Android 12: Google to introduce native theme function

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We are on the cusp of receiving the first developer preview of Android 12, and boy are we excited! It is very likely that Android 12 will be, well... 'colourful' in nature, with current reports going around that the latest iteration of Android could very well feature a native system-level theme option.

If this turns out to be true, Android users will be able to make changes to the UI as per their whim and fancy. This is also something that many Android users were looking forward to. And considering how long we have had to wait for Google to make available Dark Mode on Android for the masses, the (expected) arrival of native themes definitely sounds like good news.

At this point in time, Google's own smartphones such as the Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G, do allow you to customize colour themes  - albeit without too much variety. You also do not have a lot of control over customizing the look of your phone. With Android 12, things could be very different. Whispers point to the inclusion of a large number of themes, with the ability to pick a primary colour and a secondary colour to accent the screen. 

What makes this change even more interesting is that these Ui changes will also be automatically applied to apps.

For those aware, as of today, this remains a pipe dream and is somewhat achieved only through icon packs and wallpapers. Assuming the above speculation is true, Android 12 will provide completely new colour options for users to play with.

At least the colour scheme in the OS would finally be squarely at your mercy, in addition to the colour choice of the apps - assuming the respective developers go along with the deal. Let's not kid ourselves here: Who wouldn't want a royal blue WhatsApp or a piggy pink Facebook? You see - I feel the same way.

Android App Farben
Not pretty, but rare - our mockup clearly oozes with charm from the '80s! / © NextPit

Jokes aside, color choice is relative as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Expect to see some strange looking color schemes in future screenshots, but the heart of the matter is this - the smartphone user must be the one who likes it.

After all, he/she is the one who is going to live with the colour interface as long as the smartphone remains in operation. By the way, this feature will also be important for those who like to make comparisons with iOS and claim that Apple's operating system is better than Android in this regard.

Recently, Apple narrowed the gap with the introduction of widgets, long after Android users have had the luxury and pleasure of playing around with widgets on their devices. Hence, it is about time that Google ups the ante by changing things, providing the ability for users to showcase their individuality while remaining ahead of Apple in the mobile operating system arms race. 

What do you think about this possible new development? Is it something to get excited about, or are you contented with being able to choose between light and dark mode? Let us know in the comments below!


Source: 9to5Google

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