Best free themes for CyanogenMod (CM 11)

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There are so many great themes available for CyanogenMod 11 and Paranoid Android that they could quickly send you broke. But there a bunch of great free themes for CM 11 that will totally refresh the look of your Android with the touch of a button. Here's the best free themes for CyanogenMod 11 that I've been enjoying lately.

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android l homescreen nexus 5 teaser02
Theming your Android can bring a world of change with just one button. © NextPit

To let you see the major differences, I've left everything the same and simply applied the themes through CyanogenMod's theme engine. To find more themes, you can install CyanogenMod's Theme Showcase app to browse CM themes, access them via the Themes option in the Settings menu (just hit Theme Packs and Get More) or simply by typing CM 11 into the Google Play Store.

AndroidPIT CM11 Themes Showcase Settings
The Theme Showcase (left) tends to cost money, so just hit Get More in the Theme settings (right) to find plenty of free CM 11 themes. © ANDROIDPIT

Android L

As soon as the Android L developer preview was released some people got straight to work updating their apps to follow the new Material Design guidelines. Others, like the developer behind the free theme Android L for CM 11, went to work recreating the entire look of Android l as a theme. The result is stable, smooth and fantastic. If only all developers worked this quickly.

AndroidPIT CM11 Themes Android L
The Android L theme is one of the slickest I've seen for free. © ANDROIDPIT/tung91


If you can't bear the thought of Material Design, then you can hold onto the Holo world as tightly as you want when we all make the jump to Android 5.0 by installing the Holofied theme. It's not as fully developed as some of the themes on this list, so you'll have to use an icon pack to get the full effect, but it's a great way to stick with what you've currently got.

AndroidPIT CM11 Themes Holofied
If you've ever written the words ''Holo because Yolo'' you'll like Holofied. © ANDROIDPIT/NSultan

Flattington Dark

One of our community members put me onto Flattington Dark, and while I'm not the biggest fan of brown I have to admit that there's a lot of style in this theme. From the unique navigation buttons to the cool bubble icons for Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, there's a lot of thought put into Flattington Dark. It's definitely one of the more memorable themes I've seen for CM 11.

AndroidPIT CM11 Themes Flattington Dark
Flattington Dark is a very stylish theme for CM 11. If you like brown. © ANDRODIPIT/yackovsky


There's something a little dated about Cyanoid, but I really like it's cool neon outlines and tech nerd vibe. Sometimes I want to crawl back into my nerd cave from my youth, and Cyanoid helps me fulfill that urge with it's late 90s animations. There's cool awkward touch animations too, so it's not all old school design either. Definitely worth a try for a bit of a interface flashback. If you know the film Hackers, you know what I'm talking about.

AndroidPIT CM11 Themes Cyanoid
Cyanoid let's me re-live my late 902 Hackers obsession. © ANDROIDPIT/srijith

Yellow Gold

If yellow is more your color then try Yellow Gold. There's not all that much to the theme, but there's something I really like about. Kind of bitumen meets sunflowers or something. Sometimes all you need is a little shift of color to liven things up, and no other theme does it better than Yellow Gold.

AndroidPIT CM11 Themes Yellow Gold
Take a walk down the yellow brick road with Yellow Gold. © ANDROIDPIT/NikhilB

What are your favorite themes for CM 11? How far do you take your theming?

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  • cmzh1999 Sep 3, 2014 Link to comment

    I'm interested in the screen shots showing group of 4 icons in the program launch bar at the bottom of the screen. On my Samsung Galaxy S2 running stock ROM 4.1.2 at the very bottom I have "Phone, Contacts, Messaging, Internet and apps (which opens the apps drawer). But you have amazing 16 shortcuts? Is this a feature of Cyanogen Mod or how did you achieve that?
    Thanks you very much for a quick feedback.

    • Kris Carlon Sep 14, 2014 Link to comment

      They are just folders using Apex Launcher. Most custom launchers allow you to customize how many apps you have horizontally and vertically on your home screen and in the app drawer, as well as letting you decide how folders are displayed.

      • Myles Russ Nov 18, 2014 Link to comment

        Hi I was just wondering if you could show us how you step your luncher like in the screenshots as well as that clock widget you're using. Thank you :)

  • rahul bj Sep 3, 2014 Link to comment

    I want to install cyanogen mod on my Samsung galaxy tab 2 gtp3100, is that possible ?

    Please help me

    • Nelson Branco Sep 5, 2014 Link to comment

      Check cyanogenmod installer , probably ??? will work with your phone.

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