Galaxy Note 7 breaks sales record following launch

Galaxy Note 7 breaks sales record following launch

Pre-orders for the Galaxy Note 7 have been the strongest of any Galaxy device, early reports are indicating. Samsung's new flagship phablet was announced on August 2 and, with pre-orders hitting 200,000 since launch day, this puts the Note 7 at double the number of pre-orders for the Galaxy S7 after the same time period after launch.

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Pre-orders for the Note 7 have been strong. / © NextPit

The news comes courtesy of the Korea Herald, reporting that this is a sales record for Samsung. We aren't completely surprised, considering we found it to be an overall impressive phone in our hands-on review. One of the reasons for the strong sales, according to the Korea Herald, is that Samsung marketed the Note 7 aggressively. However, this is nothing new – the South Korean manufacturer splashes out for the launch of every flagship device. 

Samsung splashes out for the launch of every flagship

There are some perks that buyers of the Note 7 also get which probably contribute to the strong sales. These include a Gear Fit 2 fitness band, worth $177, thrown in for free, along with half-price repair costs for broken displays. If that wasn't enough, there's even a $90 gift card that can be used at the Samsung Pay Mall. 

This is a crucial time of year for Samsung. With its second flagship of 2016 now on the market, it's almost iPhone time. iPhone 7 time, to be exact. It's important for Samsung to generate as much hype and sell as many phones as possible before Apple releases its new iPhones, with end-of-year sales for the US brand consuming the lion's share of all smartphones across the industry. 

Are you at all surprised with these pre-order figures? Let us know in the comments. 

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  • Very surprised and happy, poor Apple and their laziness. They had it coming and well deserved for Samsung. I pre-ordered mine as well!

  • I'm sad to say it, but Samsung has lost me as a loyal customer. They are no longer making products that meet my minimum requirements. At least LG still offers something that works for me......

    Deactivated Account

  • I also have the Note 4 which has served me so, so well, however it's now time to pass it on to someone who needs it more than me....maybe an iphone user? Now I'm awaiting my new Note 7 to be delivered in blue coral along with the blue LED flip wallet. Can't wait!

    • Very true to tht statment love my note 4 to death but note 7 hooked me line and sinker and is a worthy upgrade to the note 4 in my book have to pass it on. By far this note 4 in my book brought me over from apple so to see this note 7 coming out is a plus for note fans like me man I can not wait for arrival day !

  • I've got a Note 5 and Love it! I aLso ordered a Note 7.
    The battery issue and storage issue mean little when I rarely keep a phone 2 years.

  • Mike Aug 10, 2016 Link to comment

    I still like my Note 4. Maybe when the Note 8 shows up...

  • Note 4 to Note 7 is a very easy upgrade to make. Not surprising it's selling like hot cakes!

  • To be expected, Samsung is Android

  • I am not surprised, the Note 5 was a disappointing handset having removed the two features that were there right from the start, expandable memory and swappable battery resulting in many Note users like me not upgrading, my Note 4 still rocks. Also of course Europe didn't have the option anyway to aquire officially anyway, at least with the memory issue being addressed and blistering specs it is bound to do well. Well done Samsung 😊

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