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App hoarders: all filler no killer

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They're everywhere. Even when you take a closer look, externally they don't differ from the normal users: app-Messies, or compulsive hoarders of apps. They are everywhere and often live according to the motto "better to have and not need than to need and not have".

And it's about time I confessed: I am an app-Messie myself, and a particularly bad case. I'm always cluttering my smartphone with countless apps and it's hard for me to get rid of them. At some point there were almost 300 apps, including the pre-installed system ones, populating my Pixel smartphone. And my addiction to applications has multiple causes.

Primarily, there's a perfectly rational explanation: I prefer to have an app on my smartphone, which I only need once a year, rather than not having the app installed the moment I need it. Of course, you can usually download apps quickly from the Google Play Store, but there are always times when you have a bad or no Internet connection.

AndroidPIT best androdi games 1Games make up a large part of my app collection. / © NextPit

A typical examples for me is Mealy. After all, you never know when you might feel like looking for an exciting recipe. The same goes for my favorite car rental app. I haven't used the latter in a long time, but what if I don't have it the moment I need to rent a car? Then I'm prepared!

It was pointed out to me by our community that Mealy is no longer on the Google Play Store! Surely, I made the right decision to hold on to it. After all, Google can pull an app from the store, but not from your device...

Always something new

Another reason for my choice of profession is my inner need to always have something new on my smartphone. Almost every day I install a new app to try it out, and I usually manage to get rid of it quickly if I don't like it. But then there are the apps, which are "actually quite nice" and nestle in my app drawer.

And of course there are countless games that entertain me for a few minutes or even an hour or two. After a while, I reach for them maybe four times a year.

But while the 32 GB memory of my first Pixel smartphone still keeps me in check, it's the ever-increasing internal memory that gives free rein to this collecting frenzy. Maybe that's why I shy away from devices with large internal memory, which many users love so much. After all, I need to be forced to do spring cleaning from time to time and clean up a bit.

How do you see it? Do you prefer to have the right app for every situation on or do you also collect apps that you almost never use? Or do you manage to keep things in order order. If so, how? Let us know in our comments!

Note: Compulsive hoarding, a.k.a. Messie's syndrome is an obsessive-compulsive disorder that can be caused by a mental disorder and should not be ridiculed in any way. Among other things, those affected will find help here.

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    Deactivated Account Feb 4, 2019 Link to comment

    Currently I have 151 apps on my Stock Android smartphone, including pre-installed apps, where I have disabled 12 Google apps. All are ads free premium apps, which includes 24 to 30 categories of best apps on Google Play store. Further, I have eighty paid/premium apps on my Google library (My Apps&Games--> swipe three times). This is how I keep my smartphone free from being overburdened by Apps (64 GB internal storage, 4 GB Ram, Android 9.0 Pie with the latest security patch of January).
    Whenever I require any extra app, I install from my Library, and after use upon being uninstalled it shows up again in the Library 😇😇.

    Premium apps currently on my smartphone includes Photo editors, E-book readers, Office apps, scanners, Nova +Icon packs, two wallpaper apps, Sygic and other premium navigation apps, Best paid dictionaries, Edge and Mozilla and Puffin Pro, Daylio, HabitBull, Journey, Alarmy, Screen Master, Network Analyzer, Tasker, AZ SR, TorrDroit, ADM, Translators, Palabre, 12 Banking apps, 3 premium gallery apps and video players including MX and All format X, NewPipe, 3 Music players, Digital Lockers and Password Manager, OneDrive, OneNote, SwiftKey, KLWP, KWGT, Tasker, Nine Email App, Aqua Mail Pro, many very cool tools&utilities and paid games (8).

    Apps in my library includes lots of paid games, lots of other casual, entertainment based apps and other tools.

    I am able to manage all my apps very easily as I have made 24 scientifically well categorized folders in second page of my App drawer containing all the apps. First page of the App drawer includes my favorite apps.
    Three page desktop has nothing, Digi Cal widget & Nine mail widget. Three page dock includes media, communication & important tools.

    I love Android 😇😇, but I am a student first and study very hard every day.