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AndroidPIT VanMoof S3 ride
© NextPit

There are countless e-bikes on the market these days, but the models we show you here are not like all the others. These e-bikes are actually the best, at least in their own discipline.

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VanMoof Electrified S3

The Electrified S3 is the latest generation of the VanMoof front-wheel-drive e-bike. This bike is characterized by an integrated battery, a boost button, and integrated theft protection. Subscribers to the "Peace of Mind" package can have the e-bike recovered by VanMoofs Bike Hunters in the event of theft. If they cannot find the thief, you will get a new bike as a replacement.

AndroidPIT VanMoof S3 back
It almost looks like its predecessor, but the S3 has been improved in many areas compared to the S2. / © NextPit

Much more important than the improvements are the typical VanMoof features such as kick lock, hydraulic brakes, etc., is the fact that VanMoof makes the bike 100 percent itself. There are no longer any suppliers, and the company can now build the bikes in its own factory in Taiwan. This also benefits the buyers of an S3 or X3, because the price drops to $1,998/£1,750.

Sushi Bikes: the best-priced e-bike

E-bikes do not always have to cost thousands of dollars. Andy Weinzierl proves this with his Sushi Bike. With his e-bikes for just €999, the young entrepreneur was able to convince Joko Winterscheidt himself and win him over as an investor. After a week of testing the Sushi Bike in the Maki M2 version, we too can issue an all-round approval rating. We found it particularly good that the bike does not need an app at all. It can, therefore, be used immediately without getting any pairing. Another bonus of the Sushi Bike is the removable chic battery, which can also be used as a power bank for your smartphone.

ANdroidPIT Sushi Bike Maki M2 bike
The Sushi Bike Maki M2 is simple, yet good. / © NextPit

The only criticism of the e-bike is the rough riding. If you don't like it as hard as a brick, you should look for a padded and, if necessary, spring-loaded saddle when buying a Sushi Bike.

Ducati MIG-RR: an off-roader with pedigree

Coming out of the Italian motorcycle workshop is also an e-bike, and what a beauty! The Ducati MIG-RR is a really noble mountain bike, which was equipped only with the finest components. Fork and dampers come from Fox, Shimano provides the four-piston brakes and the XT gears. The engine also comes from Shimano. The Steps E8000 was specially designed for the use in mountain bikes and creates a full 70 Newton-meter of torque.

The Ducati MIG-RR weighs 22.5 kilograms, which is fine for the equipment and the intended purpose, especially since the battery is included in the weight. The price is, of course, is steep: Ducati is willing to charge a mighty €6,250 ($7,000) for its e-bike.

Uni MK: a real eye-catcher

One thing you shouldn't be when you're on the road with the Uni MK is shy. You're constantly approached about this bike, and for good reason. The large headlamp, the long bench and the thick tyres are real eye-catchers, and yet much more than just optical gimmicks. The Uni MK (formerly the The Unimoke) is an extremely stable and powerful e-bike, with which you can easily take a second person with you as a passenger, pull heavy trailers or ride through sandy paths. This is the Land Rover of e-bikes.

AndroidPIT unimoke urban drivestyle hero2
The Uni MK is constantly being approached. / © NextPit

With a price of €2,890 ($3,200), the Uni MK is not even excessively expensive, but most buyers will spend even more money. The seat extension is almost mandatory for taller people. In addition, there are various attachments for luggage transport, bags, locks and other things. The Uni MK mounted by Urban Drivestyle in Berlin has an extremely dedicated community and is fun even when you're not in the saddle.

Mate X: a folding bike for all occasions

The e-bike trend does not stop at folding bikes either, on the contrary. The company Mate Bike has made the electric folding bike hip and modern and is pushing the development further with the Mate and Mate X models. Especially cool is the Mate X, which cuts a fine figure with its thick tires even off the road. Despite the folding mechanism, the Mate X has front and rear suspension. Seven-speed gears and disc brakes are part of the package.

press MATE 3
The Mate X has fat tires and folds up. / © Mate.Bike

If you want to buy the Mate X, you can configure many things, such as the range (80 or 120 kilometers), the color of the frame (six colors to choose from), color display, additional mudguards or a luggage rack. The basic price starts at €2,299 ($2,596), who orders in advance and pays €99, gets the Mate X at present already for €1,799 ($2,030).

Cowboy: App and SIM instead of chain and circuit

With the Cowboy Bike, which comes from Belgium, especially asphalt cowboys are fast on their way in the cities. The motor in the rear wheel pushes the single-speed wheel, which has a belt drive instead of the good old chain, gently and yet powerfully. The battery, which has its place behind the seat post, is removable and offers a good range. The Cowboy Bike was developed together with an app that not only unlocks and activates the bike, but also gives you a direct line to support and updates for the engine control.

The cowboy bike requires compromises in some areas, such as the payload or the lack of possibilities to activate the e-bike without a smartphone. With a price of €1,990 the Cowboy Bike for a chic, modern and above all fast E-Bike is not particularly expensive.

My Volta Gates: E-Bike with bamboo frame

Bicycles don't always have to have a metal frame, it can be different and above all more ecological. My Boo builds bamboo bikes, including e-bikes. The top model is the My Volta Gates, which has a Shimano mid-mounted engine and hides the replaceable battery under the luggage rack. The My Volta Gates is a true cross-country skier: According to the manufacturer, it can cover a proud 120 kilometers on one battery charge and is therefore absolutely suitable for everyday use in all situations, even on long tours.

my volta bambus e bike
A bamboo e-bike is suitable for everyday use and extraordinary. / © My Boo

Bamboo is anything but unsuitable as a material for bicycle frames. It is flexible and extremely stable, yet light due to the hollow space in the middle, and also inexpensive and renewable. The bamboo e-bike has met all e standards and a five-year warranty. The price of €4,499 is not a bargain, but seems justified in view of the high-quality components.

The One: The super-light electric folding wheel

If you want to have your bike with you on the train and when traveling, you have to pay attention to low weight and compact dimensions. That's where The One from United City Bikes comes in. The really small folding bike weighs just 12.5 kilograms and is therefore one of the lightest e-bikes on the market. In just ten seconds, The One is unfolded or folded.

05 product 1
No one is smaller and lighter / © United City Bikes

In focusing on weight, the manufacturer has also not ignored the range, which is supposed to be around 60 kilometers with one charge of the integrated battery. The regular price is €1,399, pre-orderers receive a discount of 45 percent.

Urban Arrow Tender: 2,500 liters storage space

E-bikes are all well and good, but if you really want to transport a lot, you can't do without a car, right? Far from it! The Tender 2500 from Urban Arrow, a real load bicycle specialist, has 2,500 liters of storage space. No normal car can achieve that, not even close! The bicycle, which has two car tires at the front, can transport two pallets together with the load and you still have space in between for even more stuff.

urban arrow tender 2500
With this load e-bike you can transport EVERYTHING. / © Urban Arrow

The Tender 2500 has a tare weight of 140 kilograms and can transport up to 300 additional kilograms. The 3.6-meter long bike has a Bosch Performance CX motor and a 500 W battery, a second one is optional. According to the manufacturer, the range with one battery is up to 30 kilometers. Urban Arrow is currently still building the Tender 2500 and therefore cannot name a price yet. The smaller variants as well as many other exciting load bikes, however, are already offered by the supplier on its website.

If you are looking for a new set of wheels, you should know what to consider when buying an e-bike. Are you already electric on two wheels? If yes, with which bike? And if not, what are you waiting for?

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