Android smartphones with the best battery life

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Android smartphones with the best battery life

One of the factors that influences smartphone purchasing decisions the most is battery life. At present, any phone that can last an entire day is considered good (yes, we know, it's not how it used to be). But, among all Android phones, which are the best?

In the curation of this list, we have taken account of benchmark test results and our editors' real world experiences with the different devices. These excellent Android smartphones aren't listed in any particular order, and any listed here will provide you with above average battery life.

1. Huawei P20 Pro

Chinese manufacturer Huawei continues its rise to prominence even as the US market becomes increasingly difficult. The last flagship, the Huawei P20 Pro packs a 4,000 mAh battery into its slim, elegant body. Expectations for battery life were high after the Mate 10 Pro, and the newcomer didn't disappoint.

Using the smartphone intensively to call, text, email,  Facebook and Instagram, take photos, navigate with Google Maps and play some videos on YouTube, the P20 Pro managed to stay alive for about 1 day and 13 hours, with 20% battery life still available. Various tweaks and optimizations can be used to suit your habits and prolong the battery even more.

AndroidPIT huawei p20 pro back shiny 2cbu
P20 Pro: Stylish on the outside, long-lasting on the inside. / © NextPit

2. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

The Mate 10 Pro has stood the test of time, and still ranks as one of the best options for the battery. We were able to test the Mate 10 Pro extensively, and it lasted a whole weekend without needing to be plugged in.

The Mate 10 Pro's 4,000 mAh battery has lightning-fast quick charge capability. After 30 minutes the original accessory charges from 0 to 58 percent. However, wireless charging is not available and the battery cannot be easily replaced.

AndroidPIT huawei mate 10 pro 0010
The Mate 10 Pro is a flagship phablet with stamina. / © NextPit

3. Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact

This compact smartphone with a 2, 870 mAh battery is able to outlast most flagships when it comes to battery life. With its power saving modes active, the smartphone is able to last two days.

However, be warned that the energy saving options can be less helpful depending on your use. The energy savers can end up really slowing down the performance of the XZ2 Compact, and if everything is taking longer to load and run over a long session, then you battery might not be being saved so much.

AndroidPIT sony xperia xz2 compact 2658
Small but long-lasting. / © NextPit

4. Sony Xperia XZ2

Keeping with tradition, the new Xperia XZ offers great battery life, although it's just a few hours less than the compact version. Although the 3180 mAh battery doesn't seem so much on paper, the phone is capable of incredibly long life thanks also to the Sony's software features for energy saving and intelligent charging via USB Type C.

The smartphone can safely provide more than 7 hours of screen time over one or even two days of use. If you're thrifty, I’m sure you can even reach 3 or 4 days of minimal use like quick calls, web queries and the occasional social media check-in.

AndroidPIT sony xperia xz2 back iso h5c
A brilliant battery is hidden under the elegant design. / © NextPit

5. Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)

The Galaxy A8 (2018), Samsung's renewed mid-range of the year, brings an enhanced design that evokes the fabulous S-class.

The new Galaxy A8 accommodates continues the tradition of endurance characteristic smartphones in the A series. The battery capacity is strong: the Galaxy A8 comes with a 3000 mAh battery. In everyday use, you will easily be able to use the phone for two days with some left over. If you’re a smartphone addict it will still last you a day and a half. 

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy a8 2018 1246
With fast charging, an hour and a half is required to fully charge the device. / © NextPit

6. Nokia 7 Plus

Nokia has a good reputation when it comes to battery life, and the new 7 Plus clocks in as a smartphone with one of the most durable batteries around right now. In everyday use, it;s easy to get two days of full use without sacrificing GPS, Wi-Fi, 4G, or power-hungry apps.

The 3800 mAh battery combined with optimized software and decent but not overwhelming technical specifications guarantees excellent battery life. Charging is via the USB Type-C port and fast charging supports 5V/3A, 9V/2A or 12V/1.5A standards.

AndroidPIT nokia 7 plus 4993
Basically a Pixel at a lower price?  / © NextPit

What do you think? Is there any other smartphone that deserves to be on this list? Feel free to let us know in a comment!

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  • MxL May 10, 2018 Link to comment

    Its not a rocket science to develop phone with 4000mAh battery last 6-7 hours SoT, quite oposite, its a shame and waste of system optimization. You should rate the phone with average battery life per 100mAh, then it should be more accurate.

    • Why would I care for that!?
      OEMs could use that info in marketing, but it's all.

      My only concern is will it last whole day, no matter what I do with it.
      So, when they say 7h of SoT, and " whole day" battery, that means it's not good enough for me.

  • I've had 3 Huawei phones. Mate2,8,9 The Mate2 won me over on battery life & how stable it was, so it was a no brainer to get the 8. Sold the 8 to a coworker who needed to replace a faulty older phone, so updated to the 9. 1 day of super heavy use is super easy, moderate use can yield 2 days.

  • From the enthusiastic comments I see that there are a lot many phones whose users can boast of great battery life. Now we need an article on the phones with the WORST battery life. So that we can avoid them.

  • I'm writing this from a Lenovo P2 which has a 5100mah battery. in my opinion the best there if on the market.

    GSM arena do in depths reviews of all phones and this tops the list. I'm coming from the 6P which we mediocre.

    I use satnav, Bluetooth, YouTube, messaging a lot of phonecalls, Kindle for reading and it uses about 35% per day.

    This is the best I have ever used.

    check out GSM arenas battery tests..

  •   46
    Deactivated Account May 15, 2017 Link to comment

    The only phones with the best battery life are the ones with removable batteries.

  • I would also say that the lg stylo 2/ 2 plus has a pretty great battery life in comparison, also along with the screen size

    • From the Stylo 2 on, the double-size battery is also user-replaceable---a nice feature. So, you could have a spare battery charging externally while the phone is in use. I think it's the same one as in the V-10.

  • Where is the mate 8 ?!!
    The 1+1 does not have a goodbattery life !!
    Only checking battery capacity without actually testing does not make sense 😕

  • neeom Aug 10, 2016 Link to comment

    No Galaxy A9 Pro, Zenfone Max, Gionee Marathon M5 in list..

  • An article on best battery life and no mention of the phones that are specifically DESIGNED for long battery life? As in, Motorola Maxx, Maxx HD and now Maxx 2 which boasts a 48 hour battery. Sure, real world test would be less, but none of these would last 48 hours even in standby mode. Here's a better article that doesn't even consider phones that are under 4000mAh:

    • I know this comment is a year old but damn you sound dumb. "none of these would last 48 hours even in standby mode". My moto z play with battery mod lasts 4 days easily with moderate to heavy use

  • The S7 note has a chance to throw a 4000 mah battery in it

    And with Lg smartphone products on the brink of total failure, Lg should have a phone with at least 4000 mah. Nobody wants to be screwing around with changing batteries. Besides it interfers with the build quality. Lg take your time Im a Samsung owner but I have a few Lg products around the house that are great. Really evaluate this next phones specs and what the people are looking for. No gimmicks. please Lgg5
    total Failure.

  • HUAWEI Y6 pro could last over 16 hours on screen stime!!! best battery ive ever come across

  • In the past I had an Xperia Z3 and using it continuously I was unable to get more than 3 hours of screen on time. I don't think it has really a good battery life.
    Now I use a Galaxy A5 2016 and on same conditions I get 8 hours of continuous usage. The Galaxy S7 edge listed here could also be a good option but not as good as A5 2016 because of its high resolution and speed, which consumes much power.

  • So, why again is the Huawei mate 8 not on the list

  • why no oukitel k7000 with 7000mAh battery and oukitel k10000 with 10000mAh battery? anyone knows both?

  • Marcel Jun 21, 2016 Link to comment

    Sony Xperia Z3 compact had a fantastic batterie live. After updating to Android 6.0.1 it's only a nightmare - never ever.


  • david May 8, 2016 Link to comment

    my galaxy note 5 has great battery life

  • LG Volt Ls-740. Definitely a budget phone (about $70) on a budget pre-paid network (boost mobile) but with normal use I can get 48 hours on a single charge and 72 hours with light usage. I took it off the charger at 6am this morning. With normal use at 4pm it still had 80% left.

    Phone is relatively easy to root as well.

  • Xiaomi Mi 5
    Huawei Ascend Mate 7

    2 nice Android Smartphones / Phablets :-)

  • This guy should not be reviewing phones or he is writing the reviews without actually testing the device. How could anyone suggest OnePlus with battery life? If you luck out and get a phone with a good battery you have very short phone life even with the utmost tweaks. The fact he mentioned OnePlus and their poor customer service that takes months and costs money even under warranty shows he knows nothing of what he writes. OnePlus never even sent back my phone and I had to buy another for a review. I wonder if the author wants to buy it? He has the best battery life ratings measured simply by capacity and that is it. He must have almost missed a deadline. Lame.

    • Yes, I agree on this. I was using one plus mobile for quite some time.. Not only its get heated up but gives very poor battery back up. It can give utmost 6 hours of battery life.

    • In fact he is right: OnePlus One has a great battery life. I can tell you because I own one. I also own a Note 5 and the battery life in Note 5 is not that good.

  • Mark G Apr 20, 2016 Link to comment

    I have a Ulephone Power 6050mAh, I have a sneaking suspicion i could jump start the car with it.

  • Moto X play? Same size battery as the S7 yet no mention? Lasts me 2 days

  • jhony Apr 20, 2016 Link to comment

    Lg g flex 1 is the king ,,battery life is amazing

  • mainly is not about the phone. is about Android.
    android 5.0 above makes the system performed lot better and background usage control.
    if you use android 6.0. you can have two days without charging it.
    (if android 5.0 can use for full day. then 6.0 is double up)

  • tariq Apr 19, 2016 Link to comment

    My s7 edge barely makes it threw a day.. Kinda disappointed

  • BLU makes phones with 4k & 5k mAh batteries, why aren't those listed?

  • Faizan Apr 19, 2016 Link to comment

    redmi 3

  • the best battaries were in nokias. it will take years for smartphones yo rech the point of nokias

    • That is so true! I just switched over to Android from my Lumia 640 and my OnePlus 2 has a very short battery life. In contrast, I could use my Lumia all day and still have at least 60-70 percent battery life at the end of it. I'm going to look a bit further into this issue -- perhaps I can make adjustments to my Oneplus 2 (besides the ones I've already made) so I can extend battery life. If not, I'm going to TRY to return the dang thing (have heard about the bad customer service).

  • But the battery capacity doesn't always go with battery life as software optimalisation plays an important role.

  • ZenFone Max comes with 5000mah battery.

  • How about oneplus 2? That phone haven't great battery life?

    • I just got the Oneplus 2 and the battery is already down to 60 percent and it's not even noon. I have barely used it today.

      • George Jun 11, 2016 Link to comment


      • George Jun 11, 2016 Link to comment

        Yeah I got the Oneplus 2. I got it for the camera. Battery life used to be my main thing. Now my Oneplus 2 has broken after I tried to install an update anyway, it just keeps saying it's starting but doesn't start.

  • So, I guess you never heard about the oukitel K10000?? Guess how much the battery capacity? Yep. You're right a f****** 10000 mAH!

  • Lenovo ZUK Z1? 4100mh?

  • Nexus 6p pretty good, lasts all day and more

  • Where is the redmi 3..... Being neglected as an entry level phone but it has a lot of juice😊

  •   18
    Deactivated Account Apr 16, 2016 Link to comment

    New entrant in the race is the European-made Allview P8 Energy PRO, 2004's company. Reading this article on Androidpit. Every day there is someone with bigger battery.

    If software & hardware are not completely compatible then whatever battery size engaged will not last long.

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Apr 16, 2016 Link to comment

    You want to know what the phone with the best battery life is? That is easy, any phone with a removable battery. One runs down put in a new one full charge in less than a minute. So many people I know are always so worried about their battery life. I never worry I always have a spare or two ready to go.

    • Nice one Mark- spare REMOVABLE batteries- the only way to go. A gold and diamond encrusted phone will look like any phone when in a case, so bring back the featherweight strong as heck plastic back. Stick premium where the sun doesn't shine. I want usability and efficiency, not making a phone the prettiest thing on the block.

      Deactivated Account

      •   46
        Deactivated Account Apr 17, 2016 Link to comment

        You are right Greg. I will take a removable plastic back phone with the functionality it brings over metal or glass any day. I do like what LG did with the G5 and some reviewers are having a cow over it. I just don't get it. They won't be happy until every phone looks like the IPhone.

      • Crapple iphone-- not for me. Still got my old Sony Ericsson K810i- could always go back to that, lol. Worth nothing, so use it as alarm clock- at least it won't chirp out a message/email/call in the middle of the night.

    • That's a sure way to keep your phone powered on always Mark, but I am not so sure whether opening the back cover repeatedly and slotting in the battery is good for the phone. Why not keep a power bank ready instead of a spare battery?

  • What I need to know is how battery life compares to my 2.5 year old Droid MAXX. I'm not interested in getting a new phone if it doesn't have better battery life than my current one had when it was new.

    • May i ask how your batterylifespan has changed in comparission to when your Droid Maxx was new? Is it still good? I'm thinkin of buying a used one thats why :P

      • Getting a new battery is one of the main reasons I'd get a new phone after 2.5 years with this one. But it's not so terrible that I couldn't go another year or so with my current one, which I will do if there haven't been improvements in battery life since I got this one.

  • Gusti Mar 12, 2016 Link to comment

    Try to look at lenovo vibe p1 turbo and vibe p1m.
    P1 turbo comes with 5000mah
    P1m comes with 4000mah

  • Alex Mar 1, 2016 Link to comment

    Innos D6000 comes with 6000mAh

  • I hook up my battery power pack...massive 80,000mha bought from China...and its goes for weeks and I never think of charging phone ... having 2 bank is perfection also !
    I tie both together, bulky but, convenient !

  • Where is Gionee Marathon series. These are the best in battery backup.

    • I didn't even know about the existence of these phones! Thanks for the hint.
      Btw, do you have one? How does it perform in real life? (battery life, multitasking, screen under sunlight, camera, etc.)

  • Xperia Z3 Compact and Galaxy S6 active are missing!!

    • The Samsung Galaxy S6 has a smaller battery than its predecessor – down from 2,800mAh to 2,550mAh. You have to use its Ultra Power Saving Mode, otherwise it barely stays on at 8pm.
      Apart from that, I am quite in agreement with the Sony Xperia Z3 compact: my wife had one of these little beasts for one year and a half and she used it without aggressive power saving options for 2 days in a row (now I have bought her another smartphone, but this is another story).

  • Nice compilation. But most smartphone listed here can not take a battery trophy for year 2016, not even 2015. I mean there are smartphones with up to 10000mAh built battery already

    • Probably you are talking about Oukitel K10000, but that one does not have very good specifications. Eg. The Camera is awful

  • I think you miss BQ, the leader in the spanish market. Some of its smartphones have more than 3000mAh and even the others have a battery life of two days at least. I recommend you to check it, so you can include it on your next post;)

  • It's too bad that you included Oneplus in this article. Because you did, now I can't recommend to anyone to read it. Any phone from Oneplus is a disaster just waiting to happen. Atrocious customer service and warranty support, along with NO software support should dissuade everyone from buying from that childish run company.

    There's a reason their phones are cheap.

  • I have always had iPhones and I don't use my phone much, just a few calls a day and checking weather, but I always go to bed with like 90% battery left. I have tried all the other flagship phones and under the same circumstances they are from 20 to 50% battery left. How does Apple do it when I even have it connected to Wifi all day?

    • Agreed, I have my old iPhone 4 laying around. Whenever I charge it to 100% it will sit for 4-5 days before it's drained. I think the iPhone 6 series doesn't last as long, but still. My wife has an iPhone 6 and her battery is never a problem and she's on it almost nonstop all day.

      • Jim your commeny is sort of wanting me to ditch Android and switch to an iPhone. But when I think of entering Apple's perfumed and drugged walled garden where nothing is under my control, well no thank you.

      • It just goes to show that more battery capacity doesn't always mean longer battery life.

        Some iPhones last longer than Android devices, even though they have smaller battery capacity, simply because they require less power to run.

    • This again shows that it's not the battery capacity that matters ultimately. It's the OS and how much power it eats.

  • how about Jeep F605 with 13.000 mAh??

  • Have u guys heard of tecno L5. that phone has a 5000mah battery at the lowest price you can imagine!

  • Who in their right mind would actually spend this much money on a phone?

  • As an older phone, I get better battery life with my 'LG G2' than my 'LG G3'. They both have a 3000 mAh battery, but the G2 has a 1080p display vs a QHD for the G3. I feel safer with the G2 outside in the real world than with the G3.

    • Hi, I really get your point of view. I actually had a LG G2 and was proud of its endurance and overall performance. Unfortunately, with the OS update, also came a worst battery life, because with Lollipop the antennae started to always be in use...
      Now I am the proud owner of a Moto X play and feel like a better LG G2 experience.

  • Lenovo P70 with 4000 mh battery a good phone.

  • I use the M9 and I have to say I am disappointed in the battery life. I'm a moderate user at best and usually need to charge halfway through the day

  • I thought the title was "Android smartphones with the best battery life" and not "Description of battery life for some of the phones that I happen to know".
    One of the best android phones for battery life is the Motorola Moto X Play (which is sold under different names in the USA), with its 3650 mAh and almost no bloatware pre-installed. And this is just an example.
    Plus, considering as 'best' what will maybe last you a day (2600 mAh!? have you read comments by real users of HTC One M8?), means that you better go to sell hot-dogs at the corner of the street.
    Useless reading, and I am furious for this Androidpit's bad turn.

  • My mediapad x2 last two days easily and I use it as a computer...

  • No guys .. the best battery life in the world has Huawei Mate 2

    • homtom ht6 with it's 6250mah battery!

    • Not sure about best in the world but it sure is awesome. Was the perfect phone for me if it had a decent camera (the camera sucks). I would get 6-7 hours SOT with it, never had to worry about charging other than overnight.

  • deepak Nov 24, 2015 Link to comment

    Guys just wanna share some of the knowledge which I have had by using different phones.I normally do tones of research to buy a phone.
    And here are some performances of phones that I have used.
    I'm on about ON SCREEN TIME which includes YouTube streaming over WiFi and more of web browsing )
    IPhone 5s battery life.(below 4 hours on screen time)
    IPhone 6 battery life (4 to 4:30 hours on screen time).
    IPhone 6 plus DECENT around 5 to 6 hours on screen time)
    Galaxy note 4 DECENT with 6 hours in screen time.
    Huwaei mate 7 decent around 6 hours on screen time.
    At the moment I'm using ZUK international version with almost 7 hours on screen time sometimes 7:30 hours ) best so far.
    If u kn any phone which last longer than that plz let me kn I wud happily get it.
    But screen resolution sud be 1920x1080 minimum with snapdragon 801 minimum, screen size 5'2 inch min,

    • On a Motorola forum I've read comments and seen screenshots of Moto X Play S.o.T.,which are damn close to your 7.5h. My own Moto X Play, even with some little tricks (nothing too nerdy) survives two entire days with ~4.5h S.o.T., or only one day with around ~6.5h S.o.T.
      It has a 5.5" screen, 1920x1080 res, but "only" a Snapdragon 615: performance wise, it works like a charm, I have it, so I know what I'm talking about, but I won't assume the same holds when playing (I don't play on my phone).

    • Frank Jan 1, 2016 Link to comment

      I get 8 hrs SOT with my Note 4 5.1.1 rooted with Greenify. Power saving mode enabled.

    • Droid Turbo 2 lasts pretty long with a 3760 mAh battery, which successes the Droid Turbo with a 3900 mAh battery which also meets your specs and beats the newer Turbo's battery life.

    • I easily get 5h sot with my redmi note 2 running sMiui

  • Nothing beats my z3 compact. sadly it died last night :(

  • the lenovo p70, honor 4x where are they

  • have the note 4 and now using a z3 compact ,the z3 wins i don't need to worry about charging overnight and aren't constantly closing apps to conserve, with note if it was on 50% i'd put on charge in case it died for my alarm in the morning ,z3 no probs @30% ,so don't get blinded by battery size its what the phone does with ,and yet to use battery saver on the z3 compact

    • Frank Jan 1, 2016 Link to comment

      You definitely have an app(s) running constantly in the background. I get 8 hrs SOT with my Note 4.

  • I am disappointed by the lack of any Motorola handset in this list. I'm fairly sure that the Moto X Play and DROID Turbo 2/Moto X Force would easily make this list. Makes me wonder what other phones they might have completely missed.

    • Me too! I would find it interesting if a company like Motorola took the Droid Turbo original with all of its high end specs, like the camera, sensors, amoled display, and of course the large battery, and changed it to a 1080p amoled display, and dropped a snapdragon 615 or so in it with 2gb RAM. They KINDA did that with the Maxx, but I would like to see them go all out with the specs apart from processor. That phone would probably last forever with battery life, and has the other features with it... something my grandma would be interested in!

  • Royal V5 by iDROID USA has a long lasting battery life. The battery runs for a day and a half and the interface of the phone is simple yet innovative.

  • My Sony Xperia Z3 Compact battery lasts almost 3 full days with business use.

  • Wtf is this? I'm coming here because of my crappy LG G3 and I see it among the "best" phones for battery life?

  • Elephone P5000 has a 5350 mAh battery. By far the largest I've ever seen.

  • None of this phone have a battery like THL5000. I have one 10 months ago and works like a charm. It really have 5000 MaH of battery and no loose of capacity in all this time.
    With Wifi and 2G reaches 5 days. With 3G I use it about 3-4 days. I don't use it too much but a person who uses it all day can have battery for 2 complete days for sure.
    I know SnapDragon is lower consummer thank mediatek but I won't change my THL5000 for any listed here...
    The only "but" in this device is GPS that works very well but it uses a lot of battery. Maybe using it continuos with Google maps the battery in 4 hours drops to 60%. But I use it in car and always connect it ;)

  • Which mobile (android or windows) has highest battery life ? Please suggest....

  • Lol 4800 on my phone

  • Hah! Lg G3 battery life is terrible. Using Google maps will drain it from 100 to dead in 4 hours even after a factory reset. I woke up one hour ago, unplugged my fully charged phone, got in the car, checked my email, looked at maybe 10 Webb pages, and it's at 90%. Need a new phone!

  • I just came from an LG G3 and "downgraded" to a xiaomi redmi note 4G and I have to say, even when new, the LG didn't hold a candle to this thing in battery life

  • zte zmax 3400mAh battery

  • another article in android pit which clearly underestimated Motorola turbo has a whooping 3900mAH battery but people here are biased and don't play fair doesn't matter coz moto will keep rocking your brains out

    • I agree, some of the AndroidPit articles are completely biased and list only a narrow fraction of devices, as if all the others (flagship level!) didn't exist.
      I wonder if it's a lack of preparation of the writer of if this depends on some hidden marketing.

  • The HTC M9 has been slammed in several reviews for it's Shoddy battery life as well as the LG3 below is a quote from one review From Forbes the best & worst of the HTC M9

    "The M9’s battery life is poor. It has regressed from the M8, despite being larger. The M9’s 2840mAh battery is notably bigger than the M8’s 2600mAh power pack, yet there seems to be something rapidly draining power from the M9.

    READ: New Technology Will Triple Smartphone Battery Life

    As I said in my review:

    In one hour of constant use (browsing the web) – on low-brightness – I saw a drop in battery life from 44% to 27%. With medium use, the battery fared slightly better but drained faster than expected, particularly when 4G came into the mix. The best comparison I could make is that it lasts about as long as the LG G3, which had a power-sucking quad-HD display.”

    • "Rapid you draining power" that would be the Snapdragon 810 for you. My Droid Turbo 2 BARELY gets me through the day, and it does have a lot of power in the CPU, but it sucks the battery. If I use any games like Real Racing 3, then it goes out fast.

  • The Note2 deserves this

  • Where is Sony Xperia Z3 Compact? very misleading article.

  • My OnePlus One. 3.5 days battery life. WiFi/Bluetooth/GPS on 100% of the time. Sony SmartWatch 3 connected 24/7. 2-3 hours Bluetooth audio every day. Screen on around 4 hours during this time. Connected to WiFi around 60% of the time.

    • my g3 actually gets good battery life. with the pre-installed battery saver feature does o.k. but I installed a different one that so far while using my phone has added 4-5 hours to my battery life... My g3 is the "Stock" 32GB G3. only reason I have to charge again during the day is because I am Constantly in dev or code site playing around with different source codes.. if I was to put it down and leave it alone I have no doubts I have a 3 maybe 4 day battery life.. I've noticed that the screen brightness EATS UP BATTERY

  • Loony Nov 29, 2014 Link to comment

    Wheres the G2? It has a much more powerful battery than the G3.
    Or the OnePlus One

    • perhaps their selection of phones in this article is based on a cutoff release date, lol.

    • I agree with you. I have the G2 and 3. The G2 is a fantastic phone with great battery life. The G3 is also a fantastic phone with poor battery life because of the QHD display.

    • Agreed. I bought a new LG-G2 back in the summer and am blown away by the battery life. Being two generations older, the price was nice too, $179. It out performs anything current under two hundred clams and has tons of discounted accessories.

  • Shahab Nov 11, 2014 Link to comment

    I suppose that Xperia Z2 now is No1 with 3200mA and 1 week extended life battery in new Android update 4.4.4

  • I don't know where the author got its information but the G3 is no where near two days unless you barely use it. It's widely known to be less then the G2 and the M8. And way behind the S5. Very misleading.

  •   4
    Deactivated Account Nov 9, 2014 Link to comment

    What about the z2. It has better battery than z3 and some other phones mentioned.(3200mAh)

  • these have the best battery after note 2. The note 2 is the best

  • The Moto Maxx / Droid Turbo f*ck them all LOL

  • sorry, but moto maxx won!

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