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Why you should become your own hype person at work

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Outperforming your colleagues, hitting targets while reducing budgets and solving, not highlighting solutions––when combined this sounds like a fast track to promotion right? Wrong.

Yes, they’ll absolutely help, but there’s one you are missing. Think about it, and maybe look at who was recently promoted among your peers. What did they do? They built their own hype machine. Unfortunately, just doing the work isn’t enough, you also need to make sure the right people know about it, and the only way to do that is to become your own hype person.

Outside the workplace, a hype person is the comedian or performer hired by studios to keep the audience entertained between scenes––creating a fun atmosphere to ensure guests are amused at all times.

Within a professional capacity, being your own hype person means making sure the right people see your performance at different stages. Did you come up with the solution to a company-wide problem that’s now being managed by your direct superior? Then you need to shout about it. Did you cut costs and grow profit with an innovative approach? Then you need to holler.

However, how and when you shout about it matters. Here are three ways to become your own hype person at work.

Own Your Wins

We’re not saying you knock on the MD’s door every time you have a win––but maybe you speak up at the next meeting, send a team or company-wide email announcing the “good news” or bring it up in the canteen. You want to get the news to the right person without looking like you’re showing off, so you need to be creative.

Curate Your Circle

Want to be promoted? Then you need to prove that you can work cross-functionally and take a 360-degree view of the business. The best way to do this is to start making connections with people you may not work directly with, but share joint interests with.

For example, if you work in software development? Then you need to understand how marketing sells your product, and how design wraps it up. By creating these alliances you not only have support within the business improving your day-to-day experiences, you’ll also start to benefit from the reputation of being a true team player.

Reframe Your Thinking

Look at yourself objectively, and then assess your performance as you would that of a colleague. What are the areas you excel at, and what are the areas you think you may need support in? Don’t shy away from those areas, and instead speak up and explain that you need support. This shows that you recognise your own shortcomings and are not afraid to ask for help––hyping yourself up as a conscientious and committed employee.

Accept Facts

Sometimes, despite all the best results and strategising, your wins won’t be acknowledged or rewarded in the way you deserve. And when that happens, you need to accept the facts and consider a move––taking your hype man attitude with you to interviews and new roles. The companies below are currently recruiting across all sectors, and could well be home to your next career step up.


For those with an interest in entertainment and social media platforms, ByteDance is the perfect solution. The company, which was founded in 2012, is headquartered in China and develops video sharing and social media software which is then utilized by platforms such as TikTok. ByteDance is currently hiring for a variety of global roles across all departments, but US-based opportunities include Brand Partnerships Manager. Browse all available opportunities at ByteDance.   


Despite reports that Alphabet, Google’s parent company plans to lay off about 6% of its "poor performing" employees, hiring continues apace at the tech giant. With a world-class benefits experience, Google focuses on supporting its employees’ physical, financial, and emotional wellbeing. Roles on offer now include a Technical Program Manager III, Google Cloud, Big Data and Analytics job and a Software Engineer III. Or, you can explore all open positions at Google.


Fintech company Monzo has changed the way people approach banking, and plans to disrupt the lending industry in the same way it did personal banking. With a commitment to online banking that sees it contribute to open source software and hire workers with no background in traditional banking, Monzo is here to do things differently. The company is currently hiring for a number of US-based roles, including iOS Engineer. Browse all available roles at Monzo.

There are dozens of companies currently hiring across all sectors and levels on the NextPit Job Board – discover all opportunities now. This article was written by Aisling O’Toole.

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