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Smart home, smartwatch, smart... phone. Everything seems to have become smart. Even light bulbs, washing machines and microwaves seem to be smarter than ourselves in some aspects. Our day to day lives are made easier and more pleasant thanks to that 'smart' that goes before so many things... and of course, this intelligent invasion could not help but touch a rather fundamental part of life. Now sex is getting smart too. Welcome to the world of hi-tech sensuality.

From waking up with a smile to providing or receiving pleasure at a distance, to enjoying the rhythm of music, measuring your orgasms or an infinite number of other possibilities that, thanks to technology and artificial intelligence are now possible. Alone or alone, pairs, in groups. As you wish. Put a little technology into your sex life and get out of the routine.

Vibease, pleasure at a distance

This vibrator, the first smart vibe in the world, has remote control thanks to an app that you install on your smartphone. Come on, your partner can activate it even if they are not with you at the time and so you still enjoy an evening together. Of course, it is also valid if both of you are in the same room. It goes without saying that it's perfectly suited for a cozy night alone too.

It also syncs with your favorite audiobooks and charges via USB, as well as being compatible with Android smartphones and iPhone. Guaranteed fun alone or in a  couple.

A very clever lipstick

From the same company comes this lipstick that you can always have in your bag. Discreet, elegant and prepared for any occasion. "Tell your virtual companion what you want and he'll do his job to satisfy you," goes the somewhat blunt tagline. Thanks to voice-controlled artificial intelligence, this intelligent lipstick takes commands from you through the application's virtual assistant. Vibease's smart lipstick responds to your voice with verbal answers and physical vibrations.

smart lipstick vibease
Who knew this wasn't lipstick? / © Vibease

Inspired by Spike Jonze's movie Her, in which a lonely Joaquin Phoenix ends up having a love story with a virtual assistant on his smartphone, this smart 'lipstick' claims to be a perfect companion in your bedroom... or wherever you want.

animated gif massage
Your virtual partner can help you / © Vibease

We-Vibe Pivot, as a ring to the finger

Cock rings are also getting smart. We-Vibe's Pivot takes the traditional sex toy for men, also enjoyed by women, one step further and connects it to a smartphone application that controls the movement and intensity of the vibration. And not only that, but you can also connect with another person and make the two of you give each other pleasure through the smartphone.

pivot wevibe smart sex toy
If you want you can connect with your partner thanks to the app and play from a distance. / © We-Vibe

Press III, for them alone or accompanied

The world's first men's vibrator, or Guybrator, if you will. This is the announcement of the Pulse III, a stimulator specially designed for men that can also be enjoyed in pairs by adding a small accessory. The good stuff? You don't need to use your hands. It has a remote control, is water resistant and is charged by USB.

The Pulse III has won several awards and ensures pleasure in a simple way.

pulse 3 male vibrator
The world's first men's vibrator can be used alone or accompanied / © Hot Octopuss

Lioness, the Fitbit of your sex life that studies your orgasms.

Knowledge is power. In any field, also in your sex life. Lioness is a toy that is not only designed to provide pleasure but also to learn a little more about yourself. Specially created for women's enjoyment, Lioness monitors your orgasms with an app. Like a sex Fitbit, your sexual activity bracelet...

Liz Klinger and Anna Lee created Lioness in response to the need for women to gain self-esteem through sex and learn more about their bodies. Female sexuality has been - and still is in many parts of the world - a taboo subject.

Osé, the toy too sexy for Las Vegas

Winner of one of the Innovation Awards at this year's CES in the category of robots and drones, this robotic massager was embroiled in controversy when it was excluded from the technology show and stripped of its prize. Apparently, or so the organizers of the Las Vegas event said at the time, the product did not comply with the rules. And not because it did not have the cutting-edge technology that made it worthy of the distinction, no, but because it was "immoral, obscene, indecent profane or that does not agree with the image of the CTA (Consumer Technology Association)," in the words of the organization itself. How is it possible for an independent panel to highlight Ose from the rest and then take away his award?

lora di carlo ose smart sex toy
The polemic sexual toy using micro-robotics. / © Lora DiCarlo

Scandals aside, this gadget created by startup Lora DiCarlo features pioneering technology and was designed in collaboration with Oregon State University's robotics lab. Ose uses advanced micro-robotics that mimic the sensations of the human mouth, tongue and fingers to provide an experience that feels like a "real companion" without the need for vibration.

Wake-up Vibe, for a pleasant awakening

Raise your hand, who's always really happy to hear their alarm clock in the morning? Not many, I guess. And the sound of the alarm is one of the worst things in adult life. What if I told you you could get out of bed with a smile? This is the purpose of Wake-up Vibe, which combines an alarm clock with a pelvic massager. Now getting up early won't be a problem... At least for some of them.

wakeup vibe smart sex toy
Wake up with a different "sound" / © Wake Up Vibe

Realistic sex robots, both men and women

We arrive at the crown jewel of sex toys, where artificial intelligence and the latest technologies are combined. Human-looking sex robots are the future of pleasure, at least some experts predict. There has been considerable progress in this field. They talk, move like people, and provide sexual satisfaction.

Here are two examples that have come to the fore this year: Henry, the male robot, and the Real Doll X, from which you can choose from face to hair color. Henry, created by Realbotix, is 1.82 meters tall, has green eyes and you can modify his personality through an application on your smartphone. You can have a conversation, recite poems and even make jokes...

The Real Doll X robot, for its part, is considered the first sexual robot with artificial intelligence. With prices as high as $20,000 (almost nothing), Harmony, as it's called, is a kind of chatbot that is synchronized through an application on the smartphone or PC. "Designed to be our companion, friend or lover," as its creators state, it can learn over time and, of course, it is also capable of holding conversations.

Whatever your tastes, technology can help you get what you want. Well, maybe not every single thing. What is clear, however, is that the paths of pleasure are manifold and inscrutable.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think about the role of technology in the world of sexuality?

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    BobLewis May 21, 2019 Link to comment

    These innovative sex toys are indeed the game changers of this era. The technological advancements and easy to use nature have made it fun for everyone. I read the reports on Pulse III a few days back. I have always got really curious about hands free sex toys. They seem so easy and let the users explore other sexual adventures by keeping the "hands free". This is the article I found where the details of the best hands free sex toys are available I The information about Pulse III got me psyched.