Tesla wireless charging station: Elon Musk does what Apple couldn't

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For some of us, the name Elon Musk instinctively makes the hairs on the back of our necks stand up. But in the case of the "Tesla Wireless Charging Platform", the probably (second) richest person in the world managed to do what Apple was not able to do with the so-called "Apple AirPower" charging mat. The Tesla charging station can wirelessly charge up to three devices simultaneously—regardless of their position!

Elon Musk fulfills Tim Cook's promise

Sure, this headline is a bit exaggerated, although it is correct in terms of content. But after his Twitter mishaps in the past few days, even Elon Musk deserves some good news. And let's celebrate the wireless charging station announced for February 2023.

he angle-adjustable dock for Qi charging is nothing special at first, despite its futuristic cybertruck design. But the "Tesla Wireless Charging Platform" can not only charge three smartphones, in-ear headphones, or other wireless devices like the Apple Watch Ultra at once, but it also completely does not care about the position where you place your device on the Alcantara surface.

Elon Musk calls the technology behind it "FreePower", which relies on 30 built-in charging coils. A 65-watt power supply with a USB Type-C connector is included, of course. However, "only" 15 watts reach the device to be charged. The price is a slim 300 US dollars and will initially only be available in the US from February 2023.

Wir sehen die kabellose Ladestation von Tesla für mehrere Geräte gleichzeitig.
The Tesla Wireless charging station can charge up to 3 devices simultaneously, regardless of position, using "FreePower" technology. / © Tesla

Apple has failed in this task

For those living under a rock who didn't get the headline: At the presentation of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X in September 2017, Tim Cook presented as a traditional "One More Thing" an "Apple AirPower" charging mat, which was supposed to wirelessly charge multiple Apple products simultaneously and regardless of position.

As we now know, the project was officially discontinued in 2019, because the mat did not play along in terms of temperature. Tesla has now taken over and completed the project. Let's just hope that it won't be as much of a flop as the broken bulletproof glass of the Cybertruck that Elon Musk destroyed twice on the big stage.

Is the universal Tesla charging station something for you or do you wave it off at a possible 300 dollars? Write us your opinion in the comments and we will discuss it with you.

Source: Tesla

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