Nov 10, 2015 Link to comment

    Rebooting the phone fixed this issue for me.

  • If i remove the account will i lose all my messages and

    • @Belinda, no data will be lost. You are just removing the account and re-adding it back. I have tried it numerous times and I haven't lost any data although Google will sync your gmail etc once again considering your account is added fresh.

      And if you are really skeptical about it, you can always backup your data using third party apps. APKMirror houses almost all the applications from playstore if you want to download it directly to your phone(considering your playstore shows the error).

  • I ended up having to use the 2nd method, but it worked PERFECTLY!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

    Google really needs to add some instructions on how to remedy that issue right there in the error message itself!

  • Help me now pls

  • It didnt work i do what all you said

  • Didnt work now im backing up my phone for a factory reset this made my phone go from worse to worst my phone is truely messed up thx guys

  • Really helped me out

  • Had this problem, I was using 2 email accounts plus FB and messenger. All was resolved when I uninstalled Google play updates. Using Android 5.001 click settings/apps /google play/uninstall updates

  • I don’t even have to attempt this solution to tell you that this is NOT a “super easy problem to fix.” Maybe SOME people have just ONE Google Account, no Facebook, and nothing else synchronized. For those people, deleting their Gmail account and adding it again, is no problem. For the rest of us who have multiple accounts synchronized together, it will be an absolute NIGHTMARE to re-synch every contact in your Gmail, which for me, is over 1,000 people or entities. No thanks. I’ll just update “My apps” using the “All” tab — which works WITHOUT authentication.

  • How do you restore Google play services on a android phone

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