Was the Galaxy Note 4 the last great Samsung phone?

Was the Galaxy Note 4 the last great Samsung phone?

Since the departure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in 2016 and the lackluster performance of the Galaxy Note 5, the Galaxy Note 4 has grown to be the preferred device for phablet fans. Despite the fact that the Note 4 is now well over two years old, demand for the device has continued to ensure its viability within the smartphone market. Does this mean that the Note 4 has become the undisputed King of all Samsung devices? Maybe - you never can tell. Let’s take a look at how the Note 4 might have earned this perception.

It did almost everything

When designing smartphones, there are always things which don’t make the cut, for whatever reason. A feature or part of the time, that wasn't delivered due to budget or time restraints. This wasn't really the case with the Note 4. What’s interesting about the Note 4 is that it kind of did everything.

It had the fastest processor at the time, a world-class QHD display, and a fantastic camera. The inclusion of the quad-core Snapdragon 805 with GHz with 3 GB of RAM ensured that the Note 4 was one of the most powerful smartphones available. It had wireless and quick-charging functionality. It had a fingerprint scanner and a heart-rate monitor.  

androidpit samsung galaxy note 4 23
The Galaxy Note 4 - the smartphone that does practically everything. / © NextPit

Essentially, it included all of the features you would want from a premium Android phone. It also had the S Pen, the stylus that elevates the Galaxy Note series above typical tablet fare.

And features it did lack, were part of a trade-off. It wasn’t waterproof, but given the removable battery this was to be expected. It didn’t have front-facing speakers, but Samsung must have (correctly) identified that these were way down on customers' lists of priorities.

What’s interesting about the Note 4 is that it kind of did everything

Crucially, the Note 4 was the last major Samsung handset to offer expandable storage and a removable battery pack. It was almost sacrilege when Samsung dropped these from its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series, which goes some way in explaining why the Galaxy Note 4 is still so well-regarded.

It stood out from the crowd in all the right ways

Another factor in its enduring popularity is the lack of real competition at the time. Even the iPhone 6 that was released at around the same time couldn't compare, lagging far behind what Android users had become accustomed to in the power stakes. At the time of its release the Note 4 was streets ahead of everything in terms of both performance and features. 

androidpit samsung Note4 vs Note5 14
The Galaxy Note 5 wasn't as well received as the Note 4. / © NextPit

Samsung put everything it could into the Galaxy Note 4 and the result was a phone that captured the hearts of Android fans and non-Android fans alike. Though its successor, the Note 5, offered several tiny changes that did make it better than the Note 4, it still doesn’t offer what the Note 4 is able to deliver.

So, what comes next?

At the moment there is a great deal of discussion, and even more speculation, on what we can expect to see released by Samsung in 2017. Many Samsung devotees are patiently waiting for the release of the rumored Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, so there is a chance that the popularity of the Note 4 may experience a bit of a downturn. That said, for the time being its looking as though Note 4 owners will still be able to continue to use their devices. Batteries can still be purchased from Samsung, and the Note 4 is continuing to receive software updates and security updates. 

androidpit samsung galaxy note 4 21
The Galaxy Note 4 - the last great Samsung device?. / © NextPit

But when can we expect to see a successor to the Note 4? Should we even be expecting a successor? These questions are currently going unanswered by Samsung. The Galaxy Note 7, spontaneous combustion issues aside, was a worthy contender in this respect, but did the issues which caused its downfall also spell the end for the entire Samsung Note series? At the moment this is a fairly open question. Samsung may surprise us at forthcoming Mobile World Congress with a new phablet - most likely the Note 8 - as serial leaker Evan Blass has indicated there may be one on the way. Whether or not this is the case, only time will tell.

Was the Galaxy Note 4 truly the last great Samsung device? Should we be holding off on the final verdict until the mythical Samsung Galaxy S8 is released? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Heather Cox Nov 3, 2015

    Before I purchased my note 4, I had the note 2 for 2 plus years and loved it. Many phones caught my attention within those years but I wouldn't let go of my note 2. The shit pen on my note 2 was great but lacked things u could really use. With my note 4 I am thrilled to have a fully functional S pen, it's a great and amazing pen along with all the other great things that are here with the note 4. I don't believe that any other phone after the note 4 will really compare, I'm sticking with mine!! Samsung has always out beat a iPhone in my eyes because of the battery an storage, there are reason that these phones have different names and manufacturers. Samsungs are compatible with so many other devices as well y would u limit yourself with....to my fellow note 4 users keep enjoying all the great things this phone offers and to the manufacturer of samsung note 4 stop trying to b so much like an iphone please, my opinion we stick with u and android because of just what it is. If we wanted a iPhone we would have purchased one.

  • br77494 Nov 1, 2015

    Most definitely, the Note 4 is still the best.

    My wife and I both have had a Note 4 since they came out over a year ago. We'll still be using ours long past when Note 5 and S6 users have their batteries crap out and decide that the internal memory isn't enough anymore. I'll pop in a new battery and a larger microSD and be good to go. And we protect our expensive phones with nice cases - so who cares if the bare phone has a "premium look" to it or not?

    Samsung just wants us to buy new phones every year or two. I get that. But, I have news for Samsung - I'll be using my Note 4 for a long, long time, or until I feel it's finally time to upgrade to an even better phone with the same fundamental features of removable battery and microSD card. I don't see that phone just yet though - no problem I can wait. If Samsung doesnt' change their ways I might be looking at LG.

  • Jonathan Mogale Nov 1, 2015

    I have the phone. Best phone I've ever owned. It does everything the Note 5 claims to do and more. The Camera is not far off from the Note 5. Expendable storage. S Pen functionality. Super Good screen. Handles Multi Window pretty well. All in all with everything considered I'm not going to upgrade to the note 5. It's clearly an inferior device from what I'm using.

  • DaX Nov 1, 2015

    So true man


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  • Here I am looking for a new phone....and after reading these praises...should I? My Note 4 is still going strong. It would be so much easier to carry on with it but what if it suddenly
    quits on me? I guess I will keep researching and hopefully find a comparable replacement.


  • When I bought the Note 4 the Note 5 was also out. I looked closely into both models and ended up going with the Note 4. Despite being older it was absolutely packed with features including a few which weren`t available on the Note 5. The Note 4 has the removable sd card slot for extra storage and removable battery which is also 220mah bigger than the non removable note 5 battery. You would think Samsung would make the non removable battery bigger but who knows what their logic was. Also the IR blaster is fantastic. I have it set up for tvs in my room, rec room, office and even a few friends tvs. The note 5 does have some upgrades but realistically the slightly newer hardware has negligible performance increase while the features they removed make the Note 5 a deal breaker for me. As a power user I hope they eventually bring back the removable battery to the Note line. Extra batteries are so cheap online and nothing beats going from 0-100 percent with the switch of a battery.

  • SCOTT IS CORRECT. I mean, Scott, you're correct. It's like going to a strip bar, kinda....
    While cycling thru the generations of any given phone, Like a striptease, removing and reputting, the audience dictates who and what are their favorite features, and one at a time and slowly, the one you've waited a year or more to see, the final unveiling, there it finally is and she has no boobs. $1000 later and no Va-huh, either? Uh, no thank you. (I like boys, not girls.)

    For over a year, I've had an upgrade to replace my pretty white Note 4.... 7 being my favorite number, I felt comfortable -kinda- being a traitor to my favorite phone that I've ever had. I wasn't happy about the ugly dude-purple, but, whatever...On a quick side note, on Amazon, no matter what case or cell-coat or Ipad jacket or carrier I want to buy in lighter colors, white/pink/mint, they're always sold out. Yet, they keep over-making black or purple leopard..I have a theory but again -whatever.

    Note 7 -meh, never used it, then it was recalled....then I bought another Note 4 in black, too.

    Note 8: Comes in 2 colors which are ugly and uglier, too skinny, no removable battery, top sd-card drawer 'that needs a dumb key' mess, impossible rounded edges like the I'd-buy-a-galaxy-edge-if I-wanted-an-edge CAUSE an-edge-is-not-why-I-buy-your-Notes-Samsung. ..yeah yeah, I saw it was a bit different, still sticking my tongue out at it...At Best buy, I couldn't find it on display, at 1st. I missed it, cause it's a real 'stand-out'. Thank god they made a "new" phone that looked like every other phone on the market. Why? Now, I will say this: Upon closer glance, the disproportionately long+skinny body was a stand-out. And, minus any of us loyal Note lovers favorite features, I left the store a bit mad at Samsung. I felt duped and wondered why they betrayed us. And, knowingly so -thats the worst kind. My final note ;) is....

    Just like a stripper with no boobs is just a girl, a Note with no removable sd card nor removable battery, is not a Note. It's just another massly-ordinary cell-phone. That got dumber.

    Anyone got a cell phone making machine I can borrow, thx....SMILES -HW

  • Yes you are so right..i liked this topic. I m using note 4 and as you mentioned i can not find another good phone to replace my note 4. Even note8 is not perfect as my note4.

    • yes same for me. could not find the reason to give up note 4 for note 8. Looking at s9 plus. Still am not upgrading. the battery, makes huge difference. I've change out my battery as much as my wife changed out her iphone about 4 times now. I have signed documents with my phone with out companies noticing its a digital signature. My phone has been doing cartwheels to find a reason to replace it and it's still going. I hope note 9 Will give me the reason I need.

  • I had the note 7 on pre-order and when that went to hell I ended up getting a s7. After 6 month I actually gave that 2 my wife and went back to my note 4. Even things like the IR remote sender I use a lot!

    Unfortunately the phone has an issue that a new battery hasn't fixed but bidding on a replacement note 4 on ebay now :)

    Definitely my favourite phone I ever owned. (Also owned a note 1 and 2) :)

  • I've had my note 4 for a year now and I've got no intention of getting anthor phone. I've tried lg g3 and lg g4 and tried lg g5 which felt like it was going to fall to pieces. Luckily I've kept my note 4 its still got a fantastic display and a very good camera changable battery and expandable memory. My work friends have got an S7 edge which I was totally underwhelmed by the curved screen and fixed battery. Yes S7 edge has a slightly better camera when the lighting is low but in good day light i couldnt notice any difference and there is to many compromises owing the s7 and these newer phones. My note 4 does everything I want in a good phone and I will be keeping it.

  • In the interest of making my Note 4 last until something proven better is available. I ordered a wireless charging back to save wear and tear on the charging port. $25 for the back and about the same for the charger.

  • Beware, the Note 4 is now out of warranty, and many users are starting to see various issues crop up due to bad mmc on the motherboard.

    People are complaining about slow and clunky responses, random reboots and sometimes the system will just halt with the error:

    Could not do normal boot
    mmc_read failed

    Indicative of bad internal memory. Only official solution is to send it in for a costly motherboard replacement.

    • Stevbo Jun 14, 2017 Link to comment

      Best to flash a custom ROM and root the phone. Much more exciting, especially since it is an older phone now. There are loads of custom roms out there that make use of the Note 4s solid hardware and optimises it's 808 processor. Im currently on a Note 7 and S8 Rom that gives me all the best features of the Note 7 and S8 in the solid hardware of the Note 4. You basically have a Note7/s8 on your note 4 phone. Havent had any problems to date and the phone runs smoothly, although it can get a bit warm sometimes. Custom ROMS can invalidate your warranty and should be flashed only if you know what you're doing

  • Sai Jan 24, 2017 Link to comment


    • The Note 5 is better. All the crap about SD-slot and removable battery put aside, there is a difference. I fixed these Samsung design "bugs" with a modular phone case from www.i-blades.com. I got extra battery and addition 64GB. And platform for additional modules. I am all set for the Note 8 :)

  • Diz Jan 10, 2017 Link to comment

    I had the Note 2 and the Note 4 since the week it came out and it's an amazing phone, almost an insult to call it a phone, I use it for so very much more. I use the pen function a LOT, it's fast enough, expandable enough, the Samsung on the go (OTG) feature rocks for transferring files or photos to an external hard drive or thumb drive, I even got an iRig guitar adapter designed specifically for the Note 4 an a few other Samsung phones, an that rocks, plug a guitar and headphones into it and you're set.

    Unless the Note 8 has a replaceable SD card, and battery I won't get rid of my Note 4. My son has the Note 5 and is already missing the SD card and battery options.

    PLEASE heed our requests Samsung. Your Note 7 debacle could have been a WHOLE lot less with a removable battery.

    • Samsung execs are so block headed. Why can't they offer another variant of Note 8/9 with removable battery? What's wrong with offering customers more choice?? Water resistance need not be compromised - you can have removable battery and still water tight phone. You can have your cake and eat it too!

  • The S5 and the Note 4 were Samsung's greatest devices. Anything after that lost features and appeal. They became another Apple copy-cat which let down their loyal customers who liked them for being plastic, for having lots of features and for the ability of replacing the battery and the sd card. Until they release something which has all the S5 (or Note 4) features + some more, I'm staying on my SM-G900F.

    • I know Moni, I'll never give away my Galaxy S5 Mini even when I upgrade soon. I put a new battery and microSD card in and it feels like a new device. No slow downs and I can do everything well.
      While some improvements were made the company needs to reflect on what customers want. I personally like Apple devices for certain features but I want a healthy alternative. And another premium glass device is not the solution. If Samsung focused on the mid-range it could retake much of the market from Apple. Maybe Samsung could just focus on a couple of devices instead of having so many on the market. The company's research is unmatched and we could even make the argument that Apple is copying much of its technology.
      A plastic Note 8 with a removable battery would blow everyone away. I wish there was some way to bring this to the attention of the company. There are many tech journalists and Android community members who voice this but it still isn't clear. SUGGESTIONS ANYONE!!!???

      •   46
        Deactivated Account Jan 10, 2017 Link to comment

        Yes Cory I have a suggestion they will listen to. Stop buying the sealed battery models. Planed obsolescence was started by Apple. They got away with it so now everybody is doing it. The only thing they will listen to is a lack of sales. As consumers it is our only voice. I did not need the G5 I have two other phones. I supported them for their courage for trying something new. The only way I could as a consumer, I bought one. I will likely buy the V20 for the same reason, along with it being the best phone of the year in my opinion and others.

      • Yes who looks at the back of their phone anyway, when these fragile glass back phones have to be encased in a case? so stupid! I never see back of my glass backed Galaxy S7 (in a case of course), and I wish I could swap out my aging battery but I can't.

        Deactivated Account

  • Im still kicking my ass for letting it go if it wasnt for the BS with note7 debacle. Yes that is still the best phone out there by far but thank u smasung grt job with the note7 peache bitch ass sory for the my pissed off words but they have it coming!

    •   46
      Deactivated Account Jan 9, 2017 Link to comment

      You can still get one brand new unlocked for $369.99 at B&H photo

  • Samsung could improve on the Note 4, but only if they do not throw away the baby with the bath water! Replaceable battery, IR, expandable memory should be retained. And while you are at it, I miss the FM radio. should stay. These were the reasons I went to Android and Samsung to begin with.

  • note 5 is the best, design wise, and also everything else.

  • The Note 4 is the only Samsung phone I've owned, so you know I'm not in any way biased when I say yes, it's the best.

    I'm not a heavy user, so I can mostly only rattle off the features that others in these 100+ comments have mentioned. But they are what attracted me to and made me keep the phone:
    The S-pen - more for sketching than note-taking.
    The removable battery - as said I'm not a heavy user, so I don't need to whip out a fresh battery halfway through the day. But it'll be useful for a bit of longevity for when the current battery starts to wind down. I'm not one to rant (too much) about consumerism, but when you say the Note 4 is 'well over two years old', you make it sound like it runs on steam...
    The IR blaster - along with the Sure remote app, especially useful for controlling my TV and freesat box (and Roku box, though it doesn't use the blaster) now that the official remotes for all are broken or missing.
    The space for an sd card - granted, haven't had to use it yet, but good to know it's there as my phone fills up.

    Last, and maybe least, the S-view cover. I'm fussy about scratches on my phone screens, but also about trapped dust and bubbles from screen protectors. I used covers with my last phone and was happy with their protection, despite the difficulty of wrenching the phone out and cramming it back in when I needed to, with the resulting cracks and replacement covers.
    I happened to get an S-view cover with my Note 4 (a bundle from an ebay seller) and I love that it does it's primary job - screen protection - while being an integral part of the phone: not just a complete replacement for the removable back cover that adds minimal thickness, but the accessibility of certain functions from the S-view display. I know there are S-view covers for later Notes and other Samsung phones, but I'm looking with some scepticism at their corner clips and reviews talking about stress cracks. Been there, done that.

    So when Samsung brings out an updated Note soon after I bought mine, and it goes back on several of these satisfying (even reassuring) features of the Note 4... nah, I'm good, thanks.
    And the next one after that, with the same lack of Note 4 features, has to be recalled almost immediately, apparently because of problems relating to the sealed, irremovable back cover. ('Necessary' waterproofing... I'd say that's just a bit more relevant to normal phone use than it was for wristwatches in the 80s and 90s)

    So I'll say it was the last great Note. Can't say much about other Samsung phones, except that they also lack the N4 features I like, so there's that. Last great Note ever? That depends on whether these rumours indicate a return to the line, and possibly on whether Samsung are still determined to make it 'just another iPhone' (as the refrain goes) or even 'just an S8 with a stylus'.

  • is this the last great article ever written..... now come to the point samsung galaxy s7 was the best ever amdroid smartphone made. samsung is the apple of android phones accept it.

  • "Simpleist The Best Better Than All The Rest" that what Samsung could proudly sing to the others, Note 4 was a phone that offered nearly everything a consumer wanted on there phones, No worry about the battery life with Removable Battery option and no Memory Full alarm with the micro sd card slot on offer, plus the Stylus to stop you worrying about fingerprints on the screen, camera Top Class, Worth its true value anytime and a very reliable phone, but why didn"t Samsung realise this seemed very odd indeed as Galaxy Note 4 users who wanted to upgrade to the next Note phone, were very let down by Samsung who had Apple phones in there minds an thought copying the iPhones would improve there sales, but it back-fired on Samsung with the Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 models by not offering the removable battery or micro sd card options and the Sales were not too good

    Deactivated Account

    • Ryan Jan 9, 2017 Link to comment

      The Note 4 battery was AWFUL! Why would anyone want to walk around with spare batteries!? I would rather a phone with a long lasting battery then to walk around with phone a crappy battery powering it and another crappy battery in my pocket. I don't have time for that all that nonsense of spare batteries, SD cards. Make a better phone

  • I use the Note 4..rooted,custom ROM with S pen functionality still working as I need it to..perfect phone..

  • Ryan Jan 8, 2017 Link to comment

    The Note 4 wasn't even that good. Very cartoonish, battery was AWFUL, and it lagged.

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Jan 8, 2017 Link to comment

    I have said it a hundred time on this site. Nothing in Samsung's lineup beats the Note 4 for versatility and longevity. The Note 4s will be going strong long after the S7s and S7 Edges are all in the trash can because of bad batteries. Sure you can spend $200 buck to have the battery replaced, but is it worth it? The $20 bucks I pay for Note 4 batteries it is defiantly worth it. I have 4 of them never have to worry about an outlet or being low bat. IP68 would have been nice on the Note 4 but not really necessary since you can remove the battery if it gets wet to prevent damage. Unlike sealed batteries, which sit there and short out because you can't remove the power sources. My S3 has been drowned 3 times and always has come back to life after removing the battery and drying it out. My Note 4 is over 2 years old, my S3 is over 4 years old still running everything.

  • I've had note 4 for about 6 months and I can honestly say its without doubt its the best phone I've had. The camera is great the screen is fantastic and it all works so well. Why on earth did Samsung drop the changeable battery I will never know. I tried a LGG4 and I was totally underwhelmed by the camera the pictures looked flat most of the time it missed out on focus points unlike the note 4 which focused everytime and the pictures were more vibrant. The note 4 is far better for playing games on also I found the screen on the N4 far less tiring on rhe eyes.Guess what phone I will get when the N4 eventuly wears out and that most likely will be another N4. I will never downgrade to a crappy IPhone

  • The Note 4 running lollipop 5.1.1 is indeed an awesome phone. I started with the original note back in 2011, used my Note 2 from 2012 until September 2015. When it was time to replace it, I decided against the Note 5 and bought the Note 4 (The T-Mobile rep really tried to sell me the note 5, :). Oh and this is the second Note that I'm skipping). Anyway, I'm not a huge Touchwiz fan, but I tolerate it because I'm a huge S-Pen fan. With regards to the lack of removable batteries, I can forgive that, since I know it can be replaced once it stops holding a charge (HTC quoted me $40 to replace my HTC ONE M7 battery, so I know it's definitely doable to replace a built-in battery). Lack of an expandable storage on a device that is supposed to be a productivity device... that's unforgivable in my books! So, Samsung, bring back the IR Blaster, removable battery, SD card slot and for the love of baby Jesus, get rid of that gorilla glass back. It's not sensible! The Note 6 needs to be just as awesome as the Note 4 for me to consider another Samsung Note again.

  • Yes note 4 best phone ever

  • Yo estoy meramente. Desepcionado con Samsung por su Note 5 y el S6 Edge + realmente la pereza y la haraganencia los domo por completo haciendo 2 telefonos iguales y ademas sin absolutamente nada bueno que ofrecer al usuario. Además de ser tan caros y no cumplen con nada de lo que se esperaba.

  • I have had a Samsung Galaxy NOTE 4 since 1st quarter of this year (2015) and I love it. I have no interested in Galaxy NOTE 5 as it was minor upgraded from NOTE 4. Also some feature does not fit to the users demand such as un-removable battery and does not have an extra SD Card slot for upgrade the memory. I am sure most of the end users unhappy with it.

    I am one of the Galaxy NOTE 4 heavy users, I found some components need to be improved such as one function on the S Pen does not support is (Highlighter). the S Pen can draw and write a message, but it cannot highlight the important words or content on the docs. Some other things also need to be improved as well.

    That is why I skip Galaxy NOTE 5, I am waiting for the NOTE 6 and hope it will be rectified some missing points as commented from the end users.


  • I have the note 4 I absolutely love everything about it! !!! I am ready to upgrade and seeing that the note 5 , in my opinion has no features that excite me. I plan on keeping my note 4 and waiting for a true upgrade with a expandable storage SD card and removable battery! Why upgrade with no real improvements? ???? Way to go Samsung, NOT!!!!!!

  • I have owned all note series, and i can confirm that note5 is the best mobile i have ever seen in term of performace durability, look. The only drawback is the non removable storage which may affect performance if exist.

  • I have to admit that the Note 4 is the last Android phone I will purchase for a long time relatively future proof and for all the reasons you mentioned hit a wall so to speak 😊

    Deactivated Account

  • Just went through a flood in Texas, if it had not been for the replaceable battery in note 4 , I would not have had any contact with family or weather info, since I lost my cable, power and landline phone. I will never buy a phone without a replaceable battery.

  • I still keeping my note 4 after the lollipop update my phone is so l still a beast. It does everything I can answer a call and still play my games at the Sametime. I love doing a lot more with it 4 apps on screen at the sametime in windows and bubbles texting fb and calling a real work horse. IR blaster too.

  • Before I purchased my note 4, I had the note 2 for 2 plus years and loved it. Many phones caught my attention within those years but I wouldn't let go of my note 2. The shit pen on my note 2 was great but lacked things u could really use. With my note 4 I am thrilled to have a fully functional S pen, it's a great and amazing pen along with all the other great things that are here with the note 4. I don't believe that any other phone after the note 4 will really compare, I'm sticking with mine!! Samsung has always out beat a iPhone in my eyes because of the battery an storage, there are reason that these phones have different names and manufacturers. Samsungs are compatible with so many other devices as well y would u limit yourself with....to my fellow note 4 users keep enjoying all the great things this phone offers and to the manufacturer of samsung note 4 stop trying to b so much like an iphone please, my opinion we stick with u and android because of just what it is. If we wanted a iPhone we would have purchased one.

  • Don't forget about the IR sensor! It's sad to see such a great feature go away in the Note 5. You will be missed...

  • The N4 is a great phone. I will be sticking with it since I can change my battery when ever it runs down.

  • My N4 has never been the same since the Lollypop upgrade so right now I would let it go for a N5 with better performance, however, I'm not willing to give up the expanded storage. I can loose the ability to swap batteries but Samsung really didn't need to drop the memory expansion from the N5, they could have put the memory card slot next to the sim card! For that reason alone I can't buy the Note 5, it's my personal way of punishing Samsung. We buy these phones and our loyalty is rewarded by stripping down the upgrades to save a few bucks, come on Samsung think of the millions of phone you didn't sell because of that memory card, just stupid in my opinion. Put it back if you want to sell me a new note phone or I will look elsewhere when I tire of my Lollypop N4!

  • Nice article.
    I have to agree with what many are saying the note 4 is the best and will in fact be my last Samsung phone unless they come to their senses with external storage and swappable battery, I could care less about metal and glass yes they look good, but that's not what I need my smartphone to be I need it to be my pocket computer with additional storage and a swappable battery.
    Samsung is a giant of a company maybe instead of making dozens of different models they should consolidate a little and offer a vanity note and a productivity note one made of glass and metal and one with the sd storage and swappable battery, until then I wait for someone to make me leave Samsung maybe a lgg4 pro with stylus or even a Microsoft surface pro phone with a surface pen I need a digital stylus a sd card a swappable battery and a big high resolution screen, give me that and I'm a happy customer until then I'm very happy to own the best android phone around the Samsung galaxy note 4.)

  • Thank you for writing this article. I love my note 4 and i wont buy anther samsung phone if it does not have removable storage or a removable battery.

    Deactivated Account

  • I have bought Note 4 twice opting a different colour after using it for 1 year....Even I find it strange but I am not complaining.

  • nd despite the non removable battery and non expandable storage the Note5 slaps the Note 4 silly, as a matter of fact, the entire 2015 premium Galaxy lineup slaps their 2014 counterparts silly in terms of performance, build quality, speed, multitasking and sales, both the S5 and Note 4 were buggy and laggy and got worse after lollipop, not the case with the S6 and Note5, built in quick wireless charging as well as regular quick charging as make the non removable battery a non issue and I have the 64gb model ,I'm good

  • I've owned every Note device and despite the non removable battery and non expandable storage the Note5 slaps the Note 4 silly, as a matter of fact, the entire 2015 premium Galaxy lineup slaps their 2014 counterparts silly in terms of performance, build quality, speed, multitasking and sales, both the S5 and Note 4 were buggy and laggy and got worse after lollipop, not the case with the S6 and Note5, built in quick wireless charging as well as regular quick charging as make the non removable battery a non issue and I have the 64gb model ,I'm good

    • Every one knows that the note5 has better performance. Would be a shame if it hadn't a year later than the note 4. That's not the Question. It has no sd card slot (with only 64Gb RAM, and that's by far too little) and no changable battery. That's what most of the people want. In the future I would suggest to look at LG G4 Note.

  • Definitely, Note 5 is a NO for me. I got a Note 4 Dual Sim and I love it very much. What turned me off with Note 5?....the non-replaceable battery and the external micro SD card storage. In fact, I'm preparing for the long haul or wait for Samsung to release a future Note series with these 2 missing features. Have bought spare batteries and S-Pen. Preparing for a long use of my Note 4. :-)

    • You'll be waiting until you're dead in the ground then, Sam'apple is now modeled after Apple with their two major flagship devices basically copying the iPhone ya got the Plus or the Note and ya got the regular smaller iPhone or the S6/7/8 whatever number, they're not going to revert back to their old ways because of some dissatisfied customers nor would they care and make a change until they went under and started losing money cause of it, which is highly doubtful that would happen at all. Now they can really focus on competing with Apple and trying to take away it's iPhone customers. So you might as well be holding your breath and waiting for the LG G Stylus 2 and hope it packs a new walloping punch with better specs and hardware as compared to this years model.

  • I agree at all points. There's no way i buy a phone without a sd card slot for this money. It seems to me like i would downgrade if i buy a note 5.

  • The Note 4 was the last great phone! They took away a lot of specs with the camera, no expandable memory, no removable battery? Not a good look and they only made up to 64GB? Really? They took away the remote control feature and the interface reminds me of apple Iphone! Apple is so controling and has it's followers, I like freedom with the device I paid for! I don't get it Samsung you had such a great thing and it's now becoming mediocre and simply boring! I normally upgraded when the new notes came out but not this time and I don't like the 6, 6edge, or 6 edge plus. Go back to being different Samsung or you will loose quite a big as you see with the launch of these basic devices your sales tooks a big hit they will continue if you wanna go the Apple route!

  • It was. Until this new blackberry priv launches!

  • If I can't change the battery and add my own SD card., I will not buy the phone ....period!!!!## hope you here that Samsung. DON'T BE APPLE..

  • Man I love my N4, only reason I didn't get the N5 is I'm not available for a upgrade. I don't care about not having a removable back but no SD card is a big problem. That n5 sure do look good!


  • I bought my Note 4 year ago - waited for it,read all I could before buying and never was disappointed with that phone all the time I own it.
    Went yesrerday and looked and played a bit with Note 5 and .....felt nothing!
    Note 5 looks good as expected,but no replacable battery and no slot for memory card.
    My Note 4 is still the best and I agree with whoever said that Note 4 is the King!
    Don't know what I could replace this wonderful phone with in future!

  • I have got a note 4 and love it.i also have a s6 edge plus.would have got the note 5 but its not available here in the uk.i agree with much of what the article says.the note 4 also has the last great qualcom processor-the snapdragon 805.

  • I have the Note 4 and love it. I upgraded my phone every time I was eligible and would have continued to do that. No removable battery on the new one? Guess I have to keep the old one. It's a shame because I'm sure I would have loved the new one, but I can't live my life leashed/chained to an outlet. I also can't stand the thought of having a flimsy iphone wannabe. I'll come back to Samsung when they offer a removable battery again. Until then I'll keep the Note 4 or look at LG. :-(

  • Note5 is sure to be better than Note4 (technologically) & Note6 better than Note5...when it comes...
    BUT...as long as there's no user-removable battery & no slot for sd card....I won't buy Samsung cos if/when I ever have to leave my phone at a service center my personal data should be in my sd card and with me - not in the phone or in cloud...'nuff said.

    • Agree. I will use a technologically inferior phone before I will worry about my personal data or live on a leash any day. The non removable back and sd card was the deal breaker for me.

  • Samsung ui suits the note series and with that s-pen i dont think it has much or any competition

  • Most definitely, the Note 4 is still the best.

    My wife and I both have had a Note 4 since they came out over a year ago. We'll still be using ours long past when Note 5 and S6 users have their batteries crap out and decide that the internal memory isn't enough anymore. I'll pop in a new battery and a larger microSD and be good to go. And we protect our expensive phones with nice cases - so who cares if the bare phone has a "premium look" to it or not?

    Samsung just wants us to buy new phones every year or two. I get that. But, I have news for Samsung - I'll be using my Note 4 for a long, long time, or until I feel it's finally time to upgrade to an even better phone with the same fundamental features of removable battery and microSD card. I don't see that phone just yet though - no problem I can wait. If Samsung doesnt' change their ways I might be looking at LG.

  • Bruce Nov 1, 2015 Link to comment

    With no removable battery two things happen...
    >In 24-36 months when the battery starts to deteriorate you will hate the phone and have to get a new one.
    >Resale value will be much lower because any buyer knows he will have to pay $100 or much more to replace the battery. A 2 year old Note 5 might have half the value of a 2 year old Note 4.
    If you have a replaceable battery and expandable storage the phone can have a very long life.

    • Yes. So you need a new phone. I used to upgrade anyway because of new features or better tech. I won't be able to anymore now until they bring back the removable battery and sd though.

  • No. The screen was terribly made. A 1 ft drop gave a black screen. I paid $250 to fix it. Another 1 ft drop did the same. I wasn't willing to pay another $250 to fix it. The Note 4 caused me to abandon Samsung and Android for the iPhone. I am unfortunately an Applewhore now... Thanks Sammy! >=(

    • You being so clumsy or something, is not Note 4's or Samsung's fault. Phones are not made for dropping around.

    • I don't know how many times I've dropped my phone from a greater height and it still looks and works like new

    • I've dropped my Note 4 from about 4ft...it's rare. I had a thin 0.3mm case on it and it landed face down, I was mortified. It was fine not a scratch. Case was scuffed, got a new case for $1 on eBay. lol

    •   46
      Deactivated Account Nov 2, 2015 Link to comment

      I find it hard to believe a 1 foot drop did that much damage. Our three year old has through my wife's Note4 across the room and bounced off the wall with no damage. My wife left it on the roof of the car while belting in the kid heard a thunk and saw her phone bouncing down the road again no damage except a scuffed case . It is in an Otter box case but the impacts were still far greater.

  • I'm going to say yes. I played with the Note 5, and seriously, the Note 4 is good enough.
    + SD-card slot - a godsend when you are a media horderer, and with a USB OTG cable, it's also your 128GB portable drive.
    + 64GB Note 5 is sadly NOT available where I am, so another point to Note 4's expandable storage.
    + Don't like the cheap back? Replace the cover!
    + Speaking of the plastic back, it doesn't attract fingerprints nor is it prone to cracking like glass does
    + Replacable battery - again, a godsend when travelling away from your nearest outlet. A portable USB battery is still clunkier and heavier than the Samsung one. Quick charge is also worht a mention here.
    + Significantly cheaper, especially in the 2nd hand market
    + no 'Pengate'
    + IR blaster: very useful when paired with a good remote app
    + Qualcomm SnapDrago 805, and 3GB RAM 'good enough' (mine doesn't lag with 5.1.1, and custom launcher)
    + Sim removal tools are the suck

    - not as pretty as Note 5 (though you end up covering that with a case, anyway)
    - no in-built wireless charger
    - not the latest specs (although in 2014, it pretty much was)
    - Touchwiz still annoying than Note 5, or any other skin

    Bonus comment: You can change the default DPI which means you can fit more text and info onto the screen, yet everything still looks sharp. Find the tip, and more, at the 'XDA-Developers' forums.

  • for samsung

  • if they give u remvable battery n sd card thn it is poor plastic phone......if they give u a solid phone thn the last phone which was cheap plastic suddenly become last great phone....whats ur prblm android pit

    • Well, I wouldn't blame apit for anything this time. People are generally like that. Give them something they don't like, they'll bitch about it; give them something even worse (from their point of view), the previous one will be praised, and the new one will be bitched about.

  • This site is full of note4 loosers. If one of you ever try the five for more than the couple minutes ya'll did at your local retailer. you'd know that the five is superior to the four in every single way, minus the expandale storage and removable battery.

    •   46
      Deactivated Account Nov 1, 2015 Link to comment

      Sorry you just bought a phone with a two year life span, with the sealed battery in the Note 5. The Note 4 will be going strong long after yours is in the trash can because you can change the battery.

      • @Mark

        Not that I disagree with your statement, but it's still not an argument of any sorts. Battery being sealed does no automatically mean a phone will last "only" two years. Furthermore, and I'm speaking only for myself, I've never used a phone for more than a year, so two years is still plenty.

      •   46
        Deactivated Account Nov 2, 2015 Link to comment

        Hi Bojan
        I think it is relevant because even though you don't use the for more that two years. That phone still has a life after you are done with it. I am defiantly a non typical user and have had my S3 for over 3 years. It will most likely be over 4 before I replace it now. I had a bevy of niece and nephews all being really nice to me before The S6 came out, because they all wanted my phone. I had planed to buy it until the specs came out.

    • Yeah, you just said why I will keep my note 4 removable battery and expandable memory!

    • Who cares about that? Get a life...

    • My note 4 has over 100gb's on it. How much does your crappy 5 hold? Here in Canada the only option is 32GB..Haha... stupid Samsung, what were they thinking?!? After OS, I'd have what... 20GB left? I like my 4K videos & taking my pics with me not left at home on my PC. ;-) Enjoy your Note 5 downgrade.

      Deactivated Account

  • This is a nonsense article, because the note5 is one of the best, if not the best smartphone to date. It is two times faster than the note4, it has more lag, the camera is marginally better, the build is simply stunning and the exynos 7420 14nm Finfet is one superior chip to anything available today on android. To say the note4 is last great samsung flagship is ludicrous. I've own both, and hands down the note5 is the best in the note series to date.

    • You did not say one thing about what we don't like about the note 5... Can you plug in a USB card reader and external battery at the same time, while climbing on a large piece of machinery so that you can read the pdf to diagnose the problem, take notes and and call the manufacturer if needed. The note 5 has too little memory for the money, too small of a battery and no IR for when I finally get to relax. Being able to swap batteries makes my life much simpler. Being as water dust proof as the s5 would be nice also...

    • The Note 5 is marginally faster, but the Note 4 is just as fast. I don't sit around all day running benchmark apps, taking screenshots & posting them to Facebook. lol. The Note 4 has never made me wait for anything. I like that I can add 128GB to the phone with a simple now inexpensive micro SD chip. ;-) removable battery is very handy. I had an S6, 64gb & it went into a never ending boot-loop, first time I've ever seen that before. I would have removed the battery... but.....

      Deactivated Account

  • I agree, I was looking forward to buying my annual birthday present had note1 2 3 and 4.
    Couldn't believe it note 5 what a downgrade... Besides the obvious failing like memory, battery, IR. Glass back, the MHL cable don't work... When traveling I often plug in to tvs.
    And a smaller battery just stupid... They must of lost millions of sales.
    But the big problem now for android is what next all this year's flag ship phones for me have been mediocre at best having to turn off so many features to last a day. Unless someone brings out a true flag ship soon the iPhone 7 will kill us.it already has on average a better all round camera and without turning everything off the battery easily lasts the whole day.
    Now they have big screens great visibility in daylight. Great back up and restore built in, way better software upgrade policy... once they allow 3rd party keyboard s as default etc... And some apps are far superior on iPhone plus they hold their value more.
    I hoping android really improve their battery soon.
    By the way I'm still annoyed why Samsung didn't offer us at least a dark theme or full access to the theme store. A dark theme may of added an hour to our screen on time. Very unhappy with Samsung.
    Was thinking of nexus but reading no optical image stabilasion and not great battery life ....

    So what's your next flagship phone.?

    • Don't forget the Nexus 6p apparently Bends like a piece of toast. The glass scratches like an iPhone 5 & It's Chinese made, they are not known for quality products. What makes this any different?? Give the 6P some time to experience the real world.

  • It's so sad that Samsung decided to listen to reviewers instead of it's loyal fanbase that actually bought their products. This obsession with sealed phones is ridiculous. I'm willing to bet my life that the Note 5 has not sold as many units as the Note 4 precisely because when comparing apples with apples, it's a vastly inferior product.

    • You wanna bet buddy? And if it didn't sell as much as you're saying, it is not available everywhere like the note4 was. The note5 and the edge plus combine sell twice the amount of the note4.

  • I have the phone. Best phone I've ever owned. It does everything the Note 5 claims to do and more. The Camera is not far off from the Note 5. Expendable storage. S Pen functionality. Super Good screen. Handles Multi Window pretty well. All in all with everything considered I'm not going to upgrade to the note 5. It's clearly an inferior device from what I'm using.

    • Wut? Are you serious? Superior screen? S-pen functionality? Handle multi-window really well? I see you haven't used a note5? Well buddy, I've owned both, and there's just no way that the note4 is better than the five In any of those area.

  • Note 4 was a great phone until the new update and now it is just a worthless piece of junk that keeps freezing up and powering off by itself. Note 3 was far better than the note 4 and never had a problem with it. This will probably the last Samsung phone I will ever buy. Still better than an iPhone but not by much.

    Deactivated Account

  • I have the note 4 and got my wife the note 4 as well we love these phones had them since that have came out and had a few problems at first but they fixed them right away. I do how ever wish that they made the note 4 water proof because I had drop my phone in the toilet that had pee in it and I thought my phone was a goner but let it dry for a few days in a bag of rice and now it works lose my use of extrinal speaker and volume down key don't work and my screen has a yellowish tint to it now can't really see out side durn the day but works great no problems alittle but slower since I have dropped it in the toilet but hey still working getting me a not her note 4 soon love this phone won't trade up unless they make the next one like the note 4

  • If Samsung wants to keep their note4 core customers they better keep the updates coming until they produce a honest successor...
    Sammy do you really want to alienat fans further...

  • No because of the battery and overheating issues now...

  • I ended up getting the Note 4 and don't regret it one bit! I changed to a different launcher and it's been perfect.

  • DaX Nov 1, 2015 Link to comment

    So true man

  •   3
    Deactivated Account Nov 1, 2015 Link to comment

    I chose to not get the 5. I purchased another Note 4 as a backup when this one goes. I am afraid that there won't be another one like it anytime soon.

  • Was? Still is! In terms of battery and memory options. There's really no reason to "upgrade"... Upgrade to what? Note5 is nowhere near leaps and bounds better in any way. Samsung should have known better and not try the greedy apple style of backing their fans into a corner to buy the" next big thing". I'm sure down the line Samsung will even do the "sorry we don't support That model" scheme of marketing as well. Hopefully they will read and make the changes necessary to give Apple a run for their money once again! As for now, they need to tend to that foot they just shot themselves in! An iPhone clone won't cut it, I believe Android fans are more smarter than to fall for this. I will say, I use Apple products where they make sense in my photography, music and video production period.

    BTW Samsung, if you really want to impress your fan base; how about fixing the fake intermittent lag issue on so many Note 4's....coinsident? Hah!

  • I bought 2 s5 for my family. They were perfect. My contract came up, 2 weeks later the s6 was officially announced. Having spent 2 months getting up to date I had to go big, the note4...
    I've gotten used to the size and can't do without the s-pen but alas if Samsung can't find a better idea for their head then leaving where they have placed it since the release of the note4 aveta-by-by. I don't want a Apple.
    Even Google put memory card support back in to 6 and the battery, IR, being able to swap batteries the charging case is a God send, but why did voice commands work better on my convoy1&2 than even my note4.
    and no usb3 for data transfer. Maybe that needs Qualcomm 3.0. The s5 was waterproof with a replaceable battery.
    Sammy pull your head out, or the note4 will be remembered as your last great device.
    Rip Sammy...I hate to lose a good thing, has any body heard anything about Firefox OS on a US release. Maybe they can pick it up wear Sammy fumbled. LG any one listening...

  • can I put the S-pen from the note 5 in the Note 4?

  • I bought a second Note 4 because I need the reliability of a backup battery and the additional memory capacity available with SD class 10 cards. I have a 128 GB card in my Note 4. Would never buy a Note 5. Shame on Samstag for producing an inferior product for cosmetics.

  • I have to agree with the article 100%. Been an avid Note user since the very first Note. Had every one since but when I finally got the note 4 I have to admit I couldn't really think of something that could have been added or taken away that would have improved it. Then seeing the note 5, at first it seemed very impressive but that was just looks alone. I liked the design and could live with all the glass. But the no expandable memory and no removable back, we'll that just took the cake. Now I'm afraid I'll be looking elsewhere for my next upgrade. Might go the Nexus route, especially when HTC and LG keep missing so badly with their flagship devices. Samsung go back to what worked and what made customers happy, not what made reviewers happy cause it was so cutting edge or different material.

  • The Note 4 is a beast of a phone. I admittedly don't use the stylus that much, but I've had it close to a year, and it still runs smooth as silk for me. All the people complaining with touchwiz, download nova launcher and get the most out of your big screen. Nova gives a near stock android experience, especially with the latest update. My setup is nova launcher, glim dark icon pack, and backdrop app for fresh wallpapers. Couldn't be happier with it.

    Deactivated Account

  • First of all the Note 4 doesnt have wireless charging but you can get a receiver for $4 on eBay & a good 3-coil charger for about $25 there also... The note 5 is unfortunately a huge disappointment here in Canada. Rogers only sells a 32gb version and nothing else. What a stupid concept nobody likes your cloud option so stick it. I bought an s6 64gb & it was ok but it's so slippery even on a flat surface it somehow finds a way to fall to the floor, plus Rogers has & continues to this day to have massive issues with cell calls & texts not receiving & call problems... After 1 week of using this POS. I gave up & sold it. Thank God I kept my Note 4. Plus the s6 scratches really easy and I'm very careful with my stuff... Long live the Note 4. Love it. I have a 64 gb microsd with it cost me $25... The phone is fast enough. Let's hope android 6.0 doesn't screw it up for me. Take care.

  • bought a new battery, screen protector, and charging cables for my note 4, might keep it another year

  • I'm on my note 4 while writing this and I have to agree that I really was psyched on getting a note 5. But when it was introduced, I couldn't have been more disappointed. Let's start with the battery. I could have lived with a sealed battery, but one that has lasting power, at least a 3600 size. Also, I will not buy a phone that doesn't offer me the option of expandable memory. But the biggest disappointment, was Samsungs unwillingness to give their customers what they want. So, in short, if the galaxy S7 doesn't have a huge battery and expandable storage, once my note 4 is retired, I'll make the move away from Sammy.

  • Note 4 as best android phone, ,was that meant as a joke? Worst phone I ever owned and the last samsung product I will buy. I am not sure that I will even buy another android phone again after this. Does almost nothing correctly. The s3 was faster and better once 4.4.2 was in it. Sorry I traded down to the note 4 from it.

  • I have to agree with your opinion that the Note 4 is the best Android phone that came out of Samsung. I have constantly upgraded to the next new Note series since the Note 2 and only stopped after Samsung released the Note 5 mostly because of the reasons you stated above, with emphasis to the latter's lack of removable battery and SD card support.

    Contrary to the many problems other commenters seem to have experienced, me and my partner's Note 4 have not given us problems that would have lessened our appreciation of the phone's quality and functionality. We are now looking for alternatives, but our Note 4's very satisfactory fit to our needs is really difficult to fill. Thus, for us, the Note 4 remains the best phone at the moment.

  • When u have a 64 or 128 gb memory card you're gonna loose a lot of customer's thar have all their memories and songs stored on expandable storage then they just stop offering that... bad idea samsung loved u til then

  • This is the first year I will not be upgrading my Note. Doing away with the removable battery and sd card is just the wrong way to do things. Highly disappointed. On the bright side....still in love with my Note 4.

  • Samsung hit Loyal Note users with greatness when they introduced the Note 4. Looked forward to getting the new Note every year, because they got better every year. That is except for the Note 5. They turned out to be a Great Disappointment. No expandable memory. Has Samsung lost their mind?

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Oct 31, 2015 Link to comment

    You said that because the Note 4 has a removable battery you understand why it was not water proof. I have a Pentex camera that has a removable battery and removable SD card plus buttons which need to be pushed. It is water resistant as they always say to 33 feet. why can't they do the same with a phone? a sliding cover or hinged coves on the bottom with push to release feature is possible. Yes the phone would be slightly thicker but so what.

  • It's a great phone and probably the best of its era. But along with the great innovation it also possessed just about everything wrong with android in general. Everting talks about the memory expansion but actually the SD Card is a weakness. Most of the apps don't work on the sd card. Music and other files become corrupted or magically disappear from the sd card. I've had the best of Samsung cards and it still happened. Everything works better with internal storage don't let anybody lie to you. I've been having these phones since the G1 and this year was the first year I'm contemplating leaving. In leaving towards getting the Note 5.

  • I have a Galaxy S4 that is flashed with the Adorce Rom and it runs like a dream phone .... a hybrid between the Note 4 and the S6 functionalities. I know that the original stock rom can be a pain and the S4 was experiencing problems with the original rom as well. I flashed the phone after reviewing the Note 4 capabilities and Ian impressed. If I ever get an actual Note 4 I beleive that a rooted phone with a modified rom and tablet functionality would be awesome as the newest Samsungs out there. Root and flash it!!!!

    Deactivated Account

  • Don L Oct 31, 2015 Link to comment

    The best way to clean any phone and this is the note 4 right now....Shut it off, press home,volume up and power....wait....wait..go to clear cache, press powee, go to reboot and reboot. cleans everything.
    those playstore cleaners just use you battery and clog the cache more.
    I do mine every weekend.

  •   46
    Deactivated Account Oct 31, 2015 Link to comment

    I don't know if this is there last great phone, of what they have currently it is. They still have a chance to win back their fan base the question is, if they will try to. Since so many reviewers are concentrating on looks over functionality I doubt it. I will take a phone with plastic, or leather removable back to have the features I want. Over what some consider the more stylish non removable back with out those features. Those are a removable battery and Micro SD slot. Why anyone will buy a phone with out a removable battery is just beyond me because they have just purchased a product with a two design life span to force you to spend more money on a new phone or battery replacement over being able to change the battery yourself. Wake people don't let manufactures screw you like that. The main reason they do it is because it makes them more money. Thanks to LG for stick to it's guns so far and keeping those features. They will be the producers of my next phone as thing stand right now.

  • Don L Oct 31, 2015 Link to comment

    Ummm...you talk about the Note 4 like it was killed in a horrific accident. It was this, it had that...
    It's my phone and it IS the best phone. Still IS.

  • the Note 3 is still the best
    apart from the quality of the finish it has the best features. If you are really serious about health and exercise you don't use the Heart rate monitor of the Note 4. and it seems, since the Note 3 features have just been removed instead of making them better. Now the IR blaster has gone. My Note 3 is running Lollipop just fine so I will be hanging on to it for as long as I can

  • I hate to say this, but if the note 4 is the best Samsung can do, it is a sorry state of affairs for Android. The note 4 has been the worst experience I have ever had with a cell phone. The hardware is magnificent but Samsung's touchwiz is the downfall of the note 4. I have considered going back to my Droid Maxx many times.

    • Don't use TouchWiz. . Use the Google Now launcher and keep the cache clean with a cleaner from the Play store. Note 3/4 best phones ever Mission accomplished !

      • Do you have a cache cleaner to recommend? Touch wiz continues to respawn no matter what I do to kill it.

    • Sure touch wiz is lame. Just download a fresh launcher .. the hardware remains solid.

      • I did say the hardware was awesome. Been using nova launcher, first thing I installed. There are just too many annoyances for me to really get past Samsung's bloatware.

    • Why didn't you use another launcher?

      • I am using nova launcher, but wiz continues to run in the background and respawns randomly or whenever I hit the physical button. I hate the physical button.

        Unfortunately I have to reboot almost daily otherwise the phone gets sluggish and drops Bluetooth connections. I have never been a fan of Samsung phones, I had no choice getting this phone.

        I will give credit, the 5.1.1 update fixed some of my annoyances. But the list is so long, for all the things I like, there are 4 I hate.

        I guess I just prefer a vanilla experience. My 6P will be here next week.

      • Ryan Jan 8, 2017 Link to comment

        You will be better off with the 6P or Pixel. I have the Pixel, best phone I ever owned. I had iPhones and Androids including the Note 4 which was awful.

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