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Bricks Breaker Pro Warning
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In today's coffee break I would like to point out a mobile game for Android that is free for the next six days. "Bricks Breaker Pro" is a Breakout clone that is currently reduced from $3.99 to $0. However, a closer look shows that you are downloading quite a data miner. I'll tell you why the download should be avoided!


  • Bricks Breaker Pro is currently free for Android.
  • Breakout clone for your smartphone, which otherwise costs $3.99.
  • However, the mobile game requires 25 permissions and the developer claims to analyze images from your gallery.

We regularly present free apps or free mobile games at NextPit. Today I have picked out a retro game for you, but I have to warn you about it. Bricks Breaker Pro normally costs 3.99 dollars and is currently offered as a free download in the Google Play Store. The rating is respectable with three stars from almost 3,400 users, but appearances are deceptive.

On the Internet, the game is currently highlighted as a recommendation for a free mobile game, however, many do not bother to read the privacy notices. At NextPit, you'll find a paragraph in every app tip about whether the download is safe - and today I will start with this part.

This is why downloading Bricks Breaker Pro is critical.

I downloaded Bricks Breaker Pro onto a test phone with little personal data on it. In fact, the gameplay is catchy and despite a few in-app purchases, the game is really fun! However, reading the privacy policy made me wonder. The developer Tryoni Arts informs you that it collects data to improve the user experience. That's not a big deal, but according to the developer, it also collects data from your social media profiles and the photo gallery on your phone.

Bricks Breaker Pro Analysis nextPit
Bricks Breaker Pro asks for 25 permissions on your phone / © Exodus / Screenshot: NextPit

The analysis website Exodus also shows red numbers for Bricks Breaker Pro. It says the app demands a total of 25 permissions, including critical read and write permissions for Android, as well as various Android launchers and permission to run directly on startup. In addition, there are six trackers, five of which come from Google.

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While you can take the risk in downloading, it is not necessary at all. There are many arcade alternatives for Android that are much safer. In the linked article, we show you offline games for Android, and I've picked out a few Breakout alternatives for you:

Breakout clones for Android

With that, I hope you enjoy playing and look forward to your feedback on this slightly different coffee break on NextPit. How do you feel about giving a warning instead of an app tip and how much do trackers and permissions scare you off apps? Let me know in the comments!

Benjamin Lucks

Benjamin Lucks

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