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Flappy Bird still available on Google Play (seriously)

Flappy Bird still available on Google Play (seriously)

We already shared the APK of Flappy Bird with you last week, but if you're not comfortable with installing an unsigned APK from a file hosting site that you can't verify, especially in the wake of all the malware-in-Flappy-Bird-clones stories flying around, then never fear because we just figured out how to install Flappy Bird from the Play Store onto any device, even though it's been removed. Yes, you read that right, and it's surprisingly simple.

Flappy Bird Teaser
Never fear, you can still get Flappy Bird from the Play Store! / © .GEARS Studios

How to get Flappy Bird from the Play Store

All you need to do is get the device you want Flappy Bird on and add the Google account of someone you know who had installed Flappy Bird before. Once you've added their Google account to the device, go to the Play Store app and swipe out the navigation drawer and go to My Apps. Flappy Bird will appear in their list of installed apps (whether they deleted it or not) and you can then access the now-removed app profile page and install the game as you would normally.

Once you've installed the app simply remove your friend's Google account from the device, log back into yours and you will now have Flappy Bird installed on your device, from Google Play, after it was officially removed. Who knows if this trick will work forever, so feel free to share this article with your friends who missed out on the Flappy Bird phenomena the first time around. Now you can make use of our tips and tricks for Flappy Bird.

Have you installed Flappy Bird using this method? Are you happy that you can still get it?

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  • Downloading it from a friend's Google account? Is that not piracy? File-sharing? Wouldn't that make this post promoting piracy?

    • Hey @Jerry, as far as I'm aware you can't pirate a free app on an open source platform from the Google Play Store. But if you know better, please let me know. My understanding is that this is really no different from reloading an app on a new device that you own - piracy would be getting a paid app from a dodgy source.

  • iMaC74 Feb 14, 2014 Link to comment

    lol seen a Galaxy S4 with Crappy Bird installed on eBay £8000 wtf! 😏

    • I guess not enough people have read this or the Flappy Bird APK article, huh? Haha, wouldn't you just die if you paid £8000 for that S4 and then realized you could've googled it and got it for free!

  • clouds Feb 13, 2014 Link to comment

    It's not worth the trouble ;)

    • Maybe not (personally I'm glad to be rid of the dastardly thing), but there's apparently eBay bids on iPhone 5s's with Flappy Bird installed for thousands of dollars, so I assumed a few people might still want to know how to get it!

    • Iz haz hackez vershionz

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