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BeatsX headphones review: good value for money

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Beats does not only offer high-end headphones. The American manufacturer, now owned by Apple, also offers more affordable products. The BeatsX are designed to offer good sound quality at a price below $100. But how do these headphones really perform on a daily basis? We tested them for several weeks.

Beats X


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Good sound quality
  • Battery life (and fast recharging)


  • More benefits with an iPhone
  • Few additional features
  • No true isolation
Beats X: All deals

Beats X release date and price

Launched two years ago, the Beats are the first headphones to come out of the union between Beats and Apple. You can find them today for less than $100.


Not 100% wireless

Contrary to the current trend in headphones, the BeatsX are not 100 percent wireless. Like the OnePlus Bullets Wireless headphones, each end of the earbuds is connected to a small block, and each block being connected itself by a much larger wire.

Clearly, in terms of style, the headphones that sit around the neck are not the best option. Compared to the current fashionable AirPods or the Sony WF-1000XM3, the BeatsX cannot compete. However, there are many users who are reluctant to use true wireless headphones, especially for comfort reasons.

AndroidPIT Beats X Magnet 2
The two headphones can be connected by a magnet / © NextPit

Compared to OnePlus headphones, BeatsX are lighter. However, their design ensures good stability on the shoulders, and even athletes will quickly realize its practicality because running with these headphones is a real pleasure. You easily forget about their existence and do not fear losing them as a result of sudden movements.

As is customary, you will find different sizes of rubber tips and fins in the box. Choose the most appropriate ones for your own ears. This choice, I must remind you, is certainly one of the most important if you want to benefit from better sound. A Lightning charging cable is provided (and yes, forget the USB-C port, you are at Apple). No case or cover is now provided in the box. Too bad.

AndroidPIT Beats X Buttons
On the side, between the block and the earpiece, you will find the volume control system and the microphone / © NextPit

Overall, BeatsX headphones offer excellent comfort, which is even more pleasant if you run a little, but the lack of certification for water and dust resistance is a little annoying. The design is not attractive but is practical when making calls since you can adjust the microphone yourself if the environment is too noisy.

AndroidPIT Beats X 2
The BeatsX are not certified as waterproof / © NextPit

W1 chip under the hood

The BeatsX are equipped with the famous W1 chip, a collaboration between Apple and Beats. This is the first generation of Apple-made chips designed for wireless headphones. It is also found in the first generation of AirPods. Therefore, if you have an iPhone or other Apple product, pairing is child's play, press the power button (on the right earphone block) on your headphones for one second and your headphones are automatically recognized.

androidpit beats x
The W1 chip favors the iPhone / © NextPit

On an Android smartphone, the procedure is a little more complicated. You must press the power button for five seconds and then go to the Bluetooth settings to complete the connection. It's not difficult, it's true, but the experience begins in a different way depending on the device you have.

While Beats has been inspired by other manufacturers to offer magnets to attach the headphones, it does not offer any functionality when they are attached. You should also not expect an automatic shutdown when you remove the headphones from your ears or vice versa. I also strongly advise you to turn off the headphones manually using the power button after each use because the BeatsX will only turn off automatically after a few hours....

AndroidPIT Beats X Magnet 1
Even when attached, the sound does not turn off / © NextPit

A homogeneous and balanced sound

As always, what you want with headphones, true wireless or not, is good sound quality. With a price of $100, the request is legitimate because it is already a decent amount of money. No active noise reduction is present, of course. However, the earphones, due to their in-ear design, do provide good passive isolation.

We find the Beats brand with a slight predominance of bass but the days when bass dominated everything are now over since the takeover by Apple. The sound is finally balanced and homogeneous. All frequencies are available for good sound quality with all musical styles, even podcasts, and the other good thing about these headphones is the very powerful volume. It seems obvious that we are not dealing here with a headset like the Seinheiser Momentum Wireless, but the BeatsX should satisfy most users, including myself.

AndroidPIT Beats X In Ear
The sound quality of the BeatsX seduced me (as my face doesn't show it at all) / © NextPit

In terms of sound quality, it was a pleasant surprise. That being said, competition in this price range is high and headphones like those of OnePlus a few dozen that are cheaper offer a similar experience.

Beats X battery

Announced with eight -hour battery life,  the BeatsX deliver on this promise in real life. If you think about turning them off and don't listen at too high a volume (anyway there's no point in turning up the sound except to hurt your ears), the battery life will be close to this figure. Otherwise, don't be surprised if it is around six hours.

Beats offers an ideal fast charge system called Fast Fuel to give you a last-minute boost. With five minutes of charging, you get two hours of listening time when the battery is low. For a full charge, allow a little more than an hour.

Final verdict

Mission accomplished for Beats. More affordable than AirPods, the BeatsX are good headphones to use and comfortable to wear. The manufacturer has managed to correct its sound reproduction that was too rich in bass to provide a consistent experience for all types of users. Certainly, one could have expected a little more functionality and in particular complete waterproofing, but some compromises must be made to get the price below $100. If you are interested in these headphones, I also advise you to look at other alternatives, such as OnePlus or Anker headphones, which are a little cheaper but just as good.


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