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Best Android Marshmallow custom ROMs: get the latest Android version now

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While we're constantly tracking the flow of Android Marshmallow updates, we're also well aware that not everyone is in line for an official update. Whether you're sick of waiting or you simply want more features than the official Marshmallow ROM affords, you might want to check out our list of the best custom ROMs for Android Marshmallow.


To flash a custom ROM, you're going to need an unlocked bootloader, a custom recovery and a rooted phone. We have tutorials on all of these on the site, so hit that search box and get prepped before trying to flash any of the custom Marshmallow ROMs below.

AndroidPIT nexus 6p bootloader
You'll need an unlocked bootloader, root and a custom recovery for these ROMs. / © ANDROIDPIT

CyanogenMod 13

No custom ROM list would be complete without CyanogenMod, the granddaddy of popular ROMs. Cyanogen went corporate a while back, and while that may have put some die-hard ROM fans off, it has endowed the company with all kinds of resources. That means faster, more stable ROMs.

On November 23, Cyanogen dropped CM 13, the Marshmallow version of this insanely popular custom ROM. For those who don't know, CyanogenMod ROMs look very much like stock Android but fills it to the gills with additional features and settings. You can also theme it heavily courtesy of CyanogenMod's impressive theme engine.

CyanogenMod is, for many, the gold standard of Android ROMs. / © ANDROIDPIT

Here is the current list of supported devices getting nightly builds of CM 13:

There are also some threads on XDA providing unofficial versions of CM13 for other common devices:


Chroma is another ROM based on the Android Marshmallow AOSP (source code) for Nexus devices. The improvements in this ROM focus on improving battery life, performance and system stability, but the maker of the ROM has come under fire from the community for "kanging other people's commits" (ie ripping them off). If that rubs you the wrong way then you might want to skip Chroma.

AndroidPIT Chroma ROM Nexus 6
Chroma is a decent ROM marred by the debate surrounding its sources.  / © ZephiK

If you're just interested in the debate surrounding the ROM itself then you can hit the Chroma community on Google+ or read this Reddit thread. There are individual Chroma threads on XDA for currently supported devices, where you can find the most current builds:


Cataclysm is a great ROM for Nexus devices, and it has a very good reputation and solid builds. Marshmallow Cataclysm ROMs exist for Nexus phones but not for tablets, so if you're rocking a Nexus slate you'll have to look elsewhere.

Cataclysm focuses on performance and battery life improvements for stock Android rather than adding an expansive feature set, and it looks a lot like stock Marshmallow too. 

AndroidPIT Cataclysm ROM Nexus 5
Cataclysm has one of the best reputations of all Android ROMs. / © Supranodip

You will find a Cataclysm settings menu where you can control a bunch of (disabled by default) additions: quick toggles, lock screen options, LED manager, battery saver options, status bar icons, notifications and more. It also has a huge community on Google+.

Cataclysm is available for the following devices:

Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns is another great, long-running ROM with its fair share of dedicated fans. Dirty Unicorns takes modification seriously and switches up the stock look that most of the previous ROMs deliver in exchange for greater freedom with all the fun stuff we know and love custom ROMs for.

The current list of supported devices for Marshmallow can be found here. Several devices on the ROM train have been left behind at Lollipop station. As always, Nexus devices get the love, but you can also find some HTC, Motorola and Galaxy devices on the list.

AndroidPIT Dirty Unicorns ROM
Dirty Unicorns has plenty of customization options. / © Aliasan Hairy / Greg Laskey

Dirty Unicorns isn't just about heavy customization. The ROM has tons of features and options, including a Dirty Tweaks section for double tap to sleep and disabling immersive mode messages, data flow indicators, Quick Settings and clock changes, the OmniSwitch floating toolbar, expanded power menu, ad blocker and much, much more.

Are you waiting for an official Marshmallow update? Do you have any good Marshmallow ROMs to share? Tell us in the comments.

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  • 1
    ETL6000 Oct 26, 2019 Link to comment

    are any of these compatible with LG Gpad F 8.0

  • 1
    ETL6000 Oct 26, 2019 Link to comment


  • 2
    Pushpendra Nov 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Please tell me the best custom recovery for my LYF flame 6

  • 2
    Pushpendra Nov 28, 2016 Link to comment

    Please can you tell me how to upgrade to my LYF flame6 to marshmallow

  • 1
    Jan Aron Stende Feb 20, 2016 Link to comment

    What is the very best nexus 5 rom in terms of battery life? I currently run CM13 and I can't say I'm too happy with it :s

    • 6
      Erick E. Feb 23, 2016 Link to comment

      Pure Nexus with the ElementalX kernal is a great start. Undervolt the cpu, keep all radio usage to an acceptable mimimum, and keep the screen brightness low.

  • Brandon Reed 1
    Brandon Reed Feb 17, 2016 Link to comment

    Development of Cataclysm unfortunately has been indefinitely terminated. :/ However, a very good ROM which was not mentioned in this article is Pure Nexus. It is very stable and has it's own Gapps download that is kept very current and will always work flawlessly with current Pure Nexus builds. There is also notable updates about 2 times per month which is very good.

  • 2
    hasan ali Feb 4, 2016 Link to comment

    Any idea for LG g2?

  • Jack Neilson 2
    Jack Neilson Jan 6, 2016 Link to comment

    I would like a custom rom that is running android 6.0 marshmallow the device I am currently using is a Sony Xperia Z1 anyone know great roms

  • 6
    Roshni Sharma Dec 18, 2015 Link to comment

    I'm looking for a Rom for this device and I'm bit confused between Pure Nexus Project and Minimal OS (found here: ), which is good for me. I need a very lite Rom with little customization features and it should not be hurting my device!

  • 14
    Moritz R Dec 16, 2015 Link to comment

    The Moto G (2013) XT1032 is also supported by CM 13!

  • Dwarfer66 25
    Dwarfer66 Dec 16, 2015 Link to comment

    There is also a MM port to the Galaxy Tab S which I have running great on T800.

    Also PacRom is also looking at doing a MM rom as well.

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