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Solve puzzles in a mystical world in this free Android and iOS game

The Enchanted Worlds
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Do you have time for a game? Then we would like to recommend "The Enchanted Worlds" to you today. The adventure game is currently available for free for Android and iOS. If you like puzzles and have already loved games like Myst, you will adore this mobile game, we promise!


  • Free instead of $3.99 for the next four days.
  • 4.5 stars for iOS/ 4.4 stars for Android.
  • No ads, puzzle solutions are available as an in-app purchase.

Take a cup of coffee and let me recommend you a game that really makes fun. But you need to know this in advance: If you play "The Enchanted Worlds", it should rather be a whole pot of coffee, because you will have to crack some very difficult puzzles.

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Why is "The Enchanted Worlds" worth downloading?

Syntaxity has released a few games, all of which are well-reviewed, and "The Enchanted Worlds" fits right in. It is a puzzle adventure game that is in the tradition of games like Myst. Myst, back on my good old Sega Saturn, it thrilled me with beautiful graphics and drove me insane with crunchy puzzles. The Enchanted Worlds is much the same, making it a lot of fun.

You start at your uncle's house. He has found three enchanted books, which, with the help of an amulet, allowed him to dive into the worlds the books are about. Now he has found clues in these books that a fourth book is hiding somewhere in these worlds. You can guess the rest: starting from the uncle's house, you have to search for this book.

So you search the house for hidden clues, collect items, solve puzzles. Some items can open a portal through which you can constantly move back and forth. A map clearly shows you which locations you can currently explore. Of course, you'll have to search thoroughly for clues, hidden mechanisms, etc. You will sometimes stumble upon easier, sometimes harder puzzles.

In your inventory, you will also find a camera that will take pictures in between, which will come in handy later in the game. You can also pick up hints, though the puzzle hints can all be unlocked by paying. Maybe the developers did not think of this, but you can of course watch solutions to the hints on YouTube. However, it's better to try it without help, then you'll have more fun with this adventure game.

Does "The Enchanted Worlds" respect my privacy?

I've already mentioned it: There are hints as in-app purchases. But it is ad-free and you don't need an account. As always, I took a look at the Exodus privacy checker. There are four trackers and six required permissions listed, but they are all within the usual/necessary range.

The privacy policy tells you that no personal data is collected. It also explains that the photo permission is only used to save photos (you can send postcards in the game), so your gallery is not accessed.

All in all, I think it's a well-rounded experience - and I can already tell you what I'll be doing after work today. Will you be playing, too, or is this type of game not enough to tempt you? Tell us in the comments!

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