The best new apps of the week for iOS and Android

The best new apps of the week for iOS and Android

Our apps of the week are all new to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store or have recently been extensively updated. From new games to productivity applications and task managers, there's a lot going on this week. These are our top five apps of the week.

TasRix: managing tasks according to the Eisenhower principle

The TasRix app is a smart companion on the smartphone. The task manager for the mobile phone is based on the so-called Eisenhower principle, named after former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower. The ex-president developed a powerful time management tool in which tasks can be divided into four categories:

  • Important and urgent (A-Tasks)
  • Important, but not urgent (B-tasks)
  • Not important, but urgent (C-tasks)
  • Neither important nor urgent (D tasks)
task manager app
According to the Eisenhower principle, you can manage your tasks in TasRix. / © NextPit

This Eisenhower principle simplifies setting priorities in daily life and at work. And that's exactly what the free app TasRix offers. You have four fields available in which you can sort your to-do's. This gives you a good overview and enables you to prioritize correctly. The app reminds you of your tasks and you always keep the overview. The nice thing is that the app is really very simple and just does what it is supposed to do. No more and no less.

You can download TasRix from the Google Play Store. The app is not yet available for iOS.


The Splittr app is a financial management app. You can create groups, for example, to easily share the costs of a restaurant with friends. You can also create groups for work if you have food coming to the office and don't want to deal with cash or PayPal. Within the Splittr app, costs can be clearly displayed.

With Splittr you can manage your expenses in groups. / © NextPit

Each member of the group can add expenses and at the end of your meal you can split the amount. You also have access to statistics on your expenses and can change the base currency if you are on holiday abroad together (again, sometimes...) The app is free of charge, but will show some advertising at the bottom of the app.

Splittr is available for iOS in the App Store and Android in the Google Play Store.

Slime Simulator

You know those videos on social networking sites where you see hands sloshing around with creepy liquids, phlegm, or hand soap? Sounds disgusting and bizarre? Then it gets even better now! I discovered the new Slime Simulator app and I think it's great. These videos I mentioned have a calming and relaxing effect on many people. Similar to ASMR videos, they trigger special sensations in the brain that make you forget the stress of everyday life.

super slime
NextPit slime: Pretty and with lots of glitter. / © NextPit

Slime Simulator is free of charge, but relies on trophies and in-game currency, which you can use to buy additional materials, slime, colors, and all kinds of weird stuff. In-App purchases are possible, but not a must.

The Slime Simulator is available for iOS and for Android in the Google Play Store.

Bangbang Rabbit! (Early Access)

A new game has been launched this week as a beta version on the Play Store. But the app really runs without any noticeable errors. In Bangbang Rabbit you play a self-confident rabbit, who has to compete in jump-n-run style against nasty opponents like cats. The controls are very simple. You have a right and a left arrow and your special skill in the middle of the lower display.

bangbangrabbit app
The Bangbang Rabbit! app. / © NextPit

You attack the enemies with the arrows and evade them equally. Your rabbit can wear armor that you can upgrade. You will skill stats such as defense, life, and attack, and you will rise through the levels very quickly at the beginning. Playing is fun if you want to slaughter bad cats in a fairly undemanding way. Bangbang Rabbit bets on micro-transactions, but you don't have to spend money to have a little fun in the bathroom here.

You can download Bangbang Rabbit! from the Google Play Store.

Docmondo: a smart file manager

There are several scan apps for smartphones. New since this week is the app Docomondo, which I liked at first sight because of its simplicity. Documents are scanned reliably and really fast within the app and created as files. If the cutout is not perfect, you can adjust the document. You also have the possibility to crop the document, use filters and frames, and convert the document to black and white directly within the app.

You can sort your files into folders and share them with cloud services or chat applications directly from the app. The app can also be used free of charge for 30 days. After that the app costs €41 per year, which I think is fair considering the other subscription models. If you want to digitize your documents quickly and reliably, you can take the plunge.

You can download Docomondo from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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    Thanks for sharing this information. really helpful!

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    Yay! One app I'll be checking out is the task manager one.

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    Aug 30, 2020 Link to comment

    A couple of interesting things this week, finally.Unusual and perplexing to have fun in the bathroom banging a rabbit. Luckily you can do it without having to pay

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