7 reasons you should buy the Sony Xperia Z3+

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You can always count on tech firms to make things unnecessarily confusing, and Sony’s no exception: the Sony Xperia Z3+ is only called that in Europe because in the rest of the world it’s known as the Xperia Z4. But don’t let the titular tomfoolery put you off. Here are seven reasons you should buy the Sony Xperia Z3+.

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The design is familiar, but it's aging brilliantly. / © ANDROIDPIT

1. It’s getting cheaper

At launch, the Xperia Z3+ was priced between £474 and £549 GBP in the UK. Now, it’s on Amazon UK for as little as £337 new and less than £300 used. That price drop is quite dramatic, and it’s certainly big enough to make us overlook the odd niggle, such as the phone’s tendency to burn hotter than the sun. More of that in a moment.

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The price of the Xperia Z3+ has dropped significantly since it was launched. / © Sony Mobile

2. It’s really good looking

Sony doesn’t really go for gimmicks when it comes to design, so while its Xperia phones tend to look alike, they look alike in a good way: think “celebrity couple” rather than “when cousins marry”. The launch of a new Xperia won’t have anybody running down the street yelling “OMG! They’ve gone too far this time!”, but that’s no bad thing: the Xperia design works. Why mess with a winning formula?

Sony has only tweaked what needs to be tweaked, so the Xperia Z3+ has fewer unsightly flaps and is very slightly thinner than before. The looks are backed up with the kind of engineering Sony built its reputation on, so it feels as good as it looks.

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The Z3+ looks similar to its predecessor, but it's thinner and uses fewer protective flaps. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. You can take it into the jungle

Most phones are delicate little flowers, prone to packing up at the mere sight of a raindrop or the flimsiest puff of pocket lint. Not the Xperia Z3+. It’s rated IP65 and IP68 for dust and water resistance, so while you can’t take it on an underwater adventure without killing it you can certainly use it in inclement weather without saying sayonara.

It’s not as flappy as its predecessor, either: while the Xperia still has a protective flap over the microSD/micro-SIM slot there’s no longer a flap for the USB port, even though the phone is just as water-resistant as the Xperia Z3.

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Water? The Z3+ laughs at water. Unless there's too much of it, for too long.  / © ANDROIDPIT

4. It’s a great phone for gamers

One thing Sony can do that other firms can’t, is link its phones to its PlayStation 4, and that means the Xperia Z3+ is a great option for keen gamers. You can stream games from PS4 to phone over your Wi-Fi connection, something that’s brilliant when somebody else is hogging the TV or you just can’t be bothered trying to find your DualShock controller. You can also faff around on the PlayStation Network, if it hasn’t gone down again.

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The Xperia is great if you have one of these. / © Evan-Amos (Media:PS4-Console-wDS4.jpg) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

5. It sounds amazing

The Sony comes with front-facing stereo speakers, and while they’re no substitute for serious speakers, they’re well above average for a phone this slim. Call volume and clarity on both ends are brilliant too. If you like music you’ll love the way the Sony Xperia Z3+ sounds on headphones.

6. The camera’s fantastic, and often works

The Sony Xperia Z3+ has all the megapixels: its camera is a 20.7 MP model, which means you can shoot from far away and still get really decent photos when you zoom in on detail.

It records 4K video too, and, thanks to its tendency to crash very soon after you start shooting, you don’t need to worry about your arms getting sore when you record videos. The other camera is a very respectable 5 MP, and it shoots very acceptable selfies.

xperia z3 plus camera2
Sony's well known for its cameras and sensors. The Xperia ones are great.  / © ANDROIDPIT

7. It’s a great hand warmer in winter

Let’s pretend this one is a feature, not a fault: when winter wraps its cold arms around you, you’ll be glad you’re packing an Xperia Z3+ instead of a rival phone that doesn’t overheat. The Snapdragon 810 inside the Sony gets hot fast, especially if you’re trying to record 4K or mess around with the camera.

The hottest spot is on the back where the NFC logo is situated, and as you feel the warmth penetrate your frosty fingers, you won’t mind the fact that the Sony has to throttle back the phone's performance to prevent it from going boom or that a firmware update still hasn’t fixed the camera crash that occurs when things get too hot.

AndroidPIT Nexus 6 flame fire
Never mind Nexuses with a fiery photo: with the Xperia, you can feel the hotness. / © ANDROIDPIT

Have we missed any reasons to buy the Sony Xperia Z3+, or are we being overly generous? Let us know below!

Gary Marshall

Gary Marshall

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  • シャルルマーニュ マルティネス Jul 20, 2017 Link to comment

    some of the many major flaws..
    -many trash system apps that you will never use
    -camera overheating
    -built in file manager/browser is trial version and will bombard you with ads, and paid version will eat alot of your very limited storage space
    -screen recorder only allow you to record from your phones speaker, so if you wanted a voice over, its not possible.
    -screen recorder will not save the file you are recording if your storage is full, it will just do nothing, and your record… not saved.
    -no option to install apps on sd card, so you have to install everything on your already very limited internal storage.
    -phone book is faulty, it randomly deletes numbers! there’s alot of people complaining on forum about this.

    and much much more…

  • wasimariflone Jan 9, 2016 Link to comment

    For me best XPeria in terms of design. i know they all look the same but the small tweaks looks great specially while holing it in hand.z5 sharp. blue color was my fav.

  • Roddre Neuer Jan 8, 2016 Link to comment

    You Sony haters are wrong. XPERIA Z LINE is a Masterpiece! Well built, with impressive design and super fast processor by Qualcome. Z3+ or z4 as you wanna call it, is a Superb phone :)

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Jan 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Good tongue in cheek article. I feel the same for the latest Samsung devices.

  • Luka Jan 7, 2016 Link to comment

    This is obviously mocking the phone. And it's pretty funny, and sadly true. Especially the last one.
    Thank God I didn't buy one.

  • Sainil Shah Jan 7, 2016 Link to comment

    Yah Zseries is the worst phones from Sony. All phones from Zseries has heat problem. and i have experinced a blast in phone and even a crack on screen due to heat problem.

  • An Droid Jan 7, 2016 Link to comment

    I don't think so! This phone is a failure, at any price.

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